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It all starts with a simple meal that can be brought together quickly once the kids are tucked in their beds and quiet has settled over the home. Since this is a three-course meal and the pasta is quite rich, this recipe makes two small portions. I love that these dishes are simpler to make than even our normal food, but they look and taste like special ocassion food! This year the hubby and I are apart for Valentine’s Day, but we never really make a big deal of it anyway. Just this week, my husband and I spent our anniversary by making a homemade curry dish together. The only time we’ve been out to eat on Valentine’s Day was when we were dating! I just have to say — I made this tonight for our Valentine’s dinner IN and it was so delicious! I'm Aimée, editor of this blog devoted to family focused food - with a little urban homesteading in the mix. I like to do a meal that's thoughtfully planned, lovingly prepared and served on a picture-perfect table. This spectacular treatment of diver scallops is an adaptation of a recipe given to me by Lisa Martel of On the Park, a now defunct but fondly-remembered participant in the vibrant and exciting Boston South End restaurant scene in the 90's. Many articles have been written on Dinner recipe ideas and a list of thoughts is presented in a very intellectual manner. A little effort and interest can turn a simple dinner into a magnificent experience at home with your family, kids and your loved ones.
Sometimes you wish for a cozy corner of the house where two of you can relax and enjoy your meal, or you desire romantic dinner recipe ideas for two for a great romantic evening.
If your want easy and quick dinner recipe ideas you can go for roasted chicken pieces served with baked potato and a quick dish of white sauce pasta, a mixed salad with tossed shrimps as a side dish and a sweet way to end the ideal dinner is a dessert and drink serving. You can also choose from other dinner recipe ideas like cheesy dips, chicken casserole, pepper steak, creamy soup with cracker serving, open burgers, chicken sizzler with garlic bread, skewers served with fried rice, split pizza (two different flavors for two people in one pizza), green leaf salad, macaronis salad, iced tea, strawberry crush, cold coffee, chocolate float, caramel pudding, orange chocolate mousse and chocolate fondues.
For the Dinner recipe ideas of the main course, if you chose a pasta recipe like cheesy pasta bake, spaghetti with meat balls or macaronis with chicken and vegetables I am sure everyone will love it! If you want to add a side dish to your main course than the safe, tested and tried Dinner recipe ideas for a delicious side dish can be Fried chops, kebabs, cutlets, Kashmiri Spicy Potatoes, chicken rolls, salt and pepper fish, prawn masala or yummy chicken shashlik skewers. After an appetizing dinner, a scoop of homemade ice-cream, fruit trifle, Family bowl of kheer, Gajar ka halwa, Malpura or egg pudding can act like a cherry on the cake.
Understanding the choice of kids and making them eat the regular food is a really tough job. Try these Dinner recipe ideas to make your kids happy, fit and strong; as all kids love potato cheese balls, mini pizza, tiny burgers, nuggets, colorful rice, Donuts, brownies, fruit tarts, kids pasta meal, fried chicken fingers, kids skewers, fruit salad with chocolate sauce, banana smoothie, club sandwiches and baked macaroni’s. If you wish to add something healthy on the menu for your kids and the kids are unhappy with the idea, than don’t be upset as you are not the only Mom on earth who is facing this issue. The dinner recipe ideas can make your everyday cooking easy and now don’t have to worry about what to make for dinner tonight.
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Whether it be because of a new baby, lack of babysitters, sick kids or just wanting to avoid the crowds, there are many reasons to stay in and enjoy a romantic evening together at home. I can’t guarantee that the kids will stay quiet or that things will go smoothly but these recipes are so quick and so simple you should be able to enjoy a romantic three-course meal in the candlelight before the craziness begins again. Since it's made in a food processor you may want to whip it up just before the kids go to bed, if you're afraid it'll disturb their sleep. Serve with garlic bread and a simple salad to round out the meal or double the recipe for bigger portions. Going out on V-day means overcrowded restaurants, mediocre service, and not too much relaxation! I made just a plain alfredo sauce with heart shaped pasta since we had this with our kiddos too. This is an encouraging community that offers comprehensive recipes, simple preserving tutorials, and honest tips for cooking with kids. For me, an intimate dinner at home – with candles, wine and a fire glowing in the background – is the formula. For me this this is so much more personal and meaningful a celebration than a restaurant meal, especially since so many of us have good restaurant meals on a fairly frequent basis. Do most of the cooking ahead.Leaving your sweetie sitting alone while the cook prepares a complicated souffle or risotto is a sure way to break the mood, no matter how smooth the music! Serve several courses – and keep them light.Lingering over multiple courses makes the evening special. Like most traditional recipes, hundreds of variations can be found, and frequently the preparation edges towards a simple pizza: a smear of onions, anchovies and herbs on a flatbread.
It's so simple that it feels like cheating, but the ingredients are all top quality, and they look and taste great.
But cooking these fish can be a challenge, both because they tend to fall apart and because the flavor of these fish is subtle.
The reader normally enjoys the piece of writing till the end, but is again left with the confusion of what to make for dinner that fits best in their situation.
Along with the perfect combination of dinner recipe ideas, presentation of the platter and ambiance counts a lot.
If you are running out of ideas, we have a few combinations of dinner recipe ideas that go great with each other and will surely make your evening a memorable one.
Select your favorite dinner recipe ideas and make your own menu for an ideal dinner for two. Keeping this in mind the family favorites, here are some dinner recipe ideas for family which have some easy main course recipes, tasty side dishes, scrumptious desserts and refreshing drinks. Other main course dishes you can opt for are mushroom chicken, Sindhi biryani, Boneless Handi, lemon chicken, karhai qeema, chicken makhni, BBQ Pizza, Family Favorite Cottage Pie, full roast, chicken tikka rice, kofta curree, Qeema biryani or daal makhni . Serve your side dishes with vegetable servings so that the family can enjoy a bite of health with taste.
For this reason, innovative Dinner recipe ideas play a very important role in feeding the kids with a smile on their face.
But we have some dinner recipe ideas that can help you in providing a healthy meal to your kids and they won’t say “NO” to it.

There are hundreds of more dinner recipe ideas which you can enjoy cooking for a feast like a full roasted mutton leg, Malai Koftay, Zafrani qorma, Shahi biryani, Kabuli pulao, chicken and vegetable noodles, potato and egg cutlets, shami Kabab, dahi baray, Kashmiri handi, Mutton achari, Shahi tukray, Brownies, pistachio kheer, chocolate pudding, mint tea, kava etc.
It may seem impossible with kids, but it’s much easier to accomplish then one might think. This is not a make ahead frozen yogurt though, if it sits for too long (a couple of hours) in the freezer it'll become too hard to eat.
Once the pasta and sauce start bubbling pop these into the hot pan and enjoy a quick appetizer, with a glass of wine, while you wait. Especially love the frozen strawberry yogurt – may make this one for the niece and nephew as a special treat this week! My little guy toasted with his mocktail to 9 years of marriage – making the celebration a family affair.
The cheese stuffed peppers were amazing and so was the frozen yogurt with chocolate shell sauce. This drink uses frozen strawberries, thus my attempt to eat seasonally during one of the toughest months. Even if it goes against your grain to leave dirty dishes out overnight, just this once: pay attention to your partner instead of the cleanup. For your assistance, we have tried to compile some practical and easy dinner recipe ideas for different situations and occasions.
Try to add some fresh flowers or a new table cloth, lit up some candles or put in something that suits the occasion. That’s exactly what I wish, and here you have some, tasty, colorful and innovative Dinner recipe ideas for kids to enjoy. Try a making a cucumber sandwich and cut it into different shapes with the help of your cookie cutter, baked nuggets, mashed potato with bread sticks, peanut butter and chocolate on apple slices, oat pancakes with fruit jam, flavored yogurt, banana coco bites, baked chicken with a cheese serving and there is so much more you can do for kids. This dessert takes no effort and is much healthier then the ones you'll get from the store. Enjoy the whole process of deciding over recipe, cooking, setting the table, serving and finally eating the delicious food you made with so much love. Make their eating experience more exciting by involving them in the cooking process or try new serving styles like nuggets on cocktail sticks, star shaped cutlets, one bite samosas etc. When it's time to serve, melt the chocolate shell and pour it over the frozen yogurt - dessert is served. Instant Strawberry Frozen Yogurt This can also be made in a blender but you will need to put the yogurt in the bottom first and you'll have to stop the blender occasionally to dislodge any pieces of fruit that get caught up in the blades. The recipe for Chocolate shell was adapted from the New York Times Ingredients Frozen Yogurt 2 cups frozen strawberries 1 cup vanilla yogurt Sugar or honey, to taste Chocolate Shell 7 oz. Spoon mixture into frozen bowls and place in the freezer while you prepare the rest of the meal.

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