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Samantha Olson Samantha Olson is a writer-reader-runner cliche with a passion for nutrition and health management. In one study, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston showed that regular meditation causes the brain's cerebral cortex to thicken. According to the study, thickening occurs because meditation increases the size of blood vessels and the blood flow in the region. The brain's outer cortex is responsible for higher mental functions such as concentration, learning, and memory, so this is an amazing discovery. In the Time Magazine article, "How to Get Smarter, One Breath at a Time," Zimmermann explains how meditation forms the cornerstone of his ability to deliver high-value information to his clients.
From the article: Meditation directly affects the function and structure of the brain, changing it in ways that appear to increase attention span, sharpen focus, and improve memory. Zimmermann claims his secret weapon for staying sharp and remembering numerous facts is, yes, daily meditation.
Keep the benefits of meditation in the forefront of your mind with my meditation quotes page. The finding is in line with studies showing that accomplished musicians, athletes and linguists all have thickening in relevant areas of the cortex. To learn more about the discovery that the brain can be remolded (a science called "neuroplasticity"), check out the book Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain, by Sharon Begley, science writer for the Wall Street Journal. But as we learn from studies performed on Buddhist monks, an important component in changing the brain is to tap the power of mind and, in particular, focused attention.
This is the classic Buddhist practice of mindfulness, a technique that has become popular in the West and that is immediately available to everyone.
Participants were put in high-stress multi-tasking situations where they were required to repeatedly answer the phone, check email, update calendars, and send text messages. Those who regularly practiced meditation far outperformed the others in their ability to focus and stay on task.

I find these discoveries about the link between meditation, memory, and attention exciting. Mindfulness and meditation practices often overlap, but they have two distinct definitions. All rights reserved.Medical Daily is for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendation.
Investment advisor Walter Zimmermann is a compelling example of meditation's literal value. When such a busy person devotes that much time each day to meditation, considering it essential to his success, the rest of us could do worse than try it ourselves!
A study in the journal Consciousness and Cognition found that even as little as 20 minutes of meditation per day boosts performance on timed concentration and memory tests. Mindfulness meditation practiced in many Western countries has been shown by research to be effective in causing the cortex to thicken and concentration to improve. Print out my free meditation quotes PDF, and hang the quotes where you can see them during the day. Under the HoodBehavior, Neuroscience & Your Brain A Strange Way To Make Yourself More Likeable Need a favor? InnovationTechnology & the Business of Medicine Surgical Tools Make Incisions So Small That You Won't Need Stitches Engineers from Brigham Young University were inspired by origami when they 3D-printed these miniature surgical tools. The HillHealthcare, Policy & Governance STD Rates Spike As NYC Reduces Clinic Funding Community activists in New York City have become incensed in the wake of a report that shows free STD testing services have been chronically underfunded by the DOHMH since 2010.
The GrapevineBreaking News and Trends Many Moms Around The World Go Home Less Than A Day After Childbirth A mother’s stay in a healthcare facility following childbirth varies considerably, with many women leaving too soon to receive sufficient postnatal care. Weird MedicineScience is Stranger Than Fiction 10 Most Disturbing Social Experiments Ever Conducted A look at the series of disturbing and famous social experiments conducted throughout the 20th century. Modern yoga still revolves around proper relaxation, exercise, breathing, thinking and meditation, and diet.

Within each of those postures are thousands of potential variations designed to emphasize stamina, strength, stability, concentration, and structural body alignment.
Yoga is not a quick fix for mental and physical aches, but instead a lifelong process of transformation.It's useful to have a few essential and basic moves under your belt worth knowing when starting out in yoga, although they vary from instructor to expert.
Moves that open up muscles, allow for carefully measured breaths, and target various muscle groups will help improve mood and energy levels, according to previous studies.
These five we chose to focus on were based on the yogi’s ability to adapt to each move through the poses’ simplicity, muscle engagement, and flexibility.
Keep both legs straight as your torso hinges at your hips toward the left leg as far as possible. Place your left hand above or below the left knee and extend your right up straight into the air and follow it with your eyes.
Extend your arms directly out from your shoulders and follow the tips of your fingers with your eyes.
Put your left leg straight back and push your hips forward to bring your torso parallel with the floor. Slowly kick your left leg up to hip-height and form a straight line from the top of your head to your toes. Come into a straight-arm plank with wrists under your shoulders and forearms flat on the mat.
CobraLie face down on the floor with your hands flat and thumbs directly under your shoulders. Press shoulders down away from your ears and raise your chest toward the wall in front of you.

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