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Your subconscious feed back loop is basically the “system” that governs your thoughts, ideas, feelings, actions and expectations of yourself and others.
I know this sounds crazy, and before you think that I’ve completely lost my mind let me explain to you what I mean because this stuff is backed by science. See the subconscious feedback loop is very powerful because it works on the mind at a deeper level, a level that you’re not even aware of. In a recent experiment, psychologists at Yale altered people’s judgments of a stranger by handing them a cup of coffee.
The study participants, college students, had no idea that their social instincts were being deliberately manipulated. That was all it took: The students who held a cup of iced coffee rated a hypothetical person they later read about as being much colder, less social and more selfish than did their fellow students, who had momentarily held a cup of hot java.
Here’s what all this has to do with you, your personal training or fitness boot camp business and the level of success (or failure) you achieve. My buddy Frank Kern has a video out on the interwebs somewhere where he explains how outside factors influence your thoughts, decisions and actions AND ultimately your ability or desire to make money. As we were walking along the water checking out the scenery and stuff I saw a man who was fishing off the rocks for crabs and he had a five gallon bucket next to him and in it were a bunch of crabs, each about the size of your hand. As we stood there watching him do his thing I noticed that one ambitious crab was climbing on top of the other ones and was getting reading to reach up for the rim of the bucket and boost himself up to freedom.
Just as the little crab started reaching for the rim of the bucket, all the other crabs in the bucket reached up, grabbed him by the legs and pulled him right down.
The crab fisherman explained to me that crabs do that instinctively and so he never needs to put a lid on the bucket.

I knew what I wanted in life (freedom, money, and to never have to live by other people’s values and schedule) and I was surrounded by people who said they wanted the best for me, but in reality all they did was question my sanity when I came up with business ideas and thought that I should consider getting a steady job to have something to “fall back on”. Today I hang out with other success minded, free thinking, financially free people who encourage, motivate, and share their success secrets.
The input that you get comes from the things you watch, listen to, read, and surround yourself with. I don’t know about you, but if the thoughts that are floating around in my mind are danger, people are bad, the economy, unemployment, and scarcity then the actions I take are not going to result in making sales and generating more money. This entry was posted in Mindset and Self Improvement and tagged frank kern thoughts feelings actions, subconscious mind program gossip. Just another great reason to be part of your mastermind and hang around like-minded successful people! It’s crazy to think about how most people watch the nightly news full of negativity right before they go to sleep every night!
Bedros that is awesome info you have been very inspirational to me with this and other things that you put out their.
Thank you and if their is a way you can email me I would like to shall where it is that Im at and see if you can give me some sugguestions about where I am trying to go. It’s like the software program that’s always running in the background and influencing your every action – only difference is that this software can be reprogrammed by your environment and others to make you do things without even realizing it. In fact I just did a quick google search for “subconscious mind” and found this article in the New York Times that explains how easy it is to alter a persons perception or judgment. On the way to the laboratory, they had bumped into a laboratory assistant, who was holding textbooks, a clipboard, papers and a cup of hot or iced coffee — and asked for a hand with the cup.

The people I associate with these days are different than the people I had around me back in 2003.
In order for you to sell something you need to take an ACTION like putting an offer together.
A big piece of the puzzle for me was letting everything just be as it is around me while the inner changes happen, being patient for it all to be as I want to see it in the outer world, my world around me. The relevance of this post will be determined by how conscious you are of your environmental noise.
One of the ports that the ship stopped at was a town where they did a lot of fishing for crabs. And if you listen to gossip then you believe that PEOPLE ARE BAD, and when you read the papers all you see is UNEMPLOYMENT, BAD ECONOMY, and SCARCITY. So if I were you I’m ruthlessly manage the INPUT that’s coming in because your “subconscious feedback loop” is always running in the background and influencing your thoughts, decisions, actions and ultimately your happiness. But your decisions are controlled by your THOUGHTS and your thoughts are formed by the INPUT that goes into your conscious and subconscious mind.

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