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Did you know that how you use your subconscious mind determines whether you will succeed in a venture you are involved in or fail? One of the most effective brain exercises for improving the health and strength of your subconscious mind within the home environment is meditation. Coupled with swift body motions, you can easily stimulate various points in your brain to produce feel-good hormones such as Melatonin and Serotonin.
Serotonin on the other hand is a natural neurotransmitter that helps to improve your behavior and mood. Buy an exercise mat from a store in your locality and meditate for 30 minutes (15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night) to unlock the power of your subconscious mind.
Another effective exercise for unlocking the power of the subconscious mind is visualization.
Although it depends on positive affirmations to stimulate production of many feel-good hormones as meditation does, you also feed your subconscious mind with positive images and try to visualize them as though they are part of your life.
First, when you are writing down self-affirmations, choose those that relate to the situation you are going through.
Apart from your daily routines in the morning and at night, make sure your messages are noticeable when you are going about your daily activities.
Free writing is a technique used by many psychologists worldwide to help people who have undergone psychological trauma in their life unlock their hidden memories and rid their bodies off negative feelings. If used well, however, it can also help you activate your subconscious mind and thus, come up with new ideas you can use to live a longer and healthier life. If you do many five minutes sessions without stopping or deviating from your goal, you will activate the subconscious mind and come up with solutions. Even though many people have abandoned the reading culture, it is among the easiest to do, enjoyable, and effective brain exercises for unlocking the subconscious mind. With this technique, you do not have to write positive affirmations, visualize images, or write freely about your problems to activate your subconscious mind. All you have to do is pick up your favourite book or novel and divulge into the authors world to activate your mind. This EBOOK can be downloaded and read on any type of ebook readers, including on your kindle book reader, and if you don’t have any ebook readers, then you can download them here for FREE.

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The reason that people think there may be a connection between hypnosis and meditation is usually the idea of being in a deeply relaxed state. When you meditate, you are in full control of the session – at least, you’re aiming to be! In both cases, each session usually begins with some form of induced relaxation.  This typically involves the use of words or images or even the posture itself which we come to associate with a relaxed state (in NLP parlance, an ‘anchor’ to a particular mental state).
Guided visualisations are common to both, in particular the reference to archetypal symbols and colours.  These are known to have a profound impact on subconscious mind, in hypnotherapy terminology, or the subtle consciousness as yogis may describe it.
Repetition often plays a key role, whether in the form of mantra recitation while meditating or working through a particular sequence of events in hypnotherapy. Is meditation the same as hypnosis?  My answer these days is more along the lines: it depends! I would include in meditation we are not trying to attain anythings we are simply paying attention to what is…a non conceptual awareness. I completely agree that it really doesn’t matter what gets us on the cushion, if we are able to practice we become transformed.
When we see men of worth, we should think of equalling them; when we see men of a contrary character, we should turn inward and examine ourselves.
You won't look back on your life and think I wish I was thinner or I wish I weighed less. My teachings, products and my life are dedicated to offering you assistance in achieving all of your goals and succeeding both personally and professionally. My purpose in life is to guide you gently through the process of healing your total being - Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

My mission is to share with you the knowledge that will resolve present and future challenges that you may face throughout your life. Whether you are looking for classes, certifications, private sessions, products or a dynamic speaker for your next event, we offer all of these and more within the pages of the Self-Power web site. Mind Power"The Potential Of The Human Mind Is Subject To, And Limited Only By, Our Individual Beliefs or Un-belief As To Whether We Can Accomplish A Thing Or Not. Coupled with various self-motivation strategies, the power of the subconscious mind can help to advance your business and career, enrich your lifestyle, and help you to achieve other greater successes in life. Melatonin, produced in the pineal gland of the brain is an antioxidant, and a stress-relieving hormone that will help you to rest well when you lay at night to sleep. Other essential hormones that meditation stimulates are GABA (a mood stabilizer) and Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which improves organ and tissue health.
For instance, if you are having self-esteem issues, an affirmation like “I am as good as the rest” will work well for your situation. You are the Master of your own reality, and how you think makes a HUGE difference in the outcome of your life. Hypnosis is generally goal oriented one is often trying to achieve something from quitting smoking to living a healthier lifestyle, loosing weight. You will look back on the kind of person you were, how good you felt, how much time you spent with the people you love.
I am honored that you have chosen Self-Power to guide you on your journey of self discovery to bring Balance, Harmony and Peace into your life.
Next, write anything about the problem you are focusing on continuously for five or more minutes. Do things that matter, things that will make those better, and things that will make you better.

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