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It is also believed that a healthy upbeat attitude can in itself mobilize and stimulate the body’s defenders.
Even though this concept may be difficult to believe, these studies in the mind-body connection are showing us that our minds play a major role in influencing our level of wellness.
The mind-body concept is defined as the interaction that takes place between our thoughts, our body and our external world.
PNI research is concerned with the subtle interactions between our nervous, endocrine and immune systems and disease. For example, if you are experiencing fear, anger or other emotions that may increase your stress level, then these unsettling thoughts are picked up by the brain.
Researchers are not only defining the intricacies of the mind-body connection, but also the effective “inner healing” methods such as relaxation techniques, mental imagery or visualization, and attitude adjustment exercises. An acute or prolonged tense state may cause the heart rate and blood pressure to increase, a dry mouth, enlarged pupils, sweaty palms, and fast shallow “chest” breathing. However, meditation is a powerful technique that guides you beyond the negative thoughts and agitations of the busy mind. Other studies have shown that practicing meditation on a regular basis helps relieve general fatigue, and the stress that can lead to heart attacks, strokes and hardening of the arteries.
The first step is the awareness that you are stuck in a pattern of worry, fear and tension – ”How do I feel and why?” It is essential to be honest about what you are feeling because feelings, including the negative ones, are just feelings – they are not right or wrong or good or bad. This entry was posted in Daily Attitude, Improve Your Life, Positive Fitness, Nutrition, and Health, Positive Health, Positive Mind and Wellness, Power of Positive Thinking, The Power of Positivity and tagged positive attitude, positive healing, positive thinking.
Research has shown that counseling in the form of cognitive behavioral therapy can provide effective relief for patients suffering from seasonal affective disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a form of psychotherapy where patients learn how to identify negative thoughts and behavioral patterns and replace them with more positive actions and concepts. By combining CBT with phototherapy, a depression disorder such as SAD is greatly minimized.
The second part of the therapy involves learning new skills and methods to cope with the depression and deal more positively with adverse behaviors and thoughts. Research shows that approximately 80% of SAD patients who receive both phototherapy and CBT see progress in their efforts toward overcoming the disorder.
Beat the winter blues - […] studies have introduced the SAD – adapted cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). DisclaimerThe information provided herein should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. By the same token, studies have also revealed that individuals with a positive attitude toward life tend to become sick less often than those with a negative attitude. The interaction between the different systems are complex but can be explained in a simplified manner.

The brain then stimulates the endocrine system of release hormones that have an adverse effect on the immune cell’s ability to divide.
Janice Kiecolt-Glaser and Ron Glaser of Ohio State University College of Medicine, compared blood tests for immune function of medical students during exams to baseline blood tests done one month prior to finals.
These methods will help keep the stress hormones in check so the immune system can function properly. Identification may be relatively easy, but elimination could be a challenge especially when the source is your job. However, slow, deep “abdominal” breathing helps break the tension cycle which enables body functions to return to normal.
Basically, it involves the power of your imagination using sights, sounds, feelings and smell to create a desired state in your mind. It is very important to emphasize that it is normal and natural to feel fear, anger and stress in life.
In the meantime, learning and practicing these methods will help you actively participate in your own healing process.
Therefore, the therapy allows the patient to counter his depression by responding more affirmatively. The initial part of therapy places an emphasis on identifying beliefs or thoughts that may be faulty or negative. However, it does offer a cure and solution that can last a lifetime when regularly practiced and applied. Therapists who advocate CBT treatment suggest that the best way to fight winter depression is to offset negative behaviors and feelings by planning a schedule that includes a series of enjoyable activities. A licensed medical professional should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions. PNI describes ways in which our emotions and attitude, both positive and negative, can affect our health and also the outcome of medical treatment.
This causes a decline in immune function which may result in your becoming more susceptible to illness. A decline was noted in: (1) natural killer T-cells which are responsible for fighting viruses and even attacking different kinds of tumors, including cancer (2) immune cells called Tlymphocytes (3) interferon, a component which supports and boosts immune function. Allowing yourself to take ten slow deep breaths at tense times, as well as throughout the day, will help you to stay loose and relaxed.
Learning and practicing stretch techniques in concert with deep breathing will help you release muscle tightness and tension. According to several scientists, the mind doesn’t differentiate between fears, fantasies and physical reality as we define it. When we remain in this frame of mind, we experience lack of control, hopelessness and helplessness.

This part of the process is referred to as functional analysis and helps the patient better understand how his thought patterns or beliefs are leading to behaviors that are contradictory or destructive. However, CBT is necessary if the patient wants to challenge and reverse the depressive thoughts that consistently plague him when he doesn’t use a form of phototherapy. By taking baby steps, so to speak, SAD patients can gradually work toward their objective of beating the winter blues once and for all. Links to other sites are provided for information only — they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites. Sandra Levy at the University of Pittsburgh’s Cancer Institute found that women who were more depressed had lower natural killer cell activity than those with a hopeful, positive outlook. Relaxation, including deep breathing, muscle stretching and meditation, will help you practice safer stress. Therefore, as you continuously visualize a positive healing image, you may significantly contribute to your own well-being. One of the studies involved the practice of Transcendental Meditation in patients with hypertension.
The question is how do we shift back into positive feelings, hope and being in charge again?
Affirming powerful positive statements of a desired state will fill up that space inside of you. While light therapy is an effective cure in and of itself, it still does not provide total relief for the winter blues unless it is combined with a program of therapeutic counseling, such as is offered by CBT. Such activities can include ice skating, cross-country skiing, taking a hot cocoa break, attending a dog-sled race, or photographing the winter landscape. It was also noted that the women who had experienced a great deal of joy and happiness in their lives also had a higher survival rate. These patients sat quietly for 20 minutes twice a day, before breakfast and dinner and repeated a special word, or mantra, silently to themselves, allowing their thoughts to come and go.
Carl Simonton and Stephanie Matthews- Simonton, authors of Getting Well Again, encourage their cancer patients to visualize their cancer as broken up hamburger meat and their white blood cells as dogs devouring the hamburger.
For example, if you believe you heal slowly, then your affirmation would be “I heal rapidly”. The patients who practiced this in conjunction with their medical treatment lived twice as long as patients who only received conventional treatment. Benson observed a significant drop in their blood pressure from borderline high to normal range.

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