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0 0 0 0 0 Email Print Comments Kyleen James EDM star Steve Aoki discovered The Chainsmokers. Education about what to expect when you stop smoking will allow you to develop a plan to cope with the challenges you may face.
From improved health and vitality to increased self-esteem, the benefits when we quit smoking are unlimited.
Success with any challenge is due in great part to the planning we put into the task ahead of time. From enlisting the help of family and friends to connecting with others online who are going through what you are, building a solid support network is key to helping you quit smoking permanently.
Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), also known as therapeutic nicotine provides ex-smokers with a measured dose of nicotine that is gradually reduced over time.

If you want to use a quit aid, but would rather it not contain nicotine, Zyban is a possible choice.
Developed specifically for smoking cessation, this non-nicotine quit aid is available by prescription only.
These real life accounts are powerful testaments to the value of quitting and represent some of the many benefits that we can all expect to enjoy when we quit smoking. From preparing for your quit date to managing the discomforts of nicotine withdrawal and beyond, the lessons in this section will walk you through smoking cessation, step-by-step. Through group discussion and interactive activities, participants learn how to develop a quit plan that addresses their personal behaviors and habit. Use this section to help you tip the scales on the value of quitting tobacco over continuing to smoke.

Griffin Hospital is helping members of the community prepare to quit smoking with a free smoking cessation program starting Nov. Strategies to manage nicotine withdrawal, behaviors, triggers, and urges are all discussed as well as weight control and stress management. Plan the best time for you to quit, tell your friends, get some distraction activities ready and QUIT FOREVER!!

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