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Starring the wacky Marvel comic heroes, read the hilarious first book in this upcoming trilogy. If you read the bio section about me, you discovered that I was driven to meditation through a series of events in my work life. Are you carrying emotional or physical weight from the past, mistakes, judgments or have a mind filled with cluttered, anxious thoughts? Then I mailed letters at the post office, stopped to get gas, deposited money at the bank, bought garden soil at Home Depot, rushed through the grocery store to get the fifteen items on the list and drove home.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. He is the author of several other books, including Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backward and Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water.
The benefits will be to gain clarity, peace, become more loving, become less reactive to situations, become less judgmental, and to be more like the example that Jesus set for us. I pulled up in the driveway, opened my door, swung my legs out, and, because I was tired, just sat there a moment. A guided meditation can help clear those cluttered thoughts and focus on being present before God.

Clearing cluttered thoughts of stress, being overwhelmed, worry, self-criticism and fear will clear up space to receive peace, love, guidance and wholeness. I followed it with my eyes up to where it perched on a branch on the maple tree that grows in the center of our front yard. Brian Luke Seaward helps you see past the limitations of the ego to the highest potential of the human spirit at the core of your very being.
That all changed after one final event drove me to seek help in clearing my mind so that I wouldn’t lose my mind! I needed guidance to help me clear those cluttered thoughts because I was not capable of quieting my mind on my own.  As a result, I turned to a guided meditation CD to help me. Through a unique alchemy of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism and the timeless insights of the visionary Joseph Campbell, Seaward shows you how to harness this potential so that you may find the courage to be a victor, not a victim of life's problems. Through the realization of this alchemy you will become the hero at the center of your own mythical life journey.Using simple but powerful exercises, meditations, and self-exploration techniques, you will learn to reconnect and harmonize with the universal spirit energy, or Tao, that flows through you to achieve inner balance, the joy of life, and optimal health. This book gives you the tools and skills to overcome adversity, resolve the emotional and psychological obstacles keeping you from realizing your potential, and vanquish stress, bringing peace to your heart and soul. Featuring the insights of renowned spiritual luminaries and philosophers from around the world and throughout the ages as well as many inspirational stories from women and men just like you, this powerful motivational guide shows you how to cope with everyday stress, embrace your divinity, and find true harmony in your life.

No, it was just a brownish-gray colored bird, probably a brown thrasher since that’s the Georgia state bird. I’ve always thought birds with long tail feathers were pretty in the way I think horses with long manes are pretty.
And then, my eye went past the bird to the brilliant blue sky in the background.Why had I not noticed just how blue the sky was today?
Maybe at a mailman or maybe as it played with its owner or even from behind a fence as someone walked by. I looked around me as I sat in the drivers seat with the car door open and my feet on the driveway. And I could swear I felt a hand touch my head as the words, “You’re welcome,” drifted into my mind.
Breathing a deep sigh of peace, I stood, gathered my bags from the back seat and went into the house, rejuvenated and ready to sit and write and  share this tiny moment with the world.

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