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I didn’t take pictures of the process because my husband surprised me while I was gone one afternoon and sprayed them. It may not last forever, but our boys thought they were amazing and couldn’t wait until they end of the race to get theirs!
Well, we have now lived in our house for a few more years and we have over doubled the neighbors and friends that we know. We counted up that we had 64 neighbors to deliver Christmas gifts to. When the labels arrived, I went to the Avery website, plugged in the ID number of the label and used their pre-made template and Christmas icons.
IMPORTANT- The reason I used two small labels (one for the saying and the other for our name), is because the cups are round and the labels are not. Then we took the cups (pre labeled) and the bags of mints (not yet stuffed into the cups) and got in the truck.
If there was a great distance between homes, he would jump in and stuff cups with Life Savers while I was driving to the next house. So in under one hour we had 64 neighbor gifts bought, created, and delivered! Better yet, they only cost us $25.00.

I hope this has been a helpful idea that will make your Christmas season less hectic, less expensive, and more enjoyable. 2 Life Saver Wint O Green Bags (50 ounce) we stuffed the life savers in pretty good and barely had enough. For other ‘rich living’ and inexpensive crafts subscribe, follow me on Pinterest and like me on Facebook. August 14, 2015 By Cara Last week, after trying to figure out a quick inexpensive place to eat on date night, I turned to our Facebook Page!
Cara is known for her ability to manage multiple social media accounts while waiting for her children to complete one activity or another. When you have a lot of neighbors that you want to include on your Christmas gift list, things can become expensive and time consuming. Smaller labels work better on round surfaces, larger ones that would fit both the message and our names would curve too much and wouldn’t fit the cups well. So I would stuff loosely if you are going to try to stretch two bags for 64 candy nut cups or order three bags.

You guys didn’t let me down and left me with a HUGE list of quick, inexpensive places to eat in Jefferson Parish to grab a bite to eat! I think it has been such a hit because it is a neighbor gift idea that is easy, inexpensive, and fast.
Yet, almost unbelievably, we shopped, put together, and delivered 64 neighbor gifts in under 64 minutes!! When she’s not begging her teenage son to clean his room or watching her tiny dancer do her 1000th turn of the day, she manages social media for numerous local brands, manages Pint-Sized NOLA and runs Jefferson Parish Parent, THE parenting resource for parents in Jefferson Parish.
I was able to stay ahead of him in stuffing because I could usually make about four cups as he ran to two houses. She’s worked with brands like Carnival Cruise Lines,Udi’s Gluten Free, and Nuby and she’s also taught both her children to read.

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