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One of the first things I learned when I started running is that spending money on running gear is essential.
After a year of being a runner, I have tried many brands and have been narrowing down my favorite fit, style, and labels.
Based on the videos, you tube review, and instragram photos that I have posted, it is safe to say that I am a big fan of PUMA's running gear. So I was impressed by the PUMA Formlite XT Ultra Fluo Women's Training shoes but I was even more pleased with the light weight feel to these shoes. At $70, these shoes are an amazing deal if you like cushion, support, and a light weight fit. I had no idea that running in tights would be so comfortable until I tried these performance tights by Puma. I have also learned that it is important to stretch and do other exercises in addition to running. On Wednesday, I shared with you my "add the arms" workout, for those days that you have more time. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google+ Reddit Tumblr BufferThere are so many misconceptions on how to train abs efficiently in order to get a flat stomach or lose belly fat. These muscles are as the same as other muscle groups so they should be trained on the same way.
Therefore, even a 10 minute ab workout can be enough to get six pack abs or flatter stomach.
In addition, in order to get results you have to perform the abdominal exercises properly, your routine must be intensive and you should implement different activities to work the entire core which means your oblique, lower back and abdominis. I have already shared a post where I gathered the best 5 min workouts, and now it is time to collect the greatest 10 minute ab workouts. This workout from Fitness Blender is my favorite which contains several exercises to work the entire core.

In this video, we can see similar exercises mentioned before, but there are also a few plank variations. For most of us getting toned lower ab is the toughest as that is the place where fat goes down lastly. The benefits of these kinds of motions are that they do not stress the lower back as much and because we have to move he entire body they help to burn extra calories so they may help with weight loss.
As you see, you can get a flat stomach or even six pack abs by doing 10 minutes abdominal workouts.
Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google+ Reddit Tumblr BufferLast updated by Walter at March 26, 2015. When I first started running I would set out in old sneaks as well as any old pair of shorts or t-shirts that I could find. Because of my partnership with Fitfluential, I have been given an opportunity to try and review some of Puma's newest running gear.
Not only is their gear comfortable, breathable, and functional, they also are intentional about making their packaging sustainable and use materials that promote this lifestyle. Sometimes when purchasing new shoes, it takes some time for my feet and legs to get used to the new shoe or the way that the shoe is supporting me when I run. Before I got injured I thought that as long as I was running, there was no need to work out in other ways. I have made a goal for myself to reach 10 "real" pushups in a row without feeling like I am going to collapse. The key is having a decent diet and cardio training to get rid of belly fat and burn calories. Planks are useful to strengthen the midsection, but it is essential to perform them correctly in order to get results. This routine includes various body weight abdominal exercises for working the midsection and others to train the the entire body.

The key is to do the exercises accurately, the routine should work all sections of the core, and it should be intensive.
I quickly learned that I needed better support from my running shoes and breathable shirts and bottoms. Do these workouts 3-5 times a week, pay attention to your nutrition and do cardio in order to get good results. As I am training for a half marathon, I am running 4-5 times a week but still like to be active on my days off.
Standing abdominal exercises are as powerful as the common ones we usually do on the floor.
I prefer shoes with a lot of cushion and I was so pleased that it barely took me any time at all to break in these bad boys!
I was nervous to try these tights in the summer humidity, but they were actually very comfortable. I do try to make myself take one day completely off a week to allow my body to rest and then do a light work out on day 6. By doing the 10x's fast work out, I am challenging myself to meet a goal and not getting bored in the process. I created this 10x's fast workout because many of these items are very difficult for me to accomplish.

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