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This entry was posted in Meditation, Mindfulness, Motivation and tagged Awareness, Inspiration, Life, Meditation, Mindfulness, Motivation, Patience, Persistence. You can hardly open a magazine or listen to the news these days, without seeing a new study on the benefits of meditation. To put it simply, the act of meditation involves quieting the mind so you can open the heart.
We often believe our hearts are open and we can feel much of what is going on in our lives. The connection you feel when you a€?plug in’ to this oneness is the most irresistible state of love you will ever feel. I have too busy a mind and the way you worded, somehow got through me, Will do as suggested! Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible about updates to this event or venue.

Yet to truly open the heart means we have to stop the thinking, the judging, the opinions, the analyzing, the questioning, the doubting, and just love.
And the feeling can be described as wonderfully peaceful, coupled with a glorious uplifting, a lightening up of the heart.
I really hope more people read this and get what you’re saying, because let me tell you, its important stuff.
It’s there, but the practice is necessary to learn to wait quietly, build patience, and stroke and nurture your loving heart. There are countless books, tapes, courses and workshops that deal with the core principles of meditation, and then expand upon them.
If it’s not working, or if you want to know more about it, or you are ready to know more about it, then by all means read, study, learn. Relationships bloom, work purpose is found, vibrant health is allowed, because love affects your belief system, your attitudes, your choices.

The beauty of nature in a spectacular sunset or a magnificent rushing waterfall, a child’s innocent embrace, a long awaited accomplishment, an exhilarating sport or excursion, being with the one you love. It’s like taking the same route to the supermarket every day and then finding out there are other ways of getting there, other roads that lead there, other journeys you can take.
Anger dissolves before it ever manifests, frustration mellows out, the pit of sadness and depression are filled up like never before. You wait for the triggers, look for the triggers, and in fact even seek out the triggers, because you believe they are the source.

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