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Relaxation is an empowering state of mind and body, a state that can be difficult for busy entrepreneurs to appreciate. Here is a quick relaxation technique that will calm your mind, relax your body and sooth your spirit.
Breathe out slowly, to the count of five,  through the mouth (normally you would breathe through your nose but you breathe through your mouth for quick relaxation).
Pause for a second after you exhale and enjoy your stillness, your calm, your peace and your oneness with your mind, body and spirit connection. If you enjoyed reading this post, be sure to fill out this form to receive my blog post updates by e-mail, leave a comment below and share this with your family, friends and Social Media.
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I created Confidence is an Inside Job to inspire YOU to be unstoppable with confidence for your personal development and your business success. Confidence comes from within and research has show that it’s one of the keys to living the life of your dreams.

Normally, I always suggest to meditate early in the morning, when the mind is fresh, or before going to sleep, after the day’s hustle and bustle is done, but in this case I suggest doing the 3 minute meditation right in the middle of the day or if you are facing a stressful situation.  This is so the meditation can help immediately neutralize the harmful stress hormones and put you back in a relaxed, peaceful state of mind. Yoga, meditation, and guided imagery are a few of the tools that you can use to relax, but it’s not always possible for you to take time to get into these states. Relax your entire face (jaw, cheeks, lips, mouth, tongue and your eyelids) the entire face. I help entrepreneurs to live the life of their dreams: confidence, clarity, courage and a blueprint for success with your business and personal life. If you have difficulty visualizing, then feel free to review my article describing different visualization building exercises. Feeling the tactile sensations caused by the flow of air brings the mind to the present moment in one-pointed concentration. You can use it for a quick pick me up as you go about your day but it works just as well, when you are experiencing chaos or uncertainty. If practiced regularly, it will build your visualization and concentration skills over time.

Stare at the image for about 30 seconds, then close your eyes and try to see it in your mind’s eye. Learning a simple meditation technique which you can use at any time, will allow you to quickly eliminate stress.
Combined with belly breathing, this technique for mindfulness creates a very powerful relaxation response.
It’s an excellent technique for ridding the mind of distracting thoughts, and relieving stress. If you can’t see the image steadily yet, then open your eyes and stare for another 30 seconds.

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