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Many animators like Lasseter attended school there and by including the number they are giving a subtle shout-out to their alma mater. June 24, 2011 by Samad Rizvi Leave a Comment A few months ago, not only did I have the chance to talk to Cars 2 composer Michael Giacchino and story supervisor Nate Stanton – I was lucky to also be able to talk to the supervisors of the animation process on the film. Pixar Times: How is the process of the two of you working together in the supervisory role? Shawn Krause: It also works well, in that, usually you will understand a large portion of the animation department but not all of it because you just have different work techniques and different ideas.
Pixar Times: Looking at the leaps that in the technology that you use to animate these characters, how does that affect the process? About Samad RizviSamad is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Pixar Times and The Disney Times. Voila un petit artbook de 176 regroupant plein de dessins inedit des court et long-metrage de Pixar.
Pourquoi je dis petit, et bien tout simplement car il fait 16 cm de large par 21 cm de haut, on est loin des 21 – 29.7 du format A4!

Cependant c’est le but recherche, en effet, nous avons entre les mains le petit notebook que tout bon artiste dessinateur a sur lui pour pouvoir dessiner quand il le veut!
J’en profite pour vous indiquer un petit lien vers une selection d’artbook de Disney a ne pas louper!! Shawn Krause and Dave Mullins served as supervising animators for years before Cars 2 was released in theaters. It was impossible to get the angle of the wheel to match the turn radius of the car, which matched the body, and then have the wheels match up and slow down honestly and precisely. His favorite films include The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Vertigo, Back to the Future, Children of Men, Pan's Labyrinth, and of course, Pixar's Monsters, Inc., WALL-E and Up.
I spoke with them about their job, how it is working together, and the intricacies of the animation process at Pixar. Added by jason on 2013-06-26 Inside Pixar Animation Studios with Monsters UniversityInside Pixar Animation Studios, Bryan Bishop visits Pixar and gets an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the animation studio. We try to give the animators everything they need so everything’s cleared out of their way and they can just have a good interaction with the director.

What we wanted was when the majority of the animators came on the show, they could just hit the ground running (no pun intended) and basically just focus on the performance, focus on the entertainment, the acting, the action, and then let all the tools and stuff be second nature. He also talks to some of the brilliant people behind Monsters University and the accompanying short film The Blue Umbrella. And we’re also directly responsible to [director] John Lasseter for the quality of the animation on the film.
You’re like, “Oh, how did that work in the first place and how do we make that upgrade without breaking it? Special thanks to BASE animation studio in Bali Indonesia for allowing me to bring this character to life. Not as accurate specially at anglesFrederick MurreChrist no it isn’t, not even remotely the same.

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