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Here is a proposal for a unique, mindful meditation that is unlike anything you have ever encountered before.
With its logical, practical, yet amazingly simple presentation, "Real Meditation for Real Alcoholics, also serves as the companion piece to a set of free audio links accompanying this book. Front matter includes unsolicited testimonials of recovered alcoholics all over the world who have experienced dramatic life changing results immediately after beginning this meditation technique as taught and practiced by the author. Danny's proposals center on a profoundly simple way of living, made possible through a unique form of meditation he first discovered as a child and today continues to practice and teach others. Through it he has established a way of life for himself and his immediate family that is free from anger and stress.

The proposed practice effortlessly liberates the practitioner from the perennial bondage of self.
Even non-alcoholics will identify with the author's characterizations of the flawed, human condition presented in clear terms anyone can easily follow.
Danny has helped thousands discover a way to live in perfect peace and ease, free from the seductive influences that have controlled and ruined their lives. Readers receive a clear illustration of the mysteriously simple dynamics of spiritual disease and spontaneous spiritual awakening along with a heavy emphasis on the daily maintenance of the awakened, conscious state through the Twelve Step style meditation provided. His credentials include documented experience with overall wellness and a tangible history of recovery from major depression, anxiety, ADD, smoking, onset type II diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and sugar-food-substance addictions.

It will enliven their recovery experience while still practicing the Principles they so cherish, thereby resolving any Step Eleven dilemma common to recovered and recovering alcoholics. He writes several popular and enduring blogs about alcoholism, meditation, recovery and spirituality-based solutions to life's problems. The Schwarzhoffs are a complete family unit, enjoying emotional, mental, and physical health and a harmonious lifestyle free from harmful stress.

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