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Almost every individual who has ever lived has suffered from procrastination, which, in simple terms, means putting off doing things you know you need to do.
The “avoiders” may be avoiding fear of failure or of success, but are so concerned with what others think of them that they would rather have others think they lack effort than ability. The “decisional procrastinators” are individuals that cannot make a decision, which resolves the individual of not having responsibility for the outcome. Procrastination does not just keep you from accomplishing what needs to be done; it can also have a huge affect on your health and lifestyle choices.
Amber*, a junior at Springfield High School, says that she procrastinates because she “would rather be doing something interesting like art or having a mini concert in her bedroom.” Most people can relate to this because almost no one actually enjoys doing homework. Jeffery*, a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University (and self-proclaimed part time superhero), says “I procrastinate anytime I have something to do because I always find something else to do.” While unspecific as that statement is, it is quite accurate. Some common ways to avoid procrastination according to those surveyed include doing something right away, working at the time that suits you best, and organizing your workspace. The creation (or should I say, creations) in question are the website-blocking programs, which prohibit you from using a particular site for a set period of time.
Time is valuable and when people are late, it takes away something I can never get back again. The definition of procrastination is: Putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time. There are steps we can take to slow or even stop procrastination before it enters into our lives. Having a visual reminder of your daily tasks and long-term goals keeps them fresh in your mind. Delegation allows you to assign a task to another, competent team member who may be able to act on it faster than you are able to.
There’s a neat new program by psychologist Peter Shallard to help entrepreneurs break the bonds of procrastination called CommitAction. As a not-so-young closet procrastinator this post is must-read material for every writer out there! Wow Elizabeth, you’re taking a bold move being without internet or phone for a couple of weeks! I wrote a productivity guide to help people be more productive and manage their time better.
I like to make sure that I create time and space for every priority for that day so that the time is already carved out and all I have to do is show up. I actually learned that through a program I went through a few years ago called Mission Control. Joe, I used to use procrastination as a tool for getting a lot done in a short amount of time.

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You wish you could sit down and start working on your novel – the one you have been meaning to write for the longest time. You want to stop watching so much TV, and start tweaking your next business idea. Perhaps start your painting your masterpiece today. Recently, I read three books by best selling author Steven Pressfield: The War of Art, Turning Pro, and his manifesto, Do the Work. The best way to defeat habits of procrastination and the inability to start anything is to streamline everything. You are not good enough, you don’t have the time to do this, there is too much competition, nobody cares what you do, it is not perfect … blah blah blah. Some of these reasons include feeling overwhelmed, distraction by friends and family, social media (ding ding ding, we have a winner!), not being able to see end results, finding assignments boring, and simply not wanting to do work. Her stellar method of avoiding the desires to procrastinate is storing all of her electronic items that aren’t needed for homework away until she finishes her work because the internet is, in her opinion, the best distraction. Like Amber, his method for preventing procrastination is avoiding the internet in order to stay on task. In addition, for those who simply cannot resist getting on the internet one last time, there exists a magical invention. Here’s a video about procrastination for when you’re procrastinating as you likely are while reading this article. When she isn't reading or writing she enjoys watching tv shows on netflix, tumbling, and texting her friends.
Decide if what you’re doing is productive or a way to avoid doing something that matters.
But what would happen if we decided that we could clear out a task immediately after receiving it?
You’re right, small things snowball into bigger issues when we fail to do anything about them. I’d encourage you to check it out and examine its method of big goals and incremental achievement.
I’m about to be without internet or phone for a couple of weeks (brave, hey?!) and suddenly my capacity to get things done has shot up!
I’ll be up a mountain in France, with the chance of interacting with an animal behaviourist who can teach animals a vocabulary of upwards of 300 words. I was just doing my justifying routine as to why I should coast today because yesterday was so busy. When we have someone there to push us through the procrastination, we often find ourselves doing it rather than shelving it.

To avoid procrastination, we have to keep our goal(s) in sight and know that they’re worth the sacrifice.
Over time though, I started to realize the procrastination created inferior work and allowed for mistakes to easily slip in.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
It arises from within and takes the shape of procrastination, lack of motivation, insecurities, self doubt, fear and what not.
Remember the lessons you teach your own children – brave is someone who is not without fear but who moves ahead in spite of it. She is invested in it wholeheartedly but she does not forget that the work is not her – her artistic self contains many works.
There are times I try to work on my novel, but when I think about all the things I need to do before it’s complete, I end up sleeping instead.
It’s not some glamorous life where 95% of your time is spent signing autographs, doing interviews with Oprah, and doing photo shoots for a full page spread in People Magazine. Procrastinators often lie to themselves by saying things such as “I’ll feel like doing this tomorrow,” or “I work best under pressure”.
In those situations, it is helpful to me from time to time to review the purpose behind the tasks to be done.
I loved his manifesto Do the Work when I read it earlier in the year and gone through 27 books, so a big reading year so far. Phychyl, when procrastination over the length of an academic term was studied, the surveyed group had experienced immune system problems, gastrointestinal issues, and insomnia. Check them out, use them, and start kicking that procrastination in the butt (but don’t procrastinate fixing your procrastination!).
If I can get myself excited or convicted about the cause again, procrastination has no chance of overtaking me. Phychyl say that actively looking for distractions is a way of regulating emotions such as fear of failure. Procrastination can lead to lower grades because students will put off work until the last minute and not have enough time to finish it.

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