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The Yoga Connection, the only nonprofit yoga studio in Tucson, will offer its Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Growth Intensive from December 1 through February 12.
The curriculum emphasizes: alignment and safety in asana, methods for sequencing asanas and class planning, adapting the asanas to the individual, yoga for people with special needs, the yoga sutras, the eight limbs of yoga, subtle anatomy, pranayama, meditation theory and practice, stress management and communication skills for yoga instructors. The Yoga Connection, training teachers in Tucson since 1992, is dedicated to serving all those who seek to learn hatha yoga, meditation and the kriya yoga teachings. An EvoRoom activates human potential with mindset training that incorporates music, games, technology, experiments, events, & more. Please keep in mind not all suggestions may be used, and repeated re-submissions may result in being rejected automatically (and we don't want that to happen). If you have any questions, have a good idea for a tag, or a more in-depth suggestion - please feel free to let us know! Here are a few quick snippits of code you can use to embed your personalized widget on your website, in your blog, and even on your favorite forum.
Special Note: Kickstarter recently disabled remote embedding for images on project pages, so embedding code doesn't work on project pages (yet) - just everywhere else. If you’ve been reading our newsletter for awhile, you probably remember that last May was the month of finances. When we really need help, (to either develop our skills or untangle our emotions) it’s a shame to be confronted with financial issues. If you can’t find your passion at work, or can’t express your creativity, you need to find ways to do it differently or life will pull you down. FOR THOSE WITH"MON ATTITUDE" PLANNER, To those with the "My Attitude" planner, if it’s not already done, open a new bank account and immediately start putting 10% of your income towards your personal development needs. Soyez les premiers a etre informes de toute nouvelle!Inscrivez-vous maintenant et recevez un e-mail une fois que je publie du nouveau contenu.
You’ll receive daily thoughts and motivation on how to come closer to achieving a more balanced life. I began this article by looking again at the differences between training and education, or trainers and teachers.
Professional development refers to the acquisition of skills and knowledge used for personal development and for career advancement. At its core, professional development with an organization should begin with a plan for long term use of an employee. In an environment where professional development is practiced, the process is collaborative and intensive. In this current economy, it was the first employee support to go, followed quickly with practices of limiting hours, making employees part-time so benefits were not required.
Perhaps it could have been prevented by nurturing rather than coercing production based on potential termination or demotion. Continuing education or training is but one of the many ways to pursue professional development.
Rather than a training day, the organizational attitude should be about helping individuals learn and grow within as well as outside the organization. By having an attitude of continually exploring and learning new aspects of our profession, we, indeed, become professional. Finally, while professional development is thought to be different and sometimes the same, it doesn’t need comparison. The above is commentary and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Free Management Library.
By all means though, check out The Free Management Library’s complete training section. Meet the Blog’s HostJack Shaw is a communicator who does training and has been in the trenches as well as in management and development areas.
Quotes to Prosperity is not only a wonderful collection of quotes, but a source of great encouragement as well.

This great book has the uncanny ability to guide me to open it at exactly the right quote, for whatever challenge I`m facing. It stays in the head (bathroom on boats) where I have my best inspirations and do my best thinking.
A beautifully designed book of quotations with the power to make you think differently and live more fully.
By happiness I mean here a deep sense of flourishing that arises from an exceptionally healthy mind.
The course provides extensive hands-on training and the necessary tools and techniques to teach a wide variety of students. Its more than 300 graduates are teaching in schools, health clubs, prisons, nursing homes, gyms, resorts, retirement communities and more.
If what you need to bring yourself closer to your career goals is not being taken care of by your boss, frustration and blame won’t help.
Lack of time, Young kids at home, more urgent expenses… If you always put your personal development last, you may be missing opportunities you don’t even know exist right now.
If you have an amount set aside for training, you could use it to give yourself a push when you need it the most. Nous nous engageons a proteger votre vie privee ; votre adresse e-mail ne sera pas utilisee par des tiers. In A Look at the Education vs Experience Debate and in an earlier post, What’s the Difference Between Training and Teaching, I made a few comparisons. Generally, professional development would include all types of  learning opportunities some facilitated and some not. They may have a director of professional development, who in most cases, is a glorified training manager. At interviews and during the orientation references are made about employee growth, but, for the most part, the employee is left alone after that to survive and strive or not deliver and not survive.
Professional development should include a career manager who ensures employees are right for their jobs, and works to keep them in jobs that, not only make them successful but the organization as well. In smaller companies or organizations the same attitude toward professional development can be extended to the employee by modifying his or her position to include a different, yet positive skill set. With failure or disappointing results, newer, less experienced employees are the ones to go–with the hope being that this will change the financial outlook.
In room filled with people who do the same thing, there are only a few true connections; the rest are tolerated. Attorneys learn about the law or more specifically; however, although they were educated in litigation techniques, they will not be considered trained until they have litigation experience.
These ways include simple lesson study (a specific training like leadership, supervision, management, analysis… Mentoring is a great way to incorporated and ensure proper employee development, as is individual coaching and consultation. An employee who feels his or her worth is a valuable employee that gives more all the time, knowing the reward is always there. At various times, I was a spokesperson, then a teacher and finally, a trainer and speaking coach. This is not a mere pleasureable feeling, a fleeting emotion, or a mood, but an optimal state of being. By planning your personal development in your budget and in your annual planning, you make it a priority and can enjoy it without guilt.
It’s your responsibility to develop your interests, your skills and knowledge to be ready to face any eventuality. This time, I thought it might be interesting to comment on what some consider the end-result of training: professional development. It could be a sharing conference; however, most attendees are more likely to be sharing drinks. Interestingly enough, the social aspects, character modeling and professional information comparisons from a single conference may be more valuable than a single, specific knowledge-based training day.

It should start with specific training, college and university education as well as conferences and never end.
The individual employee, unless mentored by someone with influence, is left to his or her devices when it comes to professional development. That is not to say, there should not be an evaluative stage, but by incorporating career management, we assure someone who is not doing well flounder, but can thrive in another position. My preference for a surgeon is not one who has read about techniques in a book, but has practiced them. As an Executive Coach, my job was to offer assistance, usually to middle management, assistance in speech preparation and delivery.
It doesn’t have to be compensatory unless he or she measures his or her worth by that compensation.
Information and communication is applicable in training and development as well as education. Because it is not the sort of book you read in one sitting, it can be enjoyed one inspiration at a time, for years to come! Happiness is also a way of interpreting the world, since while it may be difficult to change the world, it is always possible to change the way we look at it. Ironically, it is during these moments of relaxed opportunity the best information to aid in one’s quest for professional development occurs.
Along the way, continuous learning should provide other opportunities and practice specific to an employee’s position and career goals. There are professional development directors who understand the concept, but many other who do not. The valuable employees are those who seek out additional opportunities to learn, continuously learning. Now, we get into leadership and management issues, which if you think about them, are intricately linked to professional development.
Some might say we’ve forgotten the very people we hire to make our company or organization what it is today.
If you are interested in my approach here or in other offerings on the site, you might also be interested in my book, The Cave Man Guide to Training and Development. Ironically, and it shouldn’t be, these same employees ask for raises and promotions, which may annoy their superiors.
Certainly, not paying attention in those areas could result in termination of one’s career.
And, here we are back with professional development, requiring training to be an element in career progression.
Had the corporations, companies, or organizations an enlightened view of professional development (and conveyed that to employees) my clients wouldn’t have felt the need for confidentiality.
At one time, providing an employee security and career develop was every corporation, company and organization’s mission. Still, by definition, it is not part of professional development, nor are they really training. Many English words have interchangeable definitions and usage; however, there are times in which we should look back for the original meaning and pursue those intentions.
I have also published a young adult science fiction dystopian novel, In Makr’s Shadow.

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