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Through a series of revealing questions, panelists of the nine different types will be interviewed, giving you in-depth understanding of how each Enneagram Point perceives the world. In the workshop you will see the various ways this instinctual subtype behavior or personal strategy drives your approach to all situations. The Transitions workshop offers a safe and supportive environment to explore the lessons presented by the inevitable transitions one encounters in life. Viewpoints evenings will be a rich and rewarding opportunity witnessing and exploring the human experience as it directly relates to your successful and compassionate participation in life. Zoya Scholis has over 20 years of teaching experience and 12 years facilitating art for personal growth workshops.
Zoya’s teaching style often includes movement, games and music to enhance concentration and inspiration.
Crystals are known for their abilities of receiving, storing, amplifying and transmitting energy. Kamalrukh Sethna brings to you twenty years of Crystal Healing experience; you learn the science and art of using Crystals in multiple ways to benefit the mind, body and soul.
If you are drawn to crystals, or are therapist in of any Healing modality, then you can choose to learn Crystal Healing for self or as a companion to any other therapy.
Kamalrukh Sethna brings to you an in-depth understanding of Crystals and their application in all possible ways to assist healing.
This is a two day beginner workshop introducing the participant to the healing properties of various crystals.
This is a two day certified workshop with advanced theory and practice on use of crystals and gemstones in healing. This is a two day workshop on empowering yourself with the divine energies of mineral world. There will be detailed discussion and practice of different ways of harnessing crystal energies through various modes to generate healing at all levels in human systems. It is the small, many decisions we make on a daily basis that influence both our direction in life and our experience of it.
The people we admire the most, who strike us as being happiest on their life’s path, are those that have discovered what matters, and have chosen to live their lives in alignment with that. You will come to know your partner intimately, with more depth and appreciation for how they have been shaped by life.
Are you feeling stuck, like you need a change or are you just ready to put more PIZZAZZ in your life? Whole HeARTs Family Center offers a variety of workshops for personal growth to help you re-discover your SPARK, your life passion and purpose. Looking for your SPARK and that essential “something” that seems to be missing in your life? This Life Purpose and Passion Workshop is designed to help you find your zest and zing and get the essential YOU back on track. In this inspirational workshop, we will use a combination of: Conscious intention setting, thought provoking and effective passion and purpose personal assessments, guided visualization, brainstorming, a passion map on a 16 x 20 canvas and formulating a zest inducing personal action plan that you can use in your life right away.
Discover or rediscover your core passions, deeper meaning and tap into your personal life purpose. Learn creative techniques to bridge the subconscious layers of your mind and heart so you can connect with your authentic self.
Discover your personal road blocks and limiting beliefs and learn effective solutions to overcome these energy sapping thoughts that no longer serve you. Develop a Passion and Purpose Action Plan for your life so that you can start living your best life right then and there! All art materials are included in this workshop including: a 16 x 20 canvas and 3 mini canvases  acrylic paint, brushes, paper, scrap book paper, stickers, embellishments, pastels, glitter and a variety of other fun art materials and knickknacks. This workshop is led by Anya Beebe, MA, LPC, Art Therapist and Life Purpose Coach along with qualified staff, interns or students.
This workshop will meet in the Whole HeARTs Family Center Studio and Group Room, Suite #106. If you are interested in providing this workshop at your business, group or organization, please contact us to talk about options.
Introductory Rate: $135 – This includes, snacks and drinks, handouts, art supplies, your own art piece on a 16 x 20 canvas and 3 mini canvases, ideas and inspiration to bring your SPARK back along with an action plan to implement these ideas into your life right away! We are excited to announce that we have changed our registration process to use Schedulicity, our current scheduling system for all our services. There is so much goodness to discover when releasing your inner SPARK that we have added Part 2! The second part of this workshop follows a similar format to Part 1 however we dig a little deeper and to give you more ideas and tools to implement your Purpose and Passion Action Plan. All art materials are included in this workshop including: 9 mini canvases, acrylic paint, brushes, paper, scrap book paper, stickers, embellishments, pastels, glitter and a variety of other fun art materials and knickknacks. Please also check out the Passion and Painting Workshops and our Workshops for Therapists and Care Givers where we offer Continuing Education and CPD Hours! This juicy workshop is designed to help you ignite your creative SPARK, re-discover your passions, overcome creative blocks and tap into your personal well of inspiration.
You don’t have to have any previous art related experience to participate in this workshop, just the desire to paint, let go and have fun!
This workshop only has space for 5 participants as everyone is given an abundance of space to spread out and create multiple pieces of art. We will also have an hour break for lunch, if you choose – some people like to keep painting!
This workshop is dedicated to supporting anyone who might be experiencing compassion fatigue or burnout. If you feel like you might be experiencing either burnout or compassion fatigue this workshop is a perfect way to help you out of your funk. If you are a professional wanting to learn how to help others prevent and overcome burnout and compassion fatigue, this workshop is for you too! Take an assessment to help you determine if you are experiencing either of these conditions.
Discover effective techniques to overcome these conditions if you are currently experiencing them. Is it time for you to take better care of yourself so you have more energy for yourself and to give to those you care for?

Instead of living your life in a way that depletes your energy, we can teach you techniques that will support you and replenish your energy. For professionals wishing to attain CEU”s and PD hours, this workshop meets criteria for 5 hours for LPCs.
Our Workshops take place at the Whole HeARTs Studio Group Room or on our lovely gated garden patio. The Whole HeARTs Family Center is here to help you find that missing SPARK in your life and help you get on track to create the life you want to live!
At Whole HeARTs Family Center, we have a creative flare for motivating and inspiring others and creating a positive environment!
Through this powerful heart-centered work they will assist you to find what has been holding you back. In this time of powerful change, many are maximizing their potential and finding greater purpose in their lives by using intuition as their guide.
Each will have the tools necessary to continue their journey of realizing their most profound potential. ArticlesThe Matter of Tone Posted on: Jan 26th, 2013Therapists providing intervention to children with movement challenges have traditionally considered and have perhaps treated “muscle tone” specifically as an impairment impeding motor performance in daily living function.
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Posted on: Feb 28th, 2013A large number of drugs pass from the mothers' blood stream through the placenta to the fetus.
Becoming a Detective Posted on: Mar 3rd, 2013The tricky part about "reading" your patient's nervous system and their sensory needs is that this process keeps you on your toes! Vestibular Stimulation and Seizures Posted on: Mar 25th, 2013The vestibular system helps us to understand the position of our head and body in gravity-bound space.
Connection, Fear and Sensory Processing Posted on: Mar 26th, 2013This is a topic near and dear to my heart!
Studying the brain has taught me how intimately connected the sensory systems are to the emotional centers (limbic system) and the rational centers (frontal cortex) of the brain. In order to participate in our every day tasks we need a background of alertness that is created in the brain allowing us to attend, think and participate. The typical nervous system has the flexibility and skills to adapt and move from one state to another with ease. How Attachment Shapes our Lives Posted on: Oct 5th, 2013The following series of blogs stems from inspiration by work that is in process between Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury surrounding the topic of healing from sexual abuse.
Hope is Healing Posted on: Nov 22nd, 2013As therapists we are positioned to bring new ideas and possible solutions to families of children with special needs. Helping is Healing Posted on: Dec 1st, 2013Did you know that you can make your brain work better and become healthier by helping others?  When you experience anxiety, depression or stress, helping others not only makes you feel good, but also changes the structure of your DNA. Theo Fleury Radio Interview for Conversations with a Rattlesnake Posted on: Apr 23rd, 2014Great interview with Theo Fleury in Winnipeg. Invitation to Speak in London, England at an International Conference Posted on: Jun 27th, 2014Kim and Theo have been asked to share their life changing healing model of Breaking Free Through Healing Conversation with the international psychotherapy community.
About KimKim integrates the science of occupational therapy and neurobiology with cutting edge practice to support the conscious evolution of the human spirit.
The Deep Transformation 9-session personal growth workshops are THE most powerful, fascinating, unique, and life-changing workshops you will ever engage in. Providing you the deepest and most extensively proven guidance and exercises from across a range of disciplines -- from positive psychology and neuroscience to the world's great spiritual and holistic traditions -- the Deep Transformation training with #1 bestselling author, master coach, and world-renowned transformation visionary -- who has been featured on CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC -- Brian Vaszily is a MUST if you truly want to achieve your greatest goals and desires.
And because you will be able to download these nine personal growth workshops (and listen on your computer, burn to CD or iPod, etc.), you can listen entirely from the comfort of your home, auto, or office anytime and as often as you wish. Slow down a moment and consider this question carefully: in terms of your weight, finances, career, relationships, and inner-peace, what are you really seeking? Please don't hold back -- try your best to let go of any feelings of frustration, anger, or guilt about your answers (watch for self-statements like, "Well it's unrealistic" etc.!) Consider the question deeply. The Deep Transformation personal growth workshops will clear through the barriers and help you achieve those goals like nothing you have experienced before.
Like many personal growth workshops, you discussion, observation, and participation form the foundation of how you will experience all three Subtypes, and how differently the same subtype manifests within the nine personality points. These personal growth workshops provide a rare opportunity to examine the challenging in-between places we find ourselves. For these personal growth workshops, the evening is designed for making progress on individual personal growth issues.
Get help with problem solving demonstrations showing different techniques and finishes - cutting, tearing and pattern making.
Exercises and demonstrations are woven-in as we look to enhance skills and maintain spontaneity between media.
Each crystal has a specific mineral composition, physical structure and chemical properties. Crystal Healing is a gentle non-invasive therapy which can complement the working of any other healing modality. There are different levels of workshops offered in Crystal Healing; from beginner to advanced levels. Join Catherine as she explains what you need to know about what you are here for, in order to experience true satisfaction and creativity in your life.
If so, we have an exciting variety of creative personal growth workshops for women and men that are engaging, creative and juicy and will leave you with a clearer understanding of your authentic self. Please have your Schedulicity log in information and credit card ready to complete the registration process.
Most people like to register for the workshops together and complete them in one weekend, however, if it is best for you, you can attend Part 2 at a different time. Using a variety of creativity enhancing techniques, we will help you tune into the first language of the brain – imagery. Having fun, self-exploration, self-expression and time set aside just for you is a great way to get re-energized and that is what this workshop is all about! This workshop meets criteria for CEU and PD hours for a number of professions (see details below). We have a particular interest in helping people find their passion, zest and happiness in life and also work with deeper transpersonal issues like finding personal meaning, life and soul purpose.
If your business, group, organization or school is looking to infuse your employees or members with a positive attitude and outlook, we are here to help!
In that process they will move towards a recognition of healing and love that they can draw upon.

In our hands, we can “feel” the resistance, heaviness, responsiveness and changes of each child’s body with whom we interface in therapy.
Drugs of abuse have a low molecular weight and lipid solubility making it easier to cross the placenta. Posted on: Mar 1st, 2013When differentiating between "physical" addiction and "psychological" addiction in newborns of addicted mom's, it is a slippery slope of distinction. The difficulty with sensory diets or "programs' is that they don't always allow you to "read" the nervous system of the child in the moment. The bucket of chemicals that lives inside the amygdala (amy for short) does not know the difference between the sensory terrifying experience of fluffies in the socks from an earthquake! Often the families we are there to serve experience a “state of desparation” and “hopelessness”, floundering for ways to help their child. DNA is the code within your cells that makes you who you are and unique from everybody else.
They will be attending the International Conference of Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes at the University of London from August 28 to September 1. With 30 years of experience in the field of occupational therapy, Kim’s approach to serving clients is visionary and eclectic yet grounded and easy to integrate into your daily life.
Get FREE Immediate Access to One of the 9 Deep Transformation Workshop Sessions- The Most Powerful Steps to Increase Your Self-Confidence Now -So You Can Experience How Powerful This Audio Program Is Now With NO Obligation Whatsoever!After submitting above, watch your email for confirmation and access to the completely free Deep Transformation audio workshop session on the Most Powerful Steps to Increase Your Self-Confidence. However, this time we'll have the ability to see what's really happening to us in the midst of these transition points. Enjoy helpful feed-back, ample supplies and the right ambience facilitate your creative flow. Zoya Scholis is an award-winning painter, whose unusual teaching style often includes movement, games and music to enhance learning and creative expression. Whatever path you are on in life, there has never been a better time to find the freedom, clarity, joy and integration of all aspects of your life.
When drugs or other substances of abuse are taken by the mother equilibrium is established between the materanal and fetal circulations. It is known that physical addiction comes about through an array of neuroadaptive changes and the laying down and strengthening of new memory connections in various circuits in the brain. Questions like "what is the child's current state?" before you begin a sensory intervention is key in deciding which types of activities might be helpful in moving the child's state towards homeostasis. It assists our body with balance, spatial orientation and maintaining a stable visual field, even when we are moving. As you know there are so many variations to the theme of ASD and so really we are lumping a group of children together who someday may be differentiated like apples and oranges.
This state of vulnerability expressed by families can seemingly place us as professionals into potential positions of power over the family rather than in a mutual partnership. You will also receive a free subscription to the Intense Experiences newsletter -- one of the world's most popular and trusted personal development publications, led by #1 bestselling author Brian Vaszily, who has been featured on CBS, NBC, Fox, and ABC. But those statements are based on the feedback of hundreds who have enjoyed the remarkable benefits of the workshops already, and as you will discover in the workshop recordings (enter your email above to get free immediate access to one session to discover it yourself!) the statements are absolutely true. The people who enter into this yearlong program will experience a deeper healing on their individual paths personal growth and wholeness. It is this precision and order which is of great benefit in bringing into harmony any discord in the vibrational field where it is placed.
To some extent all of us have bought into the idea that we would be happier with fewer commitments and responsibilities but more possessions. You will be asked to log into your Schedulicity account (If you don’t have one, that is okay, it is easy and fast to create).
We speak on a variety of topics or we can create a unique presentation for your particular group. Overcoming your fears will offer you the chance to create the life you always knew, deep down, you could live. This in utero equilibrium provides a constant supply to the baby and with the mothers' excretory and metabolic mechanisms the drug is cleared from the baby's circulation.
Since movement is a part of everything that we do, the vestibular system is always working in the background. Motor control issues are a prevalent aspect of challenge for many children with austim spectrum disorder and increasing research is helping to validate these observations.
The healing energies of crystals and gemstones have been utilized by humans since ancient times. We are programmed to equate happiness with what we have accumulated, our 'purpose' with career and status. Even if you only feel a glimmer of your personal spark right now, we assure you, it is still there and this workshop is designed to re-ignite it!
Below our address there will be four gray tabs that say: Overview, Services, Classes, and Workshops. When ‘opening’ to the intuitive voice, it is often difficult to discern between the sound of your mind or the voice of your heart speaking to you.
Crystals have also been used for meditation, spiritual growth and divination as they radiate a high pure vibrational frequency and are always tuned into divine energies.
This is the consciousness that is contributing not only to our unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life, but also to the downfall of our planet. This workshop will provide the experience you need to learn and trust the deeper, wiser voice within. In order to hear this voice you will need to honor (be aware) of the resistance…the fears that many of us acquired early in life. Whether it is felt as an inner experience or seen in the circumstances of your life, this resistance is legitimate feedback that can guide you to a true, deep listening of your inner voice and can show the path towards a life of greater meaning. This workshop will help you see your resistance and transform it into an intuitive message of hope.

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