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Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs of tedium and distaste.
Since I've started fighting it has taught me a lot about self respect, self confidence and self control. I think I'm learning to be bolder in my career choices and be more confident in my personal life. I was lucky I was raised by parents who gave me a lot of sense of self and a lot of confidence in myself. I think it is important to maintain a sense of self and confidence, not letting either falter for the sake of a particular part or project, no matter how great it might be. It is the parent's job to see how their child learns and to make sure that the children's self confidence is buoyed at all times, or they will plummet like a stone.

I have done a few roles that I've never watched, and if I happen to be flicking through channels and one pops up, I quickly move on. Sports nurtures dreams of achieving self confidence and masculine striving for the skinny kid watching a boxer dance around the ring with sublime ease.
I don't think anyone's sexuality needs to be a public issue other than to give others the confidence to love themselves wholeheartedly and to be their true, authentic self without any shame.
I haven't always felt very secure as an individual, but now I feel I certain confidence and sense of self that gets me through the day a lot better than before.
But I know I have attitude, but that's just, I think if you don't have attitude, it comes only with self confidence. A man may prefer navy to turquoise, but a self assured man could wear any color and he knows that.

It's hard enough to sustain some self confidence without being reminded of things we'd rather not revisit but, in the end, it comes with the territory. It kind of allowed me to have this whole new confidence and this whole new swagger and this whole new sense of self. So if you don't have self confidence, you won't have attitude, and I think there's a difference when you have attitude and when you have arrogance.
My love for technology kept me going, and I got to where I am today driven by my passion and self confidence.

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