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Depending on your screen resolution, the drop-down category menu may drop off the bottom of screen.Click here for complete category list. I haven't worn a headband of this size before, and I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but I couldn't help falling in love when I saw those elegant gray pearls and tulle!
Both the headband and the necklace are on clearance right now, along with lots of other girly goodies.
There are so many things I could write about today, that it's really hard to write about anything.
We went to Target last night and used our last Target wedding gift card to buy two clocks,  and a pair of tongs. We had a sweet date last night; dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, looking at Mustangs at the Ford Dealership, and picking out camping equipment at the Bass Pro Shop. I found that the discussion questions for every chapter in the back are perfect for a group or a personal study.
It's written for teenage to college-aged girls and divides into three sections: The Pursuit of God, The Pursuit of God's Priorities, and The Practice of God's Priorities. A HUGE thank you to Melanie of Elegant Custom Blogs for the blog design giveaway that made this possible! I love bookstores, and I'd been wanting to go to Half Price Books for awhile, so it was easy to be excited about that part of our date. Several weeks ago, we were looking for something "Classic" to watch after eating at Bucca Di Beppo, where the decor is very 1940's-50's. After reflecting on it, I came to the conclusion that I really needed to alter my expectation that dates have to fit  a certain definition. Brian and I both agree that it doesn't feel like we've been married for three months, it feels like we've been married forever! Today I'm linking up with the SITS "Back to Blogging Event" and Mama Kat's writing prompt and writing about a woman who inspires me. When one of my brothers first started having seizures my mom learned just about everything there was to know about epilepsy.
She continues to learn about non-traditional treatments, supplements, and natural remedies.From digestive issues to ADHD, she probably knows of a supplement that might help. I would also add to the list "Teaching Someone Else." From my experience, you learn the most when you try to explain it to someone else, not just about the topic but about yourself, others, communication, and motivation. She's learning to let her children grow up and go off to college and get married, so now she can learn to be a grandmother to the cutest baby alive! If you aren't already participating in either of the link-ups, tell us about a woman who inspires you! There are many Christians in America who would say they are thankful for religious freedom. Interesting logic: unfortunately, Saudi Arabia doesn't have religious freedom, America does. Go read the Constitution, and tell me if it says only Christians are allowed to build houses of worship where they want to. Also, what does the Bible say about how Christians should treat their “enemies”?
God Lives in the Heart of Every ChristianIf Jesus Christ is your savior, the same God who created you lives in your heart.
The Rapture and Second Coming of ChristThe church began supernaturally, continues supernaturally and will be removed supernaturally. Glorious Eternal Life in HeavenHeaven is indescribably beautiful because its Architect and Builder is God.
You Can Live Continually in the Presence of GodThere is no better place for us to be than in the presence of God.
God's Plan for Your LifeGod has a plan for your life that is just as individual as your fingerprints and your DNA.
You Can Hear The Voice of GodWe believe that you can do much more than read You Can Hear the Voice of God.
God's Instructions for Growing OlderYou will make many decisions that will affect the length and quality of your life.
Effective PrayerBecause of the price that Jesus paid at Calvary, you are able to go directly to your Father at any time with absolute assurance that He is listening to your prayer. Overcoming FearGod tells us more than three hundred times in the Bible that He does not want you to be afraid.
A Close and Intimate Relationship with GodJack and Judy wrote this book to help people to grow close to the Lord immediately in these difficult times. God's Joy Regardless of CircumstancesYour heart can be filled with God's joy even when you face extreme difficulties. You will learn what the Bible instructs you to do to come into the presence of God which is the safest place in the entire universe.
What Does God Say?What Does God Say?,the culmination of Jack's seventy-seven years and Judy's sixty-nine years. Receive Healing from The LordDo you, a loved one or a friend need to receive healing from sickness? Unshakable Faith in Almighty GodJack and Judy Hartman believe that difficult times are coming upon the world. This book is filled with step-by-step scriptural instructions for increasing your faith in God. Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace (by Jack and Judy Hartman)Exchange Your Worries for God's Peace Our Father does not want His children to worry.
God's Wisdom Is Available to You (by Jack and Judy Hartman)God's wisdom is available to every person who has received Jesus Christ as his or her Savior. Trust God For Your Finances (by Jack Hartman)Trust God for Your Finances is currently in its nineteenth printing with more than 150,000 copies in print.
Never, Never, Give Up (by Jack Hartman)Never, Never Give Up devotes the first five chapters to a scriptural explanation of patience and the remaining thirteen chapters to scriptural instruction pertaining to the subject of perseverance. Quiet Confidence In The Lord (by Jack Hartman)Quiet Confidence in the Lord is solidly anchored on more than 400 Scripture references that explain how to remain calm and quiet in a crisis situation. Increased Energy and Vitality (by Jack and Judy Hartman)Increased Energy and Vitality, based on more than 200 Scripture references, will help you to increase your energy and vitality so that you can serve the Lord more effectively. Conquering Fear (by Jack Hartman)Conquering Fear is filled with scriptural references that explain the source of fear to over come fear.
God's Will For Our Lives (by Jack Hartman)God's Will For Our Lives teaches from the holy Scriptures why we are here on earth, what our Father wants us to do with our lives and how to carry out GodA?s will. How To Study The Bible (by Jack Hartman)How to Study the Bible explains in detail the method that Jack Hartman uses to study the Bible. Nuggets of Faith (by Jack Hartman)Nuggets of Faith contains some of Jack Hartman's early meditations on the subject of increasing our faith in God.
100 Years From Today (by Jack Hartman)100 Years from Today tells exactly where each of us will be one hundred years from now if Jesus Christ is our Savior and where we will be if He is not. The nice dinner was for mainly my benefit (I had a migraine earlier and didn't feel like cooking), the mustangs for Brian (and kind of me, since they are my all time favorite car), and the Bass Pro Shop was for both of us, because it really is a good place for dates, surprisingly. These are two of the best books I've used in women's Bible study; the first as a participant and the second as the leader. It deals with the pressing issues: getting along with parents and siblings, making and keeping friends, dating, why to have daily Bible reading, prayer, and serving others. I've only chosen items that I've had personal experience with and that I can vouch for their quality and scriptural soundness. There were so many books I wanted at such ridiculously low prices, but I finally picked out a Frank Sinatra CD. We were trying to come up with black and white movies, and I mentioned one that I'd seen years ago.

I thought of how I missed the cool crisp weather in Iowa, and I figured it would be fun to take the advice so many people have given us and go to the mountains where you actually can experience changing seasons, like Sedona or Flagstaff. I'm glad that he doesn't expect me to plan something every week, and then complain about it if he doesn't like it.
For now, I'm just enjoying listening to Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, and watching obscure Frank Capra films.
But then I read Simple Mom's post about "8 Ways to Pursue a Lifetime of Learning" and that reminded me of my mom. One of my very favorite memories of growing up is our family sitting comfortably around the living room listening as mom read to us. My mom has taught music classes at the Christian school, as well as lessons on voice, piano, and violin.
They would say they prize it and strive to protect it, through voting, or boycotts, or peaceful demonstrations. Would there be national uproar over a Baptist or Presbyterian or Catholic church being built a few blocks from ground zero?
America was founded for all people of all races and all religions, on moralistic principles probably derived from the Bible. Brian and I were there Friday browsing for something on which to spend a wedding gift card. Jack and Judy guide you through the biblical details of the end-time events leading up to this supernatural removal.The Rapture and Second Coming of Christ is a well laid out and easy-to-understand study on the 'catching up' of the church, the seven-year tribulation and the second coming of Jesus with His 1000-year millennial reign.
God has created a magnificent eternal home for His children that is far beyond the limited comprehension of our human understanding.
God would not have said that we could live in His presence continually during our lives on earth if doing this was not possible.
If you learn to age successfully, the final years before you go to heaven can be the best years of your life. All that He asks is for you to learn and obey the specific instructions pertaining to prayer that He has given to you.This book contains almost 400 scriptural instructions pertaining to prayer. Victory over Adversity will give you step-by-step scriptural instructions for exactly what to do whenever you face adversity. We believe that the first two chapters of this book will prove to you from the holy Scriptures that Jesus Christ already has provided healing for you.
They spent six days a week for fifteen months searching the Bible for encouraging words from God that will help you to prepare for the future. You will learn how to increase your faith in God to such a degree that you will be able to keep your focus on God when you face adversity and have to make choices. In this book you will learn how to trust God with unwavering faith, how to give your burdens to Him and leave them with Him without taking them back. Our Father has assured us that we can receive His wisdom, but we need to learn how to receive it.
The Word of God tells us that God looks at the wisdom of the world as "foolishness" (I Corinthians 3:19).
He also has told us why many of His children block Him from giving them the wisdom He wants to give them. This book, which has been translated into nine foreign languages, contains over 200 Scripture references that explain in a simple, straightforward and easy-to-understand style what the Word of God says about our Father's instructions and promises pertaining to our finances. This book is based on almost 300 Scripture references that will help you learn exactly what our loving Father instructs us to do to increase our patience and perseverance. You will learn from the Word of God how to control your emotions when you are faced with severe problems and how to increase your confidence in the Lord by spending precious quiet time alone with Him each day. As senior citizens, Jack and Judy Hartman are determined to be in the best possible physical condition to serve the Lord during the remainder of their lives.
Many people today are afraid because they see that various forms of worldly security are disappearing.
Many Christians attempt to study the Bible and give up because they are unable to find a fruitful method of Bible study. This simple and easy-to-understand book has helped many unbelievers to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.
They arrived much sooner than I expected, and they are much more lovely in real life than they were on the website! Normally $20, they were on sale for $15, and the cashier gave me a catalina coupon someone had left there for $3 off! {I'll have some pictures of our new clocks soon.
I was thinking something romantic would be fun, like a walk by a lake at sunset, a picnic, maybe a bike ride, and I was planning to try making pizza. But I didn't feel like fast food, and I really hate that we hardly ever eat at restaurants: we go through the drive through, or if we go inside, we still take the food home to eat it. Brian explained that he wanted to get something to keep his computer cool and get more RAM or something for my computer. I hadn't listened to much of him until this last summer, and I instantly got hooked on 1940's and 50's music. So whether we are running errands or enjoying a candlelit dinner, with the right attitude, it could be a great date! But, Brian said it would be too far of a drive and we didn't have time to go there and back before the "Love and Respect" class at 5pm.
I knew deep down that driving around sight seeing could be fun, but it wasn't what I wanted to do. It was really hot in the car, even with the AC at full blast, but we drove around in some residential neighborhoods and admired the fancy houses that all have grass, while I kept an eye on their trash cans for discarded chandeliers or the like.
She also homeschooled my sisters and I through high school, except for some language, art, math, and science classes. We Christians often thank God for the soldiers who have fought and died for our freedoms, but do we realize that really, they were fighting for all Americans, so that all people could live and worship without fear of persecution? The thought process as I understand it is something along the lines: “Well, they burn Bibles!
James Dobson, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Chuck Colson, Ravi Zacharias, and Concerned Women for America’s Penny Nance.
We like to lump all Muslims into a group of terrorists trying to overrun our country; them we de-humanize them, support dropping a nuke and wiping them all out. Nothing in the world can remotely compare with the magnificent place that God has provided for our eternal home. Unfortunately, many Christians do not know what the Bible instructs them to do to live in God's presence.
In this book we carefully study the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ and His commitment to successfully complete God's plan. You will learn how to hear God's voice not through an intellectual approach, but through your scriptural explanation for increasing intimacy with God.
We pray that you will learn and obey these instructions from God so that your prayer life will be incredibly effective.
This book is filled with scriptural instructions that will tell you exactly what to do to overcome fear.
It is a handbook for: Evangelism Knowing God's Will Discipling Issues in your Life Bible ReadingThis book is an excellent resource for pastors or to do family devotions from. Receiving manifestation of this healing often is contingent upon your obedience to God's laws pertaining to good health, your relationship with God, your faith in God and your obedience to God's scriptural instructions. After the first two chapters that we have just described we devote the next six chapters to the subject of divine health. You will learn how to stand firmly on your faith in God when everything around you is falling apart. We do not have to attempt to solve complex problems with the limitations of our human wisdom. You can learn from forty-three chapters of comprehensive instruction exactly how to receive wisdom from God.

They have spent many hours of study and practical trial and error to learn how to increase their energy and vitality.
He has given each of us abilities and talents to carry out the assignment He has given to us. This practical, step-by-step technique will give you a definite, specific and precise system for studying the Word of God.
This book contains 78 of these "nuggets" (average length of three paragraphs) that will help your faith in God. This book leads the reader through the decision to eternal salvation and closes by asking the reader to make a decision for Jesus Christ and to make this decision now.
The principles I learned from this book have helped me to battle my worrying and fears, especially during a difficult school semester. With that information, somehow Brian found it on netflix: "It Happened One Night." How sweet is that?! I almost threw up my hands and said "But I don't want to go for a drive, I want to window shop at a mall!" But I didn't. We drove past the Rolls-Royce and Porsche dealerships without stopping, which surprised me.
And, I'm glad he's a homebody and is content to cuddle and watch movies at home for our dates. I'm planning to write a post soon about the goals I made before we moved, and add some new ones. With my brothers' learning disabilities, it's been much harder, but even now that they aren't technically homeschooled, she still tutors them with the areas they struggle with. And unless the President is Jesus and he completely oversees government, and every citizen is a born again believer, I don’t see how you can claim that you have a Christian nation. And even then, it was just because I wished I could write about it right away and see what all my blogging friends were up to. As refreshing as soda may be, when you're sizzling under glass and on hot leather for six hours, it just doesn't cut it. The privilege of living continually in God's presence is so awesome that the holy Scriptures instruct us to tremble because we have been given the opportunity to live in God's presence. Readers will learn from specific scriptural instructions exactly what to do to successfully find and carry out God's will for their lives. We pray that every person who is affected in any way by fear will learn from these scriptural instructions and do exactly what God instructs His children to do to overcome fear. You will learn God's secret of joy from more than 500 verses of Scripture. This book contains great truths from the holy Bible pertaining to the awesome privilege every Christian has been given to come into the presence of God and remain there. Many people are sick because of the cumulative effect of choices they have made over a period of time. We have compiled 501 Scripture references to tell you exactly how you can live in power and wisdom of God each day. Believers can receive wonderful revelation knowledge from the specific instructions and promises from the Word of God.
After you read this book, you can test yourself using our 219-question Study Guide to see what you have learned. Many people have written to tell us how much this book comforted them after they lost a loved one. Anyone who sincerely wants to study the bible effectively can be helped by this book and our two cassette tapes on this subject. He wanted to go to In and Out drive-through for burgers, then go to Fry's Electronics store, and Half Price Books, and come home and watch a movie. We waited in a long line for the drive through, and then after we got our food, we parked in the parking lot and ate it in the car. Brian planned a quick trip up to North of Scottsdale and a slow drive back down through the middle. At some point when she and dad were newly married, they listened to some books on tape, and I think that's when she discovered that they weren't so bad after you got past all the descriptive stuff, especially true of Charles Dickens'. That's not to say that she, or any of our family, will ever be totally ok with it, it's an ongoing process, but we do survive, and take one day at a time. And shockingly, it’s mainly Christians that are opposing it: the same people who claim to value religious freedom in America!
We forget how God sees them, how he cares about them and loves them, each and every one of them, enough to die for them. We pray that this book will help you to develop and deepen the intimacy of your relationship with God.
If you ask God to heal you, shouldn't you do your best to learn why you became sick and make all changes that should be made regarding the choices you are making? RECEIVE HEALING FROM THE LORD is solidly anchored on 464 Scripture references. This comprehensive Study Guide can be used in your personal Bible Study, in Family devotions, in small groups, in Sunday school classes, and in Bible colleges.
We have received many other letters from terminally ill Christians who were comforted by scriptural facts about where they would be going in the near future. I'm not quite sure I understand that yet, but I found that it was nice to not fix dinner, and like I said, their burgers can't be beat. Once Brian was off the phone, I found that I actually enjoyed exploring the store, drooling over the fancy cappuccino machines and Mac computers, and browsing the music and DVDs. I just didn't change my shoes and packed some sandwiches and granola bars, and off we went. By the time we got to The Fashion Square, I think we were both ready to stop and get out of the sun. I hope that I will learn to be unselfish and have a more positive attitude about our dates too, whatever we do together! In fact, in Athens he studied their religion, and used it as a basis for sharing the gospel in his famous sermon on Mars Hill.
And as Christians, we should recognize that there is an evil sin nature in every one of us. Actually, there are more Christians in China than there are in America; so really, China has a better case than we do for being called a Christian nation. You have spiritual power within you (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) that is much greater than any other power in the world! You will learn hundreds of promises and instructions from the Bible pertaining to divine health and divine healing.
It just so happened that we parked right next to a beautiful black 911 Porsche, and inside the mall, several different Jaguars were on display. The weather was perfect; every time we walked outside Brian and I breathed a sigh of relief and commented on how cool it felt.
If you will carefully obey these instructions and if you believe these promises wholeheartedly, we believe you will receive manifestation of the healing that God has provided for you.
I knew that if I told him I'd rather just go to the mall close by so that we could actually spend some time there, he would scrap his plan for me, but he would be disappointed.
It's not even that they're poorly written, it's just that they aren't excellently written, and my brain gets hung up on the wordy sentences or passive verbs. Are we imitating either one of them in our blatant disrespect for other religion’s texts?

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