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Canfield and coauthors Mark Hansen and Les Hewitt recommend that we concentrate on our strengths, set goals, and focus on them. Long ago when I was a child, I purchased a large box of Crackerjacks and the prize within was a small plastic magnifying glass. Canfield, Hansen, and Hewitt recommend and then explain ten different strategies to develop and sustain successful habits, focus on strengths, see "The Big Picture," balance career with personal life, build excellent relationships with others, eliminate (or at least significantly reduce) fear and anxiety, ask for what you want (the authors provide a seven-point system to achieve prosperity), sustain consistent persistence, take decisive and appropriate action, and finally, how to simplify one's life without compromising one's purposes.
In their Final Words, the authors note that "there are no shortcuts to building a life of substance. I expected to read something that just taught me how to get more focused and thus perform better on a specific task. There are essentially two things that will make you wiser - The books you read and the people you meet. Chicken Soup for the Soul is a registered trademark of Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, LLC. Our speaker for our October breakfast is Paul Fuggle.Paul has over 19 years experience working in a wide range of business projects alongside SME owners and in multi-national corporations. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
We're generating custom event recommendations for you based on The Power of Focus right now! Sangat penting untuk kita belajar pada satu masa untuk memberikan segala tumpuan pemikiran, emosi, mata, telinga dan seluruh fizikal kita di dalam menjayakan SATU perkara yang penting. Semoga Allah swt jadikan kita di kalangan orang yang khusyuk dan sabar dalam solat di zaman solat semakin ditinggalkan. Semoga kita semua menjadi khusyuk dan sabar ketika solat dan dalam melakukan semua perkara!
I’m writing this email to share with you a powerful realization that I am sure can help you take your business to the next level.
The realization is that focus is likely the most powerful force that you can use to accelerate your business. In my recently updated post 13 Awesome Ways to Sharpen Your Focus I share an epic video that shows how a 10 foot lens can focus sunlight with such strength it reaches temperatures in excess of 3,500 degrees and can destroy any material.

Applying a similar laser like focus on improving the key metrics in your business can help you set your business growth on fire and destroy your competition. Focusing on building one or two core brands will enable you to grow a strong power base – instead of wasting your time with a handful of semi-powerful brands. Focus is so important is because competing on the Internet is very different from competing in your local market. There are over 2,405,518,376 people online and that number is growing every day so the potential for success online is amazing. The point I am driving at here is if you are going to compete in a market with billions of other people many of them are willing to commit and stay totally focused and the people who remain focused on their goals are often the same people who achieve massive success. If you fail to focus you will probably also fail to cut through the noise online and become a leader in your market. Hi, I'm Garin Kilpatrick: A father, web developer, blogger and bodybuilder currently living just north of Toronto in Canada. Canfield and Hansen created the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, which now has 27 titles and has sold 47.5 million copies.
Ada sesetengah orang, waktu solat adalah waktu yang dia akan ingat semua perkara kecuali Allah swt, walaupun mulutnya kumat kamit baca surah tetapi ia tidak dibuat secara sedar atau penuh tumpuan.
Jawapan saya yang bukan orang agama, ia adalah sebagaimana kita fokus main game tembak babi atau sekhusyuk kita tengok drama swasta pada waktu maghrib atau sekhusyuk kita layan message di WA atau selayan kita khusyuk tonton hindustan. They have added new ingredients to their pot; their mix now includes a weekly television show, electronic games, and even refrigerator magnets. You first set up the goals in your life, and solve the problem of how you may achieve them. If implemented effectively, the ten strategies can enable almost anyone to "hit" their business, personal, and financial "targets" and in many (if not most) instances "with absolute certainty." First, however, each reader must determine what her or his "targets" are.
The Power of Focus, 10th Anniversary Edition, a blockbuster from the coauthors of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul, is a practical no-nonsense guide that shows readers how to reach their business, personal and financial goals without getting burned out in the process.Canfield, Hansen, and Hewitt have taken the best ideas from their own successful careers (seventy-nine years of combined business expertise), and distilled them into ten powerful focused principles.
All the while, though, their basic stock has remained the same: inspirational, heartwarming, and homey stories that make people feel good. While this works most of the time in building software, I do not think that it does in real life.

With the authors' outstanding writing and story telling skills shown by the Chicken Soup series, in case you want to read a compleat self help book, you will be satisfied.
Now they detail 10 "focusing strategies" they say they used to get their first books published and to build on their success. The authors include new stories and their own personal anecdotes to show the importance of having successful habits, creating balance, maintaining confidence, building excellent relationships, etc.
On the other hand, normal beings like us are not trained to construct our lives in top down approach.
One problem I had with other books' top down approach was that I didn't feel comfortable in setting or writing down so-called "great ambitions". However, as the authors fully understand, replacing negative habits with successful habits is very difficult. How will you apply what you have learned between the covers of this book?" As suggested earlier, reading this this book reminded me of a large box of Crackerjacks. Get this book, but more importantly, read and apply what you learn, and you'll find that your career and life are measurably better as a result."- D. However, as the authors of this volume correctly point out, something else is also needed: focus. Both the box and the book offer the same "gift": an understanding and appreciation of the power of focus.
This book contains practical action steps to help you meet your business, personal and financial goals. This is not just a way to business or financial success but the blueprint for living a successful life.

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