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Welcome 2015 – a New Year invites us to set new intentions, navigate a new course and improve the way we manage our personal and professional lives.
I have enjoyed learning more about this practice, but how does one actually put it to work?
So after a great deal of thought on the subject, here are a few ways I am going to practice mindfulness in 2015. After years of feeling fully confident that I can do 10 things at once — talk on the phone, email, and write my to-do list, I am saying goodbye to multi-tasking. You know the old adage about putting the oxygen mask on before you try and help someone else? I can already hear my inner Puritan sternly commanding that I steer away from this nonsense and get back to work. Mindfulness is the practice of giving all of your attention to whatever it is you’re doing in any given moment. Do yourself a major favor and build up your mindfulness muscles by practicing this little exercise for a few minutes every day. The moment you choose to pay attention to the movement of your mind, you step outside of it’s habitual momentum.
This takes a lot of practice, but over time, you’ll get more and more sensitive to the difference between watching the mind and being lost in it. Life is a vibrant, animating, and mysterious force that flows through us, around us, and between us all the time. You and I are supple and sensitive organisms, and we are constantly receiving information, impressions, intelligence, and feelings from the world we live in. Morgan Dix helps new and seasoned meditators to discover meaning, purpose, and life-changing positivity through meditation. Morgan Dix: Writer, Showrunner, Cofounder of AboutMeditation & The OneMind Meditation Podcast.
Join the community and discover yoga together with hundreds of thousands from all over the world. Mindfulness as a calming and centering technique for adults has caught on fast, and now a growing number of schools are introducing mindfulness practices into the classroom environment. So can kids raised with electronic devices seemingly wired into their palms focus and be still for long enough to practice mindfulness?
Schools vary widely in the pressures their student cohorts face—whether it’s a relentless drive to perform academically, or a daily reality of violence in the schoolyard or neighborhood.
Mindfulness may be practiced briefly at the beginning of each class to hone students’ focus, or it may take the form of a more involved weekly lesson. School representatives interviewed for the article reported greater student concentration and focus. The stats are pretty staggering: as many as 11% of school-aged children in the country have been diagnosed with ADHD since 2011.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. There is, however, a little trick I’ve been using to avoid this pitfall and curb my own wasteful consumption. Over the past few years, I have put these consumption equations into effect around my home.
And as for those new, upgraded gadgets…we should really think about what happens to the old ones when we put them out to the curb. I lived for a couple of years in a country where you could find someone to fix just about anything. I also live in a lovely little village that, each year, hosts a giant purge where unwanted items are put at the curb and residents are free to help themselves. My home is the place I’d rather be than anywhere else on most days and nights, because a lot of mindfulness has gone into the way it looks and feels. One very simple thing I do when shopping for anything, is to think about what will happen to it eventually in a landfill or in recycling. Because we live in the country, we have to bring our garbage to the dump (no roadside garbage pickup here).
It makes me said that our human experience on planet earth centres around consumption instead of excavating our true purpose (whatever that may be for each of us). Wasn’t it William Morris who said that we should strive to keep nothing in our home that we do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. I’ve always been a fan of buying the best quality of something (within a budget) and with an eye toward making it last, especially with clothing. I have friends of all ages who are constantly asking why I bother to get things fixed and repaired. A few years ago we started to think even more clearly about how we were spending and what we were getting for our money. I think you are right about an important part of mindfulness being self-awareness (or paying attention to our own experience).
I use a lot of mindfulness in my work (I’m a psychologist for with people with Schizophrenia) and it is important to emphasis that mindfulness is about paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally (and the non-judgementally is both the hardest and most important part of mindfulness). Just wanted to point out an interesting comparison between your post here and Grace’s about her less-than-perfect-but-functional Container Store shelving. Comment Design*Sponge reserves the right to restrict comments that do not contribute constructively to the conversation at hand, contain profanity, personal attacks, hate speech or seek to promote a personal or unrelated business.
Mindfulness – being focused and fully present in the here and now – is good for individuals and good for a business’s bottom line. How can people practice it in a workplace where multitasking is the norm, and concerns for future profits can add to workplace stress? If your job comes with constant interruptions that demand your attention, take several deep breaths and then prioritize them.
Offering your senses pleasant and different stimulation rewires your brain for relaxation, and reduces the effects of stress hormones, which helps to unfreeze your creativity center.
This will not only allow you to focus on the tasks that most need your attention; it will reduce your stress. Pride News, Canada's Leading Caribbean and African News Magazine, has been established since January, 1983. Pride's Mission Statement: To act as a catalyst for the advancement, empowerment and happiness of peoples of African and Caribbean Heritage.

You’ll always find that there is a subtle contraction in your body as you get involved in the thinking process. I believe that we are born with extraordinary gifts of perception and attention, but they are seldom nurtured and tended. He’s been meditating for 20 years and received 15 years of formal training while living in a yoga and meditation ashram.
And can it help with behavioral issues, stress management or academic performance in a school setting? A recent article in The Washington Post highlighted the many ways mindfulness can help students, revealed through interviews with students, teachers and mindfulness practitioners alike.
Students, too, reported that they use mindfulness techniques to calm themselves down when they fight with siblings, to overcome sleeplessness or to help them deal with mid-test anxiety.
All of my purchases, or at least most of them, are made with this simple equation in mind: NEED + WANT, or better yet, NEED+LOVE.
The ability to see one’s flaws, to know that one will always have flaws, and to confront and claim responsibility for these flaws on a daily basis. Yes, the rest is taken away to the landfill, sadly, but I suppose some trash is inevitable.
A $100 bottle of wine may be opened on a $3 yard sale tablecloth on which is placed my collection of mix-and-match plates and that feels great. Every time I go, I wish I could bring people from the city and show them the mind blowing waste: sofas, beds, chairs, tables, refrigerators, and what is it with all those hundreds of barbecues?! The importance of the idea of our home extending to the natural world around us and the air we breathe can not be overstated, it’s literally life or death. When I’ve figured out the cost-per-wearing, or even cost-per-season, for winter coats, for example, it comes to some ridiculously low number. Great also that you are breaking away from auto-pilot and not buying into conspicuous consumption. How would you balance the need to make a place livable with the desire to wait around for an item you truly love? So many people forget about where their products come from & what happens to them when they seem no longer useful. Our goal is to create a safe space where everyone (commenters, subjects of posts and moderators) feels comfortable to speak. So do Harvard Business School, Ross School of Business and Claremont Graduate University, among other campuses. Romie says the physiological benefits of clearing away distractions and living in the moment have been documented in many scientific and medical studies. You might say, “For 15 minutes, I’m going to read through my emails, and then for one hour, I’m going to make my phone calls,” Dr. Sometimes we bounce from one task to another because we just don’t have the words to begin writing that strategic plan, or we’re staring at a problem and have no ideas for solutions. We often have little control over the external stresses in our life, particularly on the job. Pride News, reflecting the ambitions, aspirations, accomplishments and achievements of the African & Caribbean Canadian community, is published and distributed every Wednesday. Granted there may be situations that arise somewhat suddenly, but I am going to do my best to complete one thing at a time.
Because our minds tend to wander, and because we’re distracted and hyper-stimulated, it takes a lot of practice to be present. We just live in the movie theater drama of our minds, believing it all to be the essence of who we are.
And conversely, you’ll feel expansion in your being as you let go of it and return to the present moment.
In this way, parents and teachers can support students to use the calming and focusing techniques they learn and help de-escalate family or schoolyard conflict situations. In response, The Internet did what it is wont to do in such a situation and fired back with its trademark level of totally irrational venom. Too often, I see myself and others around me falling into the trap that snares many a post-Baby Boomer American—the idea that our world (and our home) is only what we see in front of us. When I make a purchase with just one half of these equations in play, whether out of necessity or lust, I will likely only contribute to the ongoing cycle of needless, wasteful consumption.
Purchased at any one of the faceless stores in the shopping mall, they are easy on the wallet and, for a short time, on the eyes.
I agree that partly, it’s the consumerist culture, but oh, wow, I find it amazing (and not in a good way) that people felt like they have a right to tell someone what to spend their money on. If I have to buy plastic I try to be sure it’s something which will last for a very long time. Our furniture has been accumulated over many years from thrift stores or bought second hand. The natural world is the greatest source of beauty and inspiration to design and without it we are nothing.
To be honest when I saw such a long test my first thought was to close the window or skip to the next post but then something stopped me.
Today’s trend seems to be something that looks nice new but functionality, especially in appliances, does not match things from recent decades. It isn’t pleasant, given the continually rising costs of things you can only cut back so much (food, healthcare, gas), but it really made us rethink where we were getting a real return on our investment of our dollars.
To someone from outside North America it is mind-blowing that there would even be a debate about whether Martha Stewart should get a new ipad!
First, once I was there, I realised soon that I really needed just half of the things packed in my big suitcase. Please treat others the way you would like to be treated and be willing to take responsibility for the impact your words may have on others. How can you not multitask when five people want five different things from you at the same time?
She did her medical education and training at the Medical University of South Carolina, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and University of Michigan, where she won numerous teaching and research awards.

It might offer a chance to think of a few more points to add to that media response, or to provide a client with calm advice in a crisis.
When he's not writing blog post, creating meditation courses, or recording interviews, he's learning swing dance and cooking for his wife before squaring off with her in backgammon.
But mindfulness—that term we keep coming back to this month—mindfulness seems like an awfully good place to start. Purchasing with both sides of these equations, though, assures that I will likely use my purchase and hold onto it for a long time.
Without fail, however, after a good winter of wearing, these poly-blend coats will have all but disintegrated, their toggles missing and their fabric misshapen into an unrecognizable, faux-wool blob. Second, I noticed that a lot of clothes and objects I closed in boxes before leaving remained in the basement when I came back because I never felt the need to unpack them. Disagreement, differences of opinion and heated discussion are welcome, but comments that do not seek to have a mature and constructive dialogue will not be published.
She brings to healing both her expertise of traditional Western medical training and Eastern modalities of mindfulness. DoYouYoga readers may also enjoy this special gift page featuring inspirational and "how-to" meditation resources for yogis.
As consumers in the western world, we are wildly separate from the items we consume, live with, and ultimately dispose of.
Being mindful of where your products come from, mindful of how you will use them, and mindful of what you can do to fix them if and when they break. In the end, I realized that this was no better for the environment than it was for my own wallet. The important thing is to keep an open mind, to learn as much as you can, and to actively move towards making yourself a better person. And now that we have our own house, we’re especially careful about filling our home with things we need + love.
It would be great if environmental thoughtfulness becomes the new conversation going forward.
We socialize with people that drive expensive cars they upgrade every year or two, who have houses with bedrooms that would hold half our house etc. Now I think much more when I want to buy or I need something and I became aware that there are not so many things that I really need or desire. She is currently a corporate health consultant and professional health and wellness life coach at the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine in Orlando, Florida. As I read through these various responses, though, I couldn’t shrug the faint feeling I had of shameful self-recognition. Objects arrive on sanitized store shelves as if by magic and we grab them up, caring little about their point of origin or method of manufacture.
Most especially, though, mindful of whether you really even want them in the first place, because this seems to factor into all of the above. I realized a little while ago that many of the products I purchased in the past where placeholders—shoddy constructions that I bought for their low price tag and the fact that they simply did their job (until breaking, that is—which they were bound to do sooner than later). In an effort to spend less money, I ended up spending more money in the long-run on products I only sort of wanted—products that are now cluttering my closet… or a landfill. Well, I suppose I can make do without a seating area, a reading light, and coffee—at least for the time being. This is so true, so right to say and so sad that so few people (on a world-large scale) understand how important is what you are trying to explain. Please note that our team (writers, moderators and guests) deserve the same right to speak and respond as you do, and your comments may be responded to or disagreed with. She is also an international professional speaker, addressing corporate audiences, health and wellness conferences and non-profit organizations. You notice countless patterns of thought that run like a repeating loop in your mind, draining your precious energy. At home, we use these objects until they fulfill their purpose, they break, or we simply grow tired of them. In an effort to kick this bad spending habit, I finally bit the bullet and invested in a wonderful coat that I can actually get behind—in terms of quality, comfort, aesthetics, origin, and manufacture.
These guidelines help us maintain a safe space and work toward our goal of connecting with and learning from each other.
Good for her for getting things fixed! It was, why would somebody who could clearly afford to simply replace her device go about trying to repair it?
Then—more often than not—we put them out on the curb where they are taken away just as magically as they appeared. After buying it on the cheap (oftentimes because its costs had been externalized to the environment and underpaid workers), the time or cost involved in repairing it just seems silly compared to simply replacing it. The fact that I actually invested thought, time, and saved pennies into this item makes me actually care for it, so much so that when it frays or breaks, I am quick to repair and maintain it. It should also be noted—something need not cost a lot for it to be a treasure. Learning to wait for the right item (and saving the necessary pennies if it’s expensive) can be difficult, especially for a Gen-Y-er like myself! I think good design and good taste naturally blooms from creative thinking, individuality, and from the talents of a human being.
I have found dozens of things I hold equally dear in thrift shop bins, sale racks, and vintage stores—the key is waiting for what you love!
We don’t see the sweatshop conditions within which our heavily marked-down products are made. I can now say that, with few exceptions, I love and care for just about everything in my home.
Few purchases have been made without consideration and love (or, if you will, mindfulness) and my home couldn’t be happier!
We often speak of purging or decluttering our houses at this time of year—but what does that really mean?

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