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When it comes to achieving total body health and wellness, there are many different eating plans to consider.
The World Health Organization (WHO) just released study findings which correlate eating red meat (especially processed red meat) with specific types of cancer; namely colorectal, pancreatic and prostate. Plant-based diets are so beneficial when it comes to blood sugar control that the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine suggests that people who struggle with type 2 diabetes “avoid animal-derived products” entirely.
Many people who have switched to a plant-based diet have reported positive results when it comes to their complexion.
If you find that you struggle with going to the bathroom, a plant-filled diet can often help thanks to the high fiber content of these types of foods. Now that you know all of the ways eating a plant-based diet can benefit you, all you have to do is stock up and add them to your meal plan. 1 email every 2 weeks for the yoga community in Seattle & beyond with our best articles, the most interesting upcoming events, the latest jobs and tons of other goodness. It prevents and reverses disease.  Tons of research has found that plant-based diets prevent a wide array of diseases from cancer to diabetes. It helps build strong bones. A cup of collard greens has 350 milligrams of calcium and a cup of milk has 250 milligrams. It helps prevent arthritis. Arthritis is caused by inflammation in the joints and anti-inflammatory diets can usually reduce the symptoms. It helps you lose weight. If you want to efficiently fuel your body, go for plant foods in their whole form. It leads to clearer skin. You will be astonished by the benefits your skin will reap from going on a plant-based diet. So, obviously switching to a plant-based diet is a huge adjustment, but if you’re constantly finding yourself at the doctor or you just want to feel healthier overall, it’s definitely an option to consider! If you’ve already made the switch to a plant-based diet, let me know how your body handled it and what you thought!
For about 1 year I have been increasingly more passionate about the connection between nutrition and athletic performance. I can’t pinpoint which benefits I experienced with each dietary change but I can say without a doubt that with each challenge I experienced an increase of existing benefits as well as new benefits.
Thats great this is working for you and you have felt and overall improvement in all areas of your life and health.
I try and lean more and more towards a clean eating diet and over the last year we’ve made many improved substitutions in the pantry and fridge. I currently eat mostly vegetarian but love sushi Otherwise most of my diet is plant based. Dairy was one the things the doc said people should consider eliminating whether vegetarian or not. Hey Jill, I just saw where you linked this post on my vegetarian question on the HBBC facebook page. A new study shows that a plant-based diet benefits cholesterol levels, blood pressure readings, and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
Whenever I have considered going vegetarian or vegan, I have always decided against it for one simple reason: I enjoy meat, from roasted chicken to the occasional steak, to fresh salmon.
While I believe that for me personally, the meat I eat in moderation is part of a nutritious and healthy diet, a vegan diet has a long list of health benefits for those that are dedicated enough to follow it.
A study following 1,475 people who ranged from vegan to vegetarian to all-out meat-eaters found that vegans had a lower intake of cholesterol, total fat, saturated fat, and sodium, and higher intake of dietary fiber and polyunsaturated fat compared to those on an omnivorous diet. As vegans tend towards healthier consumption of many nutrients, such as lower cholesterol and higher fiber intake, it is not surprising that these trends often translate into improved health. Both groups showed improvements, but those on the vegan, low-fat diet had improvements in nine factors while those on the American Heart Association diet improved in only four.
These numerous plant-based diet benefits for your health might inspire you to try a vegan diet for you and your family.
Tagged with Are Nuts Good for You or an Unhealthy Indulgence?, BMI, cardiovascular, cholesterol chart, colorful plate nutrition, fiber, natural cholesterol control, nutrition, nuts, obesity, plant based diet benefits, polyunsaturated fat, quinoa, Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease by Taking a Daily Supplement, vegan, Vegan Pumpkin Pie, vegetables, walnuts. Although, eating meat has been the easiest choice for being hypoglycemic, I would appreciate the merits of a more plant based diet and will consider trying to alternate my diet every other day with vegan meals.
First Lady Michelle Obama stated, “Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are all diet-related health issues.” By adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet, these health issues can be greatly diminished or even reversed. One of the biggest questions concerning going vegan or vegetarian is where will my protein come from?
It is important to note that one thing you cannot get from a plant-based diet is the required amount of B12. According to Lori Robin Wilson, a certified Whole Food Plant-Based chef, “Going vegan has made me feel connected to all living things. To learn more about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet, check out the documentary Forks Over Knives, Alicia Silverstone’s book The Kind Diet, and Kris Carr’s website.
Opt for 100% pure maple syrup, date paste, or date syrup when applicable instead of agave, coconut nectar, or honey and (mineral-rich) blackstrap molasses if the strong taste works in a particular recipe. Since chocolate typically contains sugar, you can opt to omit these from a recipe or you can swap it out for grain-sweetened chocolate chips, cacao powder, cacao nibs, or raw cacao paste instead to avoid all sugar. Food tastes more fabulous when it is all thrown together (or politely placed strategically) into a big bowl and perhaps drizzled with a sauce. The most powerful inspiration to eat more veggies (and love them, too) is a delicious dressing or sauce. Written by Elena WilkinsWhile the world is still debating the validity, advantages and practicality of a plant based diet, each month I see people successfully completing my Body by Plants program and reaping enormous health benefits–most in quite a short period of time. Today, in addition to the health benefits I just mentioned, I am going to tell you about 13 more health benefits a plant based diet can offer*, one of which you will find especially intriguing and endearing–a plant based diet can make a man more attractive to the opposite sex! Plant based diet followers (vegans) have a lower prevalence of hypertension and lower systolic and diastolic blood pressures than meat eaters. Plant based diet eaters (vegans) have lowest weight gain over a span of few years compared to meat eaters.
Plant based diet (vegan) offers additional protection for obesity, hypertension, type-2 diabetes, and cardiovascular mortality, some cancers and total mortality.
Vegan (plant based) diets are associated with lower HDL-C (high density lipoprotein-cholesterol) and TG (triglycerides) levels in pre- and post-menopausal women. A low-fat plant-based diet improves hormone health and relieves PMS: it was associated with increased serum sex-hormone binding globulin concentration and reductions in body weight, dysmenorrhea duration and intensity, and premenstrual symptom duration.
Are any of these health benefits catching your eye and inspiring you to give plant based diet a go?
While any change can seem scary and daunting, a transition to a plant based diet, which offers so many health benefits, does not have to be.

Any big transition, such as changing your diet, involves planning, finding support and getting proper guidance. Three years ago I developed an online program, called Body by Plants, which teaches people from all walks of life how to shift from a Standard American Diet (and the likes of it) to life saving, health promoting, whole foods, plant based diet.
As a part of the program, participants get me as their guide, I provide support, including an accountability partner, and a thorough diet plan. To learn more about the program and to secure your spot for the upcoming month, click on this link: Body by Plants program. Shay CM, Stamler J, Dyer AR, Brown IJ, Chan Q, Elliott P, Zhao L, Okuda N, Miura K, Daviglus ML, Van Horn L.
Barnard ND, Scialli AR, Bertron P, Hurlock D, Edmonds K, Talev L.Effectiveness of a low-fat vegetarian diet in altering serum lipids in healthy premenopausal women. However, while some are good for your heart and others are good for other organs, very few offer a plan that benefits your entire body. Therefore, eliminating (or at least severely restricting) these animal-based foods from your diet can potentially reduce your risk of developing one of these cancerous conditions. They also recommend eating low fat when it comes to plant-based foods, which means cutting out vegetable oil and choosing options high in fiber. For instance, in a post on New Beauty, one woman shared how eating primarily plants helped improve the appearance of her skin. News and Health Report points to the fact that several pieces of research have linked eating a lot of plant-based foods with a lower body weight, especially when compared to people who tend to eat a lot of meat. The one word of caution is that suddenly eating a lot of plants when your body isn’t used to them can make you extremely gassy. Michael Greger shares how eating a plant-based diet can help prevent vision issues such as age-related macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma, and cataracts. She also can't get enough of Aziz Ansari's new show, Master of None, along with her long podcast queue. Veggies, fruits, beans, and legumes are great, low-calorie foods that fill you up and supply your body with beneficial nutrients. If you go for plant-based and drop the dairy and eggs from your diet, you’ll likely see that your allergies improve drastically. Some popular plant-based diets are: Mediterranean, Flexitarian, Ornish, Traditional Asian, Vegetarian, Anti-inflammatory, Engine 2, Vegan, Eco-Atkins, Macrobiotic and Raw Food. There is something about a challenge that just about makes it impossible for me not to give it 100%.
I have also made other changes in my life that, most likely, contributed to the success of finding my nutritional self, but, in my opinion, it is highly unlikely that I would have been as successful without making the diet changes.
It takes less time to recover from exercise and the sore muscles and lack of energy have significantly decreased.
I sleep more sound and I wake up feeling more rested without increasing the number of hours of sleep. I haven’t had to take over the counter meds for any digestion discomfort in over 2 months.
I have run 6 half marathons, a distance PR of 31 miles, a 10K PR, a 5K PR, ran races on consecutive days, and have already run as many, if not more, races this year than I did in all of 2011.
You can access healthy living resources such as The Essential Kitchen Guide for Healthy Living and A Beginner's Guide To Menu Planning and Meal Prep with Menu Planning Templates. I felt like I was eating enough but a few days of logging calories I realized I wasn’t. Right now learning what to eat while struggling with a health condition can be very hard, but each day, each time I try something new I know I am getting closer and I am really excited about the new adventure I will be trying out in July 20th.. I recently cut out gluten and dairy and feel so much better: less headaches, more energy, less aches and GI issues. I already avoid many animal products like dairy and eggs, and much of my diet already is plant-based, but I am not sure I could give up meat entirely. Some of these differences were particularly striking; for example, sodium intake in vegans was less than half of that for people who were eating meat.
Obesity, even in childhood, can significantly impact your risk for developing heart disease later in life. After four weeks, the plant-based diet group showed significantly reduced BMI, systolic blood pressure, weight, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, insulin levels, markers of heart disease like high sensitivity C reactive protein, and more. Appropriate food choices, such as those rich in calcium, protein, and vitamin B12, with supplementation if necessary, can help to reduce the risk of becoming deficient in vital nutrients. Try these substitutions for egg and dairy and recipes like this delicious quinoa salad or this scrumptious vegan pumpkin pie. Although I do add meat into many of my meals (usually only dinner, I eat mostly plant-based breakfasts and lunches), I also like to make many vegan recipes to include in my diet.
They like to remind others about the animals that died for the burger being consumed, or they claim that they have not been sick in more than two years. Oreos are vegan and have trans fats, which are animal fats and plant oils put into foods to give them a longer shelf-life. However, this can be supplemented via B12 shots from your doctor or by taking a supplement.
This has made me more compassionate and empathetic, but also non-judgmental of how others are doing their own paths. Opting for whole grain flours, whole food sweeteners, and oil-free options enables infinite versatility for wholesome, healthy deliciousness! Use them as treats only, especially if you are trying to lose weight, maintain weight loss, or if you are dealing with a health condition.
Since veggies have the most nutritional bang for their caloric buck compared to all other foods, any excuse to eat more is a health-promoting win-win. Unlike veggies, oil is the most calorie-dense food, offering upwards of 2000 calories and 216 grams of fat per cup!
Then I will tell you how you can begin your journey to better health, joining myself and thousands of others. Please share this post with people you care about–let’s make this world a healthier place, one person at a time!
Hypertension and blood pressure among meat eaters, fish eaters, vegetarians and vegans in EPIC-Oxford. Weight gain over 5 years in 21,966 meat-eating, fish-eating, vegetarian, and vegan men and women in EPIC-Oxford. Nutrition and lifestyle in relation to bowel movement frequency: a cross-sectional study of 20630 men and women in EPIC-Oxford. Veganism is a viable alternative to conventional diet therapy for improving blood lipids and glycemic control.

Plant compared with marine n-3 fatty acid effects on cardiovascular risk factors and outcomes: what is the verdict? Vegan diet and blood lipid profiles: a cross-sectional study of pre and postmenopausal women.
Chan School of Public Health has also reported that eating red meat can contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease.
Another post on Intent Blog revealed how one woman reversed her skin condition (melasma) by cutting meats and dairy out of her diet completely. This is good news if you’re looking to shed a few pounds, because primarily eating plants is one way to achieve that goal.
Therefore, you’re better off increasing your fiber intake slowly so that you avoid these bothersome and sometimes embarrassing issues. Non-dairy milk, like almond milk, is fortified with up to 50% more calcium than dairy milk.
Some of the best are leafy greens, flax, chia, raw walnuts, and vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamins A and C.
In a nutshell - I'm fun sized, overly-energetic, addicted to coffee, have a dangerous obsession with online shopping, love a good bottle of red wine, am convinced I will be the First Lady one day (Jackie O is my idol and inspiration) and am always finding myself in interesting, crazy situations. So, I used that premise in my search for  optimal health and fitness and lifelong wellness. I’m talking headaches so bad my only option was to be taken to the emergency room for relief. I think this goes back to all of the above benefits and progress and the desire to experience the feeling of success again and again. I would like to try your juicing challenge, that sounds like something that isn’t too daunting for me since it is only 1 meal a day.
A 2015 study assigned children with obesity and one of their parents to eat either a plant-based diet or the American Heart Association diet.
I like things like black bean burgers, quinoa salads, chickpea falafel, and other hearty vegan recipes for dinner. Readers are advised to consult their own appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.
No limitations exist for the potential creativity and nutritional aptitude you can display via this mode of feasting. Because it is more challenging to find bottled oil-free dressings at the store, I love whipping up a simple and quick recipe at home, storing it in an airtight container in the fridge, and using it all week.
However, your body has  less trouble breaking down plant-based foods due to their high vitamin, mineral, fiber, protein, and natural sugar content that your body uses for energy.
I'm both editor and a contributor for Sarah Scoop and I'll keep you up to date with the latest news & tips on health and smartphone technology! Just over 1 year ago I challenged myself to eliminate all processed foods from my diet for 30 days.
I typically do kale or spinach smoothies for breakfast about 3-4 days a week and it has been life changing for me (energy, mood, etc.).
Those on the plant-based diet avoided all animal products as well as any added fat, and were instructed to have a limited intake of nuts and avocado.
A plant-based diet can do more than help someone lose weight and cause minimal harm to animals. Most people actually get too much protein in their diets via unhealthy sources, such as red meat. If you need help with meal planning or transitioning to a plant-based diet, contact me for nutrition counseling or my other nutrition services that I offer.
Considering the fact that a three-ounce portion is roughly the size of a bar of soap, it doesn’t take much to do some real harm to your heart and cardiovascular system. Many people with depression have also found a difference in their moods after switching to plant-based. They completely change the way your body works because they have no cholesterol and help remove all cholesterol and toxins from the body (If you have cholesterol problems, definitely consider a plant-based diet. Animal foods contain harmful bacterias and toxins that are produced during production and negatively effect your digestive tract.
It really helps me to sleep at night, not have that 3 o’clock slump, and to maintain an overall happier mood during the day! In fact, I think I may drop a supplement from my joints from my vitamin regime after this month to see if I still need it. I eat a large green salad with a wide variety of veggies with almost every dinner I prepare. Eating healthy foods such as legumes (beans), nuts, soy, peas, and quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) will give you just the right amount of protein needed.
I’ve never been a good cook, but after six months in a plant-based course, I learned how to create magical meals using only whole food plant materials.
But plant-based diets are not the same as vegan diets. To get an in-depth explanation of the difference, click here. The hormones in dairy, eggs, and meet trigger inflammation that leads to fatigue and sluggishness. It has been found that those who switch to this type of eating lower their cholesterol by over half in just a month). In the documentary Forks Over Knives, it suggests that the high cholesterol medication, Lipitor, is the most prescribed drug in the world. Food that can sit in your cupboard for years, such as chips, soups, and cookies, are not good for you. After a lengthy discussion with my internal medicine physician  blood was drawn to test for thyroid levels and vitamin deficiencies. People in America are arguably sicker and more obese than any other country in the world while paying more for healthcare.
And I feel a part of the cycle of life in positive ways—I grow plants, I harvest and cook them, I put the scraps in my worm bin, I harvest the compost and feed my plants! One month later I started a 30-Day Vegetarian [Lacto] Challenge and after that my latest challenge (started on May 29), 30 days of a plant based gluten free diet. We also discussed things like getting enough protein, carbs, calories and drinking enough water.
So, for 3 days I’m tracking tracking calories consumed along with water intake, and grams of proteins and carbs.

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