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I am happy to announce that these are the 1st proper VEGAN hard-boiled eggs in the history of the world. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO THE COMMENT BOX AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE TO LEAVE YOUR COMMENT ON THIS RECIPE. This is indeed for real, and hope you will be able to eat and enjoy my vegan plant based hard boiled eggs once again in the near future.
Hi Avia, funnily enough I love the work of Yotam Ottolenghi and have seen this recipe and wondered if I could veganize it, and yes, I think I can and will. Hi Sarah, this recipe will be published in an upcoming magazine which I will announce closer to the time. Mmmmmiriam, your recipes always make my mouth water and your creativity and “invention” is beyond awesome!!!
How very, very kind of you to say so Tangerine, thank you for dropping by here with such wonderful words !
This recipe is due to be published in an upcoming magazine which I will announce closer to the time Paula, sorry.
Just wanted to say that these eggs look great, if they taste like they look then we are all in for a treat.
Kari Hi there and thanks so much for dropping by here with your wonderful comment which has put a great smile on my face. It is not in the cookbook but will be published in an upcoming magazine – will announce which and when closer to the time. Hey, I trawled the internet and did not find any information where I can buy the magazine (and the recipe). Just read the magazine cover to cover Miriam, can’t see the boiled egg recipe in there anywhere.
This is a real shame and if I was you I would add other distribution channels – as it is now, both parties loose, so why stick to it?
Please send me the recipe or where I can buy the book, as I love eggs but know I shouldn’t eat them. I was about to buy the second issue of Vegan for life, but I can’t assure myself your hard boiled eggs recipe is edited in this one. At present I cannot say when the recipe will be published I’m afraid, but it probably will be at some point in the future, but until then I hope you enjoy the other recipes from my blog !
Hi I’ve just found your website today and been looking at the fried egg recipe and the egg sandwich, I’ve already ordered the products to make these and excited!
The person has put pictures of the hard boiled egg which is their own image, but strange how their isn’t any reviews or comments, maybe no one has found it or even looked. It is the recipe you made as it is the same ingredients that you have mentioned in your other egg products, the yolk. Oh no I was wrong after reading the method etc is does say it’s your picture that is used. Justina Hi, the egg recipe you saw is based on my recipe and the author decided to fill in the blanks as it were. I haven’t got all the products to make them yet myself, hopefully by the weekend I would have tried and tested them myself as well as surprise my family. I wanted to ask regarding the fried egg, you mentioned to freeze the tofu before using it so it’s more firmer, doesn’t the box contain water as well? Looked and looked, clicked and clicked, googled and googles, and still could not fine the recipe.
Iron Iron is absolutely essential to your health – it is part of haemoglobin, which helps carry oxygen from your lungs to every other part of your body.
Vitamin B12 This vitamin is important for your nervous system, but the only natural sources of it are meat, dairy and eggs. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Omega-3 has a whole host of uses – it can help with arthritis, protect against dementia and lower blood pressure. Vitamin D Vitamin D is mostly gained by sun exposure, but many people don't get enough this way.
I am quite surprised (in a vegan website!) that the emphasis on the article was on the "need" for supplements, rather than focusing on the foods that supply the necessary vitamins and minerals! Make up your mashed potato mix, add margarine and other ingredients, and mash until consistency resembles hard-boiled egg yolk, see pic if you are uncertain, it should be thick in consistency. If you wish to make ‘hard-boiled eggs’, use hen egg moulds – cut a piece of tofu to fit a half-egg mould, level it with a knife, and, using a spoon, carefully scoop out an oval shape.  Then fill this cavity with your ‘egg yolk’ mix. Is chast masala salt the same as kamal namak (indian black salt), that gives an ‘egg-yolk’ flavor to things? Search amazon for kala namak to see the black salt (that’s actually pink) to add the eggy flavor you want. Hi there Keri, I am sure many people share your sentiments – that said there is this sandwich filler to look forward to later on today ! Hi Miriam, While I haven’t made time to make your recipes, I just wanted to pass along my thanks! Yes Rosie I do and it works very well, it’s fast and fool proof, hope you make and enjoy it too !
Make it as per the recipe Rosie if you wish to enjoy it to the fullest as well as impress your friend.
I did use tofu for the white the first time I made it but I just used the cheap stuff from the Asian warehouse.
My friend didn’t make it today but I know that the egg thing is something that she misses as a vegan. Hi there Rosie and thanks so much for dropping by here with your comment, which is very encouraging for others like yourself and also the reason why I created this in the first place.
Hi Miriam, I really look forward to making this, my mouth is watering already but first do you think you could share with us which mayo, in your opinion, is the best. Fran Hi there, make it without the tofu, just add sweetcorn, chopped red bell peppers and hopefully that will help make up some of the bulk in lieu of the tofu.
Hi there Dianne, I make my own mayonnaise myself, as many of the ones I have tried where a disappointment for me – that said the recipe for that is in my forthcoming book and I cannot release it as a result. How great to be making, sharing and enjoying all these egg-less wonders with all the flavour but without the cholesterol or cruelty ! Hi Geraint, by all means make your own, but I feel that the dried is going to yield a better texture for this particular recipe.
So glad that my recipes are helping you on your vegan journey since you are almost vegan this is important.
Kathleen Hi there – I very much look forward to your feedback on it as and when, and in the meantime I hope you enjoy my many other recipes from here. I saw that someone inquired about which mayo brand is good to use in the UK, and I would recommend the Organic Smoked Garlic Vegan Mayonnaise made by Infinity Foods.
Natasha Hi there – I have since made the runny yolk myself and will be displaying shortly (my camera died on me a short while ago so I haven’t got the shots yet, awaiting for the repairs) but, I have to say that your runny yolk based on my recipe looks lovely MMmm, well done !
Hi there La Belle, thanks so much for dropping by here with that tip for anybody wishing to purchase a good UK mayo !
I did make the Three layered breakfast and also gave her sandwiches made with the Egg mayonnaise for dinner. TweetOpting for a diet free from meat and animal products is becoming increasingly popular.
If you are planning to become a vegetarian, you can still get many of these nutrients from eggs and dairy, but if you want to cut out all animal products, you will need to stick solely to plant-based foods. There are certain essential nutrients for good health that you may not get enough of if you switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet without considering how to balance your foods. Having one or more smoothies each day is a great way to pack a lot of nutrients into one meal.

As you can see, getting the nutrients you need without meat or dairy requires thought, but is very doable. I’m closing in on 100 vegan smoothie recipes and depending on when you read this that number may have been eclipsed. Place the ingredients into your high-speed blender and blend for around 30-45 seconds or until nice and smooth. I’d love to know what you think of this article, especially if you’re a vegetarian or vegan. Join my free email newsletter and receive smoothie recipes, health information, tips, and a FREE COPY of my e-book, 15 Simple Healthy Smoothie Recipes! Hello there, I believe your web site might be having internet browser compatibility issues. Enter your name and email below to get Free Instant Access to my 15 Simple Healthy Smoothie Recipes e-book.
We won’t be doing anything special for Mardi Gras and Lent is easy because we don’t eat meat anyway any time of the year! Nothing can come close to these, they taste like eggs and look exactly like them – a completely unique recipe.
You just made the lives of so many vegans that much better assuming they taste as good as they look!
As you like a challenge do you think that Scotch eggs could be a follow up to these wonderful boiled vegan eggs? I’m a vegetarian struggling to go vegan, however after discovering your recipes the journey will be much easier. Should I leave it in its container then freeze or check if there’s water and pour that out then freeze it? I love meatless dishes, I love my kitchen, I adore food and I am a passionate gourmet cook.
Unless a person starts to feel pain or the body stops functioning well, it is normal that people does not stop with their unhealthy eating habits. These will help keep you in top shape while you adapt and work out what food you can incorporate regularly. You may think that all types of iron are the same, but there are actually two different kinds – heme and non-heme.
A B12 deficiency is pretty bad – you can encounter shortness or breath, dizziness and even nerve damage. Though meat is a primary source, you can find protein in a whole bunch of plant-based sources. Though found in plant foods, it has a much lower absorption rate in these than it does in meat and fish – meaning you may need to take 50% more than your non-vegetarian friends! Though recently, companies have fortified products with vitamin D, these are mostly dairy products and it naturally occurs in egg yolks.
Our top recommendations for foods to add in include: fortified cereals, soybeans, flaxseed, kale, seeds, beans, yeast-based products and chickpeas. We are just trying to inform that you can also add supplements to a vegans diet to got proper nutrition.
Mix ‘yolk’ mix really well, then place in freezer for 15-20 minutes, then remove from freezer. Mix gently, then spoon in the ‘yolk’ mix – mix gently until the ‘yolk’ is covered with the mayonnaise.  Refrigerate this mix for 1 to 2 hours before serving. It might be because I didn’t use the salt, but next time I will use less and I will have the black salt by then. I used real potatoes as I have a thing about intant potatoes (the metallic smash taste from the 70s).
This brand isn’t as commercialized or popular as Granovita Mayola, but it definitely tastes better!
To help out the people who just cannot get Vegan instant potato in their country could you tell us what the end result is when you have added the water to the instant mix please? To ensure good health it is important that you understand the nutrients that are a little more difficult to get without eating animal-based foods. Smoothies are a great way for you to ensure that you include all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you need in your daily vegetarian or vegan diet. Aside from the eggs and dairy that some eat, vegetarians, as well as vegans, eat vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, legumes, and superfoods. When you think of a smoothie, you probably imagine something that is based on the use of yogurt or milk, but not only can you make a plant-based smoothie, you can make a delicious one that is packed with essential nutrients. With the right balance of ingredients, smoothies can be an important element of your vegetarian or vegan diet. Hemp products come from a version of the cannabis plant that is low in the mind-altering substance THC. If you are thinking of going vegetarian, at least for now, include dairy products in some of your smoothies. This type of yeast, not to be confused with brewer’s yeast, is an excellent source of vitamin B12.
This type of molasses, which is unsulfured, is a byproduct of the process of making refined, white sugar.
Take it and run with it, experiment, and mix and match ingredients until you create something that is both delicious and nutritious. Whenever I take a look at your web site in Safari, it looks fine however, if opening in IE, it’s got some overlapping issues.I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Return the pot to low heat and melt the remaining 2 tablespoons of Earth Balance® Buttery Spread. I’ve just seen your hard boiled egg which you published the picture back in 2013 with no recipe on how to make it and I ready every comment left and seeing that a whole year has passed and no recipe. It just seems strange to get people amped up over something and not give them the option of making it themselves for over 2 years now. It is sad for those people who have diabetes that they cannot have their share of sweets any time they want. Even when you are hastily eating your food and do not chew it slowly, it will also create something harmful to your body.
Heme is absorbed far more easily by the body, and unfortunately for vegetarians, is only found in meat and fish.
As a vegetarian you can get it though dairy and eggs, but as a vegan you'll want to keep an eye out for fortified cereals and so on. You should never buy a zinc supplement on its own unless instructed to by a doctor, as taking too much can affect other minerals, but it's worth checking if your multivitamin contains it. I used a lovely loaf of bread and toasted it, Added sliced tomatoes and homegrown broccoli sprouts! Chaat masala is an entirely different spice mix that may work if you want Indian flavor, but will offer different results. It’s not always easy to find flavorful vegan or vegetarian recipes and I appreciate your drive to do just that. I have a vegan friend coming for lunch on the weekend and I can’t wait to make it for her to try! Eggs are the one thing stopping me from being a full vegan but now I have no reason to eat eggs as this recipe is actually nicer than the real thing! There are plenty of plant-sourced alternatives, but most people are accustomed to getting them through animal products.
There are sub-types of vegetarians, for example a lacto ovo vegetarian does not eat meat, but does eat eggs and dairy products, like cheese, milk, or yogurt.
While eating these whole foods is most nutritious, vegetarians may also eat processed foods like meat and dairy substitutes. Iron and zinc are two minerals that are prevalent in meats and are sometimes lacking in a vegetarian diet that is not well-planned.

Here are some ideas for ingredients you can include in your next recipe and how they will help you balance out your diet.
Many leafy, green vegetables can blend right into your smoothie recipe without making the finished product taste like a salad. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, and other nuts are high in vitamins and minerals, and are a good source of vegan protein and omega-3 fatty acids. The seeds of the hemp plant are very nutritious and have a mild nutty flavor that complements many smoothie recipes. Raw or organic milk  and yogurt have both calcium and protein, and some are also fortified with vitamin D. It contains significant amounts of iron, zinc, and calcium, which makes it a good choice for a smoothie sweetener. If you feel as if you are not getting enough of certain nutrients, supplements are always an option. Traditionally made with smoked ham or shrimp, we see no reason for vegetarians and vegans to miss out on this tasty stew! If this is for reals, then I am set because hard boiled eggs are like that one thing that I missed and just never dreamed I would be able to eat again. Food intake can affect ones health and there are a lot of studies that supports this claim.
Omega-3 is usually found in multivitamins, so if you're planning on supplementing any of the other things found on this list, look for one that contains this too.
Calcium is incredibly important for bone health, and even more so for women (who are more at risk of osteoporis).
They may just call it black salt so be prepared for them to respond with “black salt”?
I made my mayo as I couldn’t find any in store and was too impatient to wait for a delivery.
And what is the quantity of potato mix after you have added the water ie: several tablespoons, or a cup or ??
There are a whole range of such products including fake sausages and hamburgers, cheeses made from cashews, fermented soy, and many more that are now in most grocery store freezer sections. Most Americans, both vegetarians and meat eaters do not get enough omega-3 fatty acids, but many who do rely on fish sources. For vegetarians eating dairy every day, this is not an issue, but for vegans B12 deficiency is not uncommon.
Refrain from going overboard with them, however, as the calorie content in nuts adds up quickly.
They contain a high level of protein, and a greater variety of amino acids, the building blocks of protein, than many other plant products. Even better, it has a lower score on the glycemic index than white sugar, and causes a less sharp rise in blood sugar after eating it. Many vegans and vegetarians include supplements particularly for getting vitamins D and B12, the most elusive nutrients in plants. These blenders meet the stringent standards Blendtec holds for all their machines and comes with a 7-year warranty.
Sprinkle the flour, add 2 tablespoons of Earth Balance® Buttery® Spread, and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until brown, about 10 minutes.
How to reduce blood sugar may be a little difficult in the beginning for the diabetic patients. There are even studies that show patients changing their diets to raw foods decreases their need for insulin.
Be aware though that the supplement vitamin D3 is made from animal products, so you'll need to rely on its less-effective sister D2.
If anthng I may have had too much yolk compared to th white but hey the taste was absolutely devine! The most restrictive vegetarian diet is that of a vegan, who will eat no meat, eggs, dairy, or anything else that comes from an animal, like gelatin or honey. Greens are high in calcium, so if you are forsaking all animal products, this is a good replacement for the calcium you used to get from dairy. They are also high in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and iron, and include trace amounts of vitamin B12. If you need extra protein, use Greek-style yogurt, which has much more protein than other types.
The flavor is savory, but since you need only a small amount to get the B12 you need, you can easily mask the flavor with other ingredients if you so wish. But if a diabetic realize the need to implement discipline to oneself it can be fairly easy. I have made vegan scotch eggs before using mushrooms instead of egg but guess what I’m going to do now! Most vegans also stretch this restriction to other aspects of their lives and do not use any animal products in any way.
This is much easier than many people think when they first consider switching to a plant-based diet. In addition to spinach and kale, you can try lettuce, beet, dandelion, and collard greens as well, but experiment with a light hand. Look for the seeds, hemp oil, or hemp milk, but avoid hemp protein powder, which is highly processed.
Chia seeds to do not have to be ground up before you eat them, just toss a couple of tablespoons in any smoothie recipe.
These are foods like vegetables, seeds, nuts, berries melons and other fruit, honey, oil and goat’s milk. Getting old does not mean you cannot live comfortable and you have to be sick of with some ailment.
This means they use no leather, silk, or similar materials that come from an animal source.
For the full download on chia seeds, see Chia Seeds: Nutritional Powerhouse and Perfect Smoothie Ingredient.
Restricting carbohydrate will allow your body to normally fight high sugar levels than others.
These are genuis vegan hard-boiled eggs that taste every bit as good as the real thing without the cholesterol or cruelty. One does not need to wait until he feels his blood pressure goes up or blood sugar cause rage. When tomatoes are at their peak there is nothing like great egg salad to make a sandwich with.
A lot of people have clouds of doubt in their head because the experts failed to explain this part. Raw foods ,which are rich in fiber, only travels 18-24 hours while cooked food takes longer hours from 80-100. It is just hard in the beginning, but with sincere determination and love for oneself, everything will be easy as one, two, and three.
This is all true and people who avoided carbs have successful stories to tell about maintaining their blood sugar level.

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