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If you have a wheat allergy I recommend you remove the oatmeal and pancakes from the Meal Plan and replace them with Baked Potatoes and Veggie Breakfast Stir-Frys.
Here is the Free Printable Shopping List for The Cheapest Plant-Base Meal Plan Ever (Fall Edition).
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October: I took the month of October off from Meal Planning and participated in the Vegan Month of Food. This weeks plant-based meal plan will be perfect for beginners just starting to transition to a plant-based diet. Tip: Make extra food at dinner time, doubling a recipe if necessary, to have leftovers the next day at lunch. You’ll notice that almost all of the dinner recipes contain beans, grains and veggies. Posted in Appearances, Featured, Nutrition, Social and Environmental Issues, What Would Julieanna Do? Tagged diet, eat plants, health, Julieanna Hever, macronutrients, nutrients, nutrition, plant sources protein, plant-based, plant-based protein, protein, vegan. Tagged ask the dietitian, carbohydrates, carbos, carbs, CHO, complex carbs, eat plants, fiber, health promoting, intact, Julieanna Hever, macronutrients, plant-based, plant-based dietitian, processed, refined, starch, sugar, What Would Julieanna Do?, What Would Julieanna Do? Tagged conventional, conventionally grown, diet, farm, Food, genetically modified, genetically modified organisms, GMO, health, healthy food, nutrition, organic, organicallt grown, plant-based, produce, What Would Julieanna Do? Tagged blending, eat plants, fruits and vegetables, green juice, green smoothies, health, healthy, juice, juices, juicing, Julieanna Hever, nutrients, nutrition, plant-based, plant-based dietitian, smoothies, What Would Julieanna Do?, What Would Julieanna Do? Tagged allergies, allergy, ask the dietitian, celiac disease, gluten, gluten intolerance, gluten-free, health, Julieanna Hever, nutrition, plant-based, What Would Julieanna Do? Help people realise that a meal can be complete, and DELICIOUS, without a mandatory slab of meat on the side.
Many of my clients participated in meat free week (as a bit of homework from myself) and on the whole, most really enjoyed the challenge.
I personally have been dabbling in vegetarian eating over the past month or two. Pesco-lacto-ovo vegetarianism to be exact. Lacto-ovo-vegetarian: includes dairy foods, eggs, or both, but no red meat, poultry or seafood. As you can gather from the above information, there are many benefits of eating a plant based diet, but, like with any eating plan, it is important that it is well planned to ensure nutritional needs are met.

Please remember that this information is in no way intended to advocate for a solely vegetarian diet.
Congratulations for taking your health, happiness, and the world’s wellbeing into your own hands. First, if you haven’t already, sign The Plant-Based Challenge Pledge, read and sign here. See our exercise videos here and learn more about Yoga and how it can help reduce stress, balance your life and improve your health from Certified Yoga Teacher, Phoebe Chongchua here.
Watch this video for a Guided Meditation of 10 affirmations that enhance inner and outer wellbeing and harmony in your life. I haven’t kept a food budget in over a year, because a huge portion of our income goes to food.
We often spend much more than $55 but I know we could cut back on some things to get it lower. Every Monday I post a new meal plan for the week (plus some random meal plans every now and then). I have leftover oatmeal in the refrigerator right now but will also cook it in the mornings. I’m planning to make a batch of Jalapeno Hummus to eat with raw veggies for snack and to fill out my lunches. Transfer to an airtight container or zipper-lock bag and store for up to 3 months at room temperature, or 6 months in the refrigerator.
Meat free Week is all about encouraging us to slow down on our meat eating ways and turn our attention toward increasing intake of plant based foods. While not everyone completely eliminated meat for the week, the act of simply reducing their meat intake still had a huge impact.
Meaning I still eat fish, seafood, eggs and dairy but am cutting out (mostly) all other forms of meat.
Most vegans usually also avoid honey, gelatine and other products that have involved animals. My research into the health benefits of a plant based diet led me to decide upon the pesco-lacto-ovo option. I can most definitely see the health benefits (and other benefits) of eating small amounts of meat.
As an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD), Accredited Nutritionist (AN), Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), Exercise Scientist, Personal Trainer and Health Coach, you can be assured of professional, individual and evidence-based care. We offer a week’s worth of suggested whole food, plant-based meals to get you started.
Food prices vary by area but these meals use ingredients that are generally inexpensive, seasonal (for Fall) and available in most places.

I even included what I consider to be luxury items like tortillas and bread, if you omit them you could spend less than $50. For me, it’s an area where I refuse to compromise and eating at home is always cheaper (and healthier) than eating out. If you are making the transition to a plant-based diet and you feel hungry all the time you’ll probably go back to your old habits. The pigments that compose the colors in fruits and vegetables are powerful phytochemicals that will enhance immune function and keep you healthy with the fewest calories. My rationale for doing this is varied and incorporates many of the usual reasons why people embark on a vegetarian diet.
It is such a vast topic and there is so much I want to share but I thought rather than bombard you I would just start off with a few small tid-bits of information to get you interested.
That way I am still getting B12 from the dairy and eggs, Omega-3 from the fish and seafood and iron, zinc, protein and calcium are slightly easier to obtain. If we could simply begin to reduce the amount of meat we are eating however, I think the planet and our health would be thankful. If you enjoy this post and want me to elaborate in following posts please just let me know. I am sure however that if I change my mind down the track I will still be able to meet all nutritional needs – perhaps just with a bit more planning and a little more soaking! For example, if you can’t tolerate gluten I recommend you skip the bread, pancakes and oats since the specialty (gluten-free) versions will cost more.
Maintain your fitness routine or even up the ante by moving more to stay healthy and keep your metabolism functioning optimally.
I haven’t been super strict over the past few months and have still eaten meat on the odd occasion, only time will tell if I remain semi-flexible or go the whole hog so to speak.
Either way, I have enjoyed my first few months of plant based eating and have most certainly become a more creative cook over this time too.
I have felt better, been a lot more regular (if you know what I mean!?), and even lost a couple of kilo’s.
We don’t eat a lot of oranges at our house but they are fairly inexpensive in our area now so I included them.

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