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Level 2, the more mature way to provide positive criticism, involves providing enough detail so that the person being criticized ends up knowing what is viewed favorably and it avoids giving too much positive criticism for minor efforts. Level 3 individuals seek to provide positive criticism in a manner similar to the level 2 individuals but first consider the situation, the person who is the target of the positive criticism and others who are likely to hear about the criticism. When Nate provides Teddy with a Q score of 96 and Francis a score of 93, these are pretty positive ratings.  But because Nate provides a higher score to Teddy in front of Francis, a conflict begins to erupt. As I pointed out above, in addition to considering the situation in which positive criticism is provided, it is also important to consider the person whom you wish to provide positive criticism before deciding on how to provide the criticism. Let’s take a little time to practice using this three-point providing positive criticism rating system. Here’s a little tricky one.  In the last panel of the below comic, Quill provides Luann some positive criticism.  Would you say it is at level 1, 2, or 3? In this Big Nate comic, the principal provides Nate with some positive criticism.  Do you think the principal’s comment best matches the level 1, 2, or 3 description?

Jeffrey Rubin grew up in Brooklyn, received his PhD from the University of Minnesota and has taught conflict resolution there as well as at a psychiatric clinic, a correctional facility and a number of public schools. I appreciate all the examples you described with comics to make your lessons lighter and funner, and thus easier to retain. Get the free short E-book that uses popular comic strips to illustrate easy strategies for handling difficult situations. This permits readers to catch up on some ideas that were presented earlier and to move through all of the ideas in a systematic fashion to develop their emotional intelligence. Godfrey is very sensitive about being laughed at.  Now that Nate has learned this, in the future, whenever Nate wants to provide positive criticism to Mrs.
Horner makes it clear that she thinks Luann is sweet for “taking her to the store” this type of communication, as a general rule, is less likely to lead to confusion and doubts.
Godfrey, he would be wise to take her sensitivity about being laughed at into consideration and avoid any sounds that might come across as a laugh.

I would recommend it to anyone that wants to improve workplace relationships.One tip given by the author is to use “could” instead of “should”.
Telling someone they “should” have done xyz makes their course of action appear to be incorrect.Another tip that I've attempted take into consideration is to criticize the criticism. The book includes a four step method to put the criticize the criticism tip into action.A technique I intend to try is presenting criticism in the form of a question. This method is recommended for people that may respond defensively, but it’s important to know how to use the method appropriately.
You can see how asking, “Why did you provide me with inaccurate data?” will get you totally different response than asking, “Can you please provide the sources for the data?”This book helped me depersonalize many of the workplace critiques I’ve received because I realized that many people do not know how to criticize positively.

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