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Have you had enough of not being able to turn your dreams into reality, because you’re blocking and sabotaging your progress? Sometimes we get them from our family or teachers, sometimes we pick them up from the media and our perception of society’s beliefs and expectations of us. Letting them go is much less effort than hanging on to them and looking after them, year after year, as they keep you stuck in old habits and out-dated ways of living. If you’re already a Soul-Sized Living member, please log in (top right hand corner of this page) to be able to listen to it!
If you’re not yet a Soul-Sized Living member, sign up free today, to get access to the audio. Think of something you really want to acheive, create or experience, but have been struggling with. So if we go around bashing our beliefs, we’re likely to end up feeling miserable and demoralised. Imagine you have incorporated them into your life and zoom forwards a couple of decades – how does it feel?

If you’re already a Soul-Sized Living member, please log in to be able to listen to it! Maybe write it down on a post-it and stick it in your wallet, where you’ll see it every day?
How else could you get creative and remind yourself to play with your new empowering belief? There’s absolutely no need for it to be difficult, if you do it with a lightness of heart and a dollop of self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.
Join our discussion and sharing on the subject of use of language in consciously creating an abundant life through the power of your words. Using a variety of books such such as "The Creative Power of Sound: Affirmations To Create, Heal And Transform" by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, "Conscious Language, The Logos of Now" by Robert Tennyson Stevens, as well as other source material, we invite you to explore and share with us A tools for living your daily lives in a state of verbal mindfulness.
Spiritual Awareness Fellowship is focused on making practical the teachings of the worlda€™s mystical traditions, and we honor and practice truths found in the worlda€™s religions, including Saint Germaina€™s Aquarian Age teachings brought forth in the 19th and 20th centuries. Telling your unconscious mind that a belief it has spent decades reinforcing with carefully-collected evidence is not true is a great way to set up an inner conflict, which always brings trouble.

Really allow yourself to experiment with the curiosity and excitement of a young child, while you choose your new, more empowering beliefs. You can join in for free, so how about registering today and then popping back here to read the rest? Abundance is not limited to material wealth but encompasses our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health.
Perhaps you could set it as an appointment reminder to ‘ping up’ on your computer every couple of hours for a few days?
Then let Clare Josa inspire you with the 'inside work' that will set you free to create the changes you've been dreaming of. Find out if you're accidentally making the top 3 mistakes - and discover 5 time-creating things you can do instead.

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