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It’s a common misconception that athletes cannot eat a plant-based diet, because it does not provide the protein they need. I’ve introduced the Glowing Green Smoothie™ to Dave Bolland of the Stanley-Cup Champions the Chicago Blackhawks, and he has subsequently spread it through the Blackhawks. Football players are renowned for their consumption of meat; however, quarterback Joe Namath was a vegetarian while he played football, as was Rams defensive end, Fred Dryer.
While it’s true that serious athletes do have different nutrition requirements than casual and non-athletes, that does not mean performance suffers with a plant-based diet. Athletes may wish to eat foods that stick with them longer on the day of athletic performance.
Because athletic performance does require more energy, eating calorically dense foods can help meet those energy needs. During the event, take in plenty of fluids to replace those lost through sweat and respiration.
Depending on when you work out, plan an additional meal that is high in vegetables and the more calorically dense foods plant foods listed above. Great question, as I too am always struggling to maintain my weight, let alone gain it in a healthy manner.
I found your article regarding plant based diet for athletes interesting, although I was surprised that you mentioned not drinking water 60 minutes before or after a meal for better digestion. I myself can approve that it’s better not to drink during or 60 minutes after a meal but I think that 20 minutes before a meal would be alright as water leaves the stomach after 20 minutes. However when I wake up, I try to drink as much as possible throughout the morning and have my breakfast 2-4 hours later. Amazing article especially since I have just decided to start working out again starting next week. I have the same health issues you mention here, and eventually was encouraged by a nutritionist to have my copper levels tested.
And since spirilina is also a protein does that mean I shouldn’t use it in my glowing green smoothie? I’ve been doing intense cardio and exercise classes and have been wanting to eat well and gain weight as I was under weight with a high body fat content. I just want to let you know that I really appreciate what you do, and enjoy your knowledge.
I was expecting to see a list of endurance athletes, but was surprised to see football players mentioned!
A devoted yogini and global adventurer, Kimberly embarked on a 3-year around the world journey.
I eat a whole foods Plant-Based diet with 80+% of my calories coming from unrefined carbohydrates, mainly fruit and vegetables.
Everything has improved since dropping the acidic foods like meat, dairy, and processed foods.. 5)Please tell us about the change in energy (feeling energised) that you feel from going plant based. 6) What advice would you give to those who have a hard time resisting to junk food cravings?
Pro-bowl tight-end Tony Gonzales is a strict vegan, as is Heisman Trophy Winner and NFL athlete Ricky Williams. In fact, fat metabolism accounts for around 50 percent of energy in the early stages of athletic performance, and as much as 75 percent during sustained activity extending beyond 90 minutes. Athletes probably only need about 10 to 12 percent of their calories from protein to support muscle.
In Plants, grains, nuts, legumes, and seeds all contain significant levels of quality proteins.
Eat about an hour per 200 calories before a serious workout or event in order to allow your body to fully digest and absorb the foods you eat. Eat a meal high in complex carbohydrates with adequate protein, such as quinoa and vegetables. In fact, I believe that eating in such a manner will improve athletic performance, taking you to new levels. Meat and dairy products will actually make your body feel sluggish and are not a source of fuel.
Also, can I use the green tops of organic veggies such as beets and carrot tops in the shake since I hate wasting the tops of these awesome veggies?

It has given me so much energy that my friends have been asking and wondering where I get all of my energy from. Im almost vegan and been trying to keep on track, slowly working my way up to premium health and you book has really helped me! I cannot find almond milk nearby, also, when I go home my mum cooks for me – and she does things like salmon with brown rice, ie. I also add ground flaxseed and spirulina along with blueberries and strawberries to my glowing green smoothie.
I’m not an athlete, but I exercise quite intensely for 1 hour, 6 days a week, and have low protein. A few months ago I discovered your book and made the switch from eating a bodybuilder diet (5 meals a day, protein in each meal) to a nearly vegan diet (no dairy, I eat animal proteins 3 times a week). Go to an actual doctor ( not someone on the internet) and have your iron, b12 and zinc levels tested. During this period she learned health and beauty secrets that would become the foundation of her philosophy. Growing up playing competitive sports,  he always thought he was eating well and living a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t until 2011 that he began to really understand proper nutrition. I eat 3-4 times per day and consume around 3,000 calories a day, I weigh around 140 pounds(63kg).
My recovery is better than ever, I rarely get sore, and my cardiovascular endurance is better than ever rolling at almost 40 years old.
I’ve actually dropped my protein to well under 10% of my calories and have never felt better. Instead of eating unrefined carbs before they get hungry during the day they binge on refined junk food carbs packed with fat and chemicals. They may also have slightly higher protein requirements; however, all of these needs can be met with a plant-based diet.
According to Colorado State University, athletes make the most significant performance gains from stored carbohydrates. The body stores extra protein as fat, which is then converted to fuel during athletic performance. If you are concerned about getting adequate protein for athletic performance from a plant-based diet, then eat the following foods, which are excellent plant-based protein sources.
For example, if you eat an 600 calorie breakfast, do so about three hours before exercising. Bananas or other easily digestible fruits are perfect for this purpose, because they resupply carbohydrates but won’t weigh you down.
I am so glad to have run across your website and now I can get my body truly healthy, thank you for this great article, will definately follow. He’s a professional ironman triathlete and a two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon champion. I like the vegan line especially the protein bars with savi seeds and the vega one nutritional shake. I have two questions: Is there anything I can substitute for bananas in your green smoothy? I was just talking to someone at work today that knows I’m reading your book and eating from the book. Since there are others who had questions about some of these added ingredients, it would be great if you could share your insight. I got into it when I was getting ready for my wedding and since then everyone has been saying how healthy and trim I’ve become.
It talks about 2 different teams, the Kings team and the Servants team, the Kings team wanted to compete against the Servants team to see who was the most athletic and the most physically fit of them. The one thing that has really messed up my body was the abuse I took on stimulant laxatives. Kimberly is very passionate about supporting you in your personal journey to reach your full potential and live a life filled with joy, peace and beauty. After watching a documentary, “Forks Over Knives”, he began to seek real answers through reading, research, and experimentation with his own diet.
That book and several scientific journal articles got me to get off meat and dairy completely.
Excess animal protein can actually cause several problems including cancer promotion, liver and kidney disorders, digestive problems, calcium deficiencies, and other mineral imbalances.

Universe, when he won his final title he had been eating vegan for two years and still managed to pack on muscle, showing the incorrectness of the belief that bodybuilders need animal protein to build muscle. This macronutrient provides nearly 50 percent of the energy an athlete uses during the early stages of exercise. Unfortunately, when many athletes hear they need “high-quality protein,” they translate this as meaning protein from animal sources. I recommend a Glowing Green Smoothie, which will give you tremendous energy, followed by some soaked oat groats.
Recently, I have been adding a handful of blueberries and strawberries into my smoothie–is this okay, or combining this with the apple, pear, and banana adding too much sugary fruits in the morning.
I even followed it while on my honeymoon in Mexico and it was so nice enjoying all the veggies and amazing fruits instead of our usual resort choices, carbs, sauces and meats Taking the chlorella tablets helped!
So, I think it would be really hard to do the GGS before my workout.I do get hungry sometimes during or right after. The Kings team would always feast on lots of red meats and breads and some vegetables and the Servants team mostly had plant based diets. I have your chia seed pudding (with 1.5-2 tbs of chia seeds) with lunch or dinner or as an afternoon snack before my workout. My digestion is something that has improved drastically with the elimination of acidic foods and the excess consumption of fiber and simple sugars through fruit.
By keeping your fat intake low and adding these simple sugars your mood and energy will improve, and you’ll also find yourself not craving junk food at the end if the day. When carbohydrates, which come from plants, legumes, and whole grains, are consumed, the body breaks it down and stores it in the muscles as glycogen. Also, I have a real intolerance to nuts- do you think I can still get the protein I need in my diet without nut-based products?
Just some suggestions I thought might help, or atleast set you on the right path for solving these issues.
Im always in a rush in the morning, come home too tired from work all day to prep up the following day. I would normally take a shaker bottle with me to the gym, and make the vegan, Vega Sport Protien shake, that has amino acids and glutamine added. The Servants team then accepted the challenge and wanted to prove to the Kings team that you can be more physically fit and stronger with a plant based diet than the Kings team diet. I cannot buy hemp in Oz, so just wondering if you think I’m having enough protein, without the added hemp? Is there any suggestion you could make to help my body get back into it’s natural rhythm? He has more energy now when training (7-10 times per week) at age 39 than he’s ever have. When exercise begins, the body uses oxygen to convert that glycogen back into glucose, which supplies energy. Animal protein creates acidity, which actually hampers bodily processes and can lead to joint issues, stiffness and many health issues for the long-term.
Drink plenty of water before and during exercise to stay hydrated, as well, although you should not drink for about 60 minutes before or after eating in order to enhance digestion.
However, I noticed that I was taking in an alarmingly low amount of calories (around 1198). Stored carbohydrates last approximately 90 minutes before the body needs replenishment, which is why many athletes consume carbohydrates during events of longer duration.
Plant-based protein, on the other hand, is non-acidic, allowing the body to function better and generate oxygen within the cells. I started logging what I ate to make sure I would get enough, but I always end up with around 1500, which is still 100 less than the amount of calories recommended for me in a weight loss stage.
I am not sure if the shake is the best thing to have according to the Detox order…it should be greens or fruit first.

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