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Each handcrafted wire wrapped gemstone bracelet is handmade in my New Jersey, USA studio with genuine gemstone beads of the highest quality. Recently I attended a wedding and I heard those famous words “I do” once again being exchanged by a young couple. Love is not about completing an individual’s life; it’s not about the diamonds, the rings and all those shiny things.
It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believe in myself.~Muhammad AliNever bend your head. If you have any self confidence quotes you would like to share with us, please do so with the Facebook commenting box below. The value in semiprecious jewelry is in the semi precious and precious stones and the precious metals used, and higher prices, of course, reflect higher quality stones. I muttered a small prayer that they would not wind up punching each other like most couples nowadays do.

Ask yourself this simple question, “do I love me?” deep down you know the truth and once you have realised it then work on it, it shall set you free. This is a magnified photo of drop of water after prayers of happiness have been projected to it. You may be able to find less expensive hand made jewelry, but you will not find handcrafted jewelry with better quality workmanship or design. What makes such a large number of couples nowadays who were head over heels for each other go after each other’s throats bent on destroying what they once described as love? If you have said these “sacred” words or you are about to say them to someone you think that you want to spend forever with.
In order for one to be able to complement him or herself one must be happy with himself, you shouldn’t be searching for a mate for you to be happy with yourself.
If you are not happy with yourself when alone, I hate to break it to you but you won’t be any happier with yourself while you’re with someone else.

Once they are both comfortable with themselves and find out that they make each other happy with their imperfections, their bond will surely be stronger. The problem with today’s society lies in the love that the individuals have for themselves, that’s why we have so many divorce cases.
This is seen in various cases, for example; when a guy is out to win a fair lady’s heart neediness is a recipe for losing the girl even before you can say “I love you” even if she had previously had a thing for you.

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