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August 23, 2014 By Aimee 2 Comments some days i awake with fresh eagerness to embrace the day. Part of a Good Financial Planning is planning well and early for your retirement and a good rule of thumb of starting your retirement planning can be well around your mid 20s as you may have started working by then and have the means to start saving.
Once you have your figures ready, head over to the CPF Board’s Retirement Savings Interactive Calculator to get a rough feel how much you need to start saving now to hit your desired retirement income.
Hmmm… and seems like I do have to start saving like $600 per month for the next 37 years in order to achieve my desired monthly retirement income of $2000. My return of investment would be an average of 5% from a combination of both my Endowment and Investment-linked plans. The inflation I assumed is also at the rate of 2% p.a which, if you do not know what it means, is that prices of stuff will get more expensive by 2% each year for the same amount of money that I currently have. If you have committed to some forms of regular savings either with a Bank or Insurance Company or into Stocks, do continue to do so.
If you do have the figures to the above, you can start using them for your calculation to give you a better gauge as to what is really needed. If you feel yourself in a loss, it’s advisable to find yourself a good Financial Adviser whereby both of you can sit down together to discuss on how to plan for your retirement.
Retirement Planning is part of a good Financial Planning process and it’s advisable to start planning so as early as possible. You can get your Retirement Planning Numbers through a Calculator as provided by the CPF Board. When all is lost, find a good Financial Planner to work together with you on this planning. All postings are personal views and opinions of Dexter Damien Chan and meant solely for educational or informational purposes and not to be taken as formal advice. Certain information may change from time to time and may not be true or updated by the time you come across it here.
You are advised to counter-check information for its accuracy before even reaching a conclusion of your own. After you've decided what week to go, you need to sit down and decide how many days you want to spend in the parks.
Another thing to consider: if you get Park Hopper tickets (which I strongly recommend), you can leave a park early if you aren't feeling it or if you just want to split things up. After you've done this, on the Touring Plans website there is a spreadsheet that shows you which parks to go to on which day, based on historic crowds and predictions. As far as how to GET there, we have driven to Disney many times, and it's definitely a good option! I know this was a LOT of info, and planning can be very overwhelming, but I promise the planning is the most intensive part.
I know this might sound crazy to some, but stop, breathe, and have fun planning your vacation. This past weekend I had the most amazing opportunity to teach my very first Productivity and Planning Master Class Webinar! And then, of course, after my two hours of teaching, there was an hour long Q&A that went into even more specific topics that were brought up by the audience. Those were just a handful of the many great questions and topics we covered in the Q&A in addition to all the content I covered above!
Thank you to all who signed up for my first event and for all your support and encouragement in my endeavors. You are truly all wonderful people and I hope I can rise to the occasion to serve you to the best of my ability! Thanks again to all those who signed up for the first event, and of course, get your name on that interest list if you missed the sign ups and want to attend in the future! 5 Common Social Media Mistakes that can Devastate Your Business + 1 Resource that can Help You Repair the Damage and Grow in a Positive Direction!
Hello there, I’m Alexis and welcome to Strange & Charmed, a Productivity Lifestyle Blog for women filled with tips, tricks and strategies to help you make the most of your quirky life. This may surprise you, since I am a career coach and executive coach.  Don’t I hound all of my clients to plan their future and develop SMART goals? Sure, I help people get clear on their core values, their strengths, and the “must-have” characteristics of a job.  But I don’t think it’s necessary to have a five-year plan.
For many people, though (myself included) the mere thought of developing a five-year plan is overwhelming and intimidating.  We are freaked out by the question, “Where do you want to be in five years?” so we just don’t answer it. The other problem with long-term career plans, such as five-year (or even ten-year!) plans, is that they are often too specific. First of all, research has shown that people who characterize themselves as “unlucky” tend to focus rigidly on a specific outcome, and therefore do not recognize opportunities that come their way.
And for those of us who are part of a dual-career couple, it’s not just our own five-year career trajectory we must keep track of, but our partner’s as well.
Being aware of the three points above will make it easier to bring the things you want into your career.

On the left, I have color coded stickers, a sticky note pad for quick note jotting, calendar stickers, page tabs and some of my business cards.
And decided I would try the color coding method, so each family gets a special color inside. And since we are big meal planners, I wanted to jot down the meals for the week inside each day.
And in the back, I printed off a bunch of blank note pages since I am always thinking up things that need a place to live. Here is the link to the binder cover I purchased {I removed the sheets from the inside and replaced with my own}. In the front cover, the stickers slide into the pouch and the notepad was originally stuck there, but didn't stay so I may try a command strip to hold it better. An average person would wish to have a retirement income to last for 20 years starting from the average retirement age of 65. All the good food or lack of exercise for the whole of your life may decide to turn against you and make you more prone to hospitalization. Many of us are too used to working for the whole of our life and to suddenly stop working for the sake of Retirement may seem unwelcoming.
I LOVE planning our trips and making sure that we have a game plan so we can really enjoy our time at Disney and NOT STRESS.
We never go during the summer months to Disney World - too hot, too crowded, and the prices are higher. It's run by the same people that author my FAVORITE guide book, The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. Epcot is not a very kid-friendly park (but there are really cool rides for adults that you don't want to miss).
I've heard from many sources that unless you eat a TON of food (and I mean a LOT), it's not worth the money. It was two hours packed with theory, strategy and my personal tips to being more productive and the key role your planner plays in keeping you productive and organized. Overall, the event really seemed to go over well and the attendees on the live call were so wonderful and thoughtful in their questions and insights that it truly made the event a joy to host! I have received emails and messages from many of you asking if and when I will be hosting another event or making the reply available for purchase on my shop. Stop by frequently throughout the week for updates on the best apps, gadgets, filofax tips, and advice. Or if you are genuinely interested in developing one, I am thrilled to help you in the process (one of my core values is planning, after all). Stating today what specific position or job level I want to be in, five years from today, seems too narrow a focus.
In contrast, those who seem “lucky” have a vision for what they want, but aren’t fixated on the details of exactly what it must look like.
It will also help you evaluate opportunities that are bound to come your way – that is, if you are not fixated too rigidly on only a specific type of opportunity.
A good medical insurance will help to ensure that your medical bills are kept small without affecting your desired lifestyle.
Therefore if you do not settle your loans early before your retirement, your lifestyle may be affected. If you have done your planning well for your retirement, you have actually set aside a substantial sum of money.
That’s why it will be good to plan what you will be doing on a regular basis to enjoy your retirement. There are also a few areas of concern that you will need to take care before your retirement. I mentioned on Facebook recently that I had reworked our touring schedule based on crowd predictions and that generated a lot of questions. You can look at each specific day of your vacation and find out which park is recommended, what the crowds will be like, etc. If you want any type of character meal or sit-town ("table service") meal, you MUST make a reservation as soon as you possibly can, especially if you're going in the summer months.
When you're in the parks it can sometimes be hard to remember what you're supposed to be doing, so this helps. Figure out when your 180-day mark is for reservations and make that your deadline for at least knowing when you're going, which parks you'll visit on what days, and where you want to eat. At this point, I haven’t decided how I want to proceed with this, however, I have gone ahead and added an interest list to the info page for the webinar so if you want to be the first to know how you can get access to this awesome webinar, sign up for my interest list and if I see that there is enough interest, I may open up the replay or even schedule a second webinar event!
Whether you are trying to build your career, a blog or a business, Strange & Charmed has the tools to help you make your dreams a reality! Have you mapped out where you want your career to be in five years?    Do you know what position you’re gunning for, in which organization, at what pay level?

Should anything unforeseen happen to you, you would not wish to have any dispute over the distribution of your funds. For instance, on this upcoming trip, we're going to Hollywood Studios, Epcot, then two days at Magic Kingdom. We've never used it, and the only time I would use it would be if Disney offered a free dining promotion (which they sometimes do). If you really want to grab a snack and hole up for hours, I write with a group of Disney bloggers called the Magical Blogorail.
You can buy your tickets, make your detailed touring plans, and figure out packing and other details after that. I decided to write a post here on my main blog to answer a lot of questions people usually email me with. Before everyone panics and thinks you can't go to Disney any other time, that's not true - I know lots of people that regularly go in the summer and they enjoy themselves. When you join the website (a year's subscription is NOT expensive, and you get a discount if you own their book), you have access to all of their crowd calendars, and the most important thing - THEIR TOURING PLANS. I would MUCH RATHER spend two, more leisurely days at Magic Kingdom that fit in Animal Kingdom, but that's just our family preference. I think you're better off paying out of pocket, but you will find differing opinions on this. All I'm saying is that your first line of defense against a stressful vacation is going at a time that has lower crowds, temperatures, and prices.
Do not, and I repeat do not, go to Disney World without using a touring plan for each park. If we were in the parks an extra day or so, I'd absolutely do Animal Kingdom, but sometimes you have to prioritize. When you combine this knowledge with a touring plan, you have VERY good tools to make the most of your trip.
I get a pencil and a piece of paper and make a chart of each day, then I simply write down which restaurants we want to go to.
Financially, your best bet for doing Disney on the cheap is to stay at a Disney Value Resort. Click here for a list of topics we've written about - this is a GREAT resource with everything in one place! However, if you need to go when school isn't in session, the BEST thing you can do is use a touring plan (more on that in a minute). Some people might decide to leave out Epcot if they have young kids, but we really do enjoy Epcot. It's INSANE how accurately they can assess what's going on in the parks and how to make the most of your time. You can make good, informed decisions about restaurants by looking over the menus at All Ears.
Get familiar with their plans and you can customize them online when you're a member (again, it's WORTH the subscription!).
Keep in mind that the Value resorts are the furthest away from the parks, so if you're using the Disney transportation system (which is free to use), you'll need to allow travel time to and from the parks (I'd ask Heather about how much time to allow). Also, you can't take them out of the parks, which means you can't use them while getting back to your hotel at night (or midday). There are DEFINITELY people who know more than me and everyone is going to have their own opinions on how they "do" Disney - all I can share is my experience!
Disney Moderate resorts are just that - they're in between the Value and Deluxe categories. Renting a double stroller from Disney is around $27 per day (that's WITH the multiple-day discount). As long as you're doing things at the 180-day mark, you should be able to get most (usually all) of the dining reservations you want. Character meal reservations go VERY quickly and certain table-service restaurants do too (for instance, Be Our Guest, the new Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant, is EXTREMELY popular for dinner reservations). The company delivers the stroller to your hotel, and you keep it with you the entire length of your stay.
You don't have to fly with it, and you get a clean, top-of-the-line, padded, reclining stroller while you're in the parks.

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