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Learning the necessary personal development activities and skills will improve your Mogul Mindset so you can accomplish the objectives you’ve set out for yourself to achieve.  Successful entrepreneurs and business people know your mindset and attitude can determine your altitude in life. The third video stars Anthony Robbins where he speaks about personal development and strategies that can be applied to improve your quality of life.
The three videos shown above were chosen to help you develop your Mogul Mindset so you can realize your dreams.  As stated in the videos, just listening to the information is one thing but to really succeed and take this information seriously you must take action. Here’s to thinking like an entrepreneur and achieving your dreams.  Are you ready to live the MLM Lifestyle? As discussed before from time to time we all need encouragement and the videos below will help provide focus and arouse that innovative side within us all.
For questions or comments, contact me or if you are interested in an amazing online opportunity click here.  For the YouTube video click here. Thanks for the continued support Heather and if you have any suggestions for post, let me know and I’ll be glad to add your thoughts to future post.
True interactivity also includes being able to modify the environment and I love this post. Even when writing the weekly coaching tip, I sometimes find myself stalling, worried that when I sit down to type, I’ll have nothing to say. We are either progressing or retrograding all the while; there is no such thing as remaining stationary in this life. I recently went through my Google Reader and pruned my blogs from hundreds to about twenty. I’ve scheduled at least two vacation days per month to give myself time to catch up on home maintenance, balance the budget, and connect with friends. If you're looking for motivational fuel for personal excellence, you've come to the right place! I would be interested to know your own assessment of how well you actually manage to achieve this structured lifestyle. Marquita, unfortunately we sometimes have to exhaust all of our personal coping strategies for change before we’re finally ready to try what works. After taking a course based on The Abundance Book, I have started meditating in the mornings, about half the week, not every day and certainly not at 6 AM. I take breaks to prepare healthy meals and I do eat out at least once every day, not always as healthy as I would like.
Dewane, daily routine, especially if you’re running your business full-time, can be quite a challenge. I feel fortunate that I am in a business which leads to personal development prior to business success.
I am working on all of my routines at this time because of some personal changes which have taken place. One thing I including in my daily writing is touching base with my inner child and allowing her to express her feelings and acknowledge them and then reassure her.

In developing holistic servant leaders, LPAC engages children, youth, and adults in our 10-step Personal Development process that leads to strong, independent, articulate leadership who legitimately represent and are accountable to their families and communities. The Execution Based Coaching program is an activity and process based approach to managing and coaching sales success and continuous improvement process. The Execution Based Coaching model is an iterative method that enables Managers to apply a uniform process to coaching irrespective of the skills or development level of individual members of their team.
Managers are taught to understand and embrace the difference between Managing and Coaching, applying both as needed to develop their teams, drive results and develop future leaders. As the development plans are applied, the Manager transitions to the role of Coach, that is, helping the individual front line rep consistently execute the process with continuous improvement in results measured against plan. The Execution Based Coaching model is implemented on two parallel paths, a week to week reinforcement of the sales process, including related activities and metrics, and a longer term development plan based on the individual’s ability to deliver against plan and over all development goals.
This part of the Execution Based Coaching model is again rooted in the team’s success plan, but is tailored to meet the needs of the individual.
First Managers set high level goals for the team based on skills and attributes the Manager develops based on the overall model, specifically role expectation and skills gap identified; ongoing development and evolvement of individual front line rep through mentoring and individual motivation. Second, while it is important to have the long term development plans based on goals and process, the reality is that a year is a long period with many changes throughout the year.
Third, this allows for the managers to update and revise plans based on daily realities in the field, and impact the front line rep activities and actions based on how well they are executing and responding to market conditions. About usTibor Shanto is a 25-year veteran of B2B sales, Tibor has developed an insider’s hands on perspective of successful sales execution. Whether it’s achieving goals or navigating major life changes, for me the take away has and always will be that if we have a big enough WHY we will make the effort and find a way to make things happen. Personal development is so important because we need to know ourselves first before we are able to share our authenticity. Thanks for sharing what you are doing because it is inspiring for other people to look at different ways they can reach their personal goals. Even if I haven’t got a lot of time I write to her and let her know that I love and accept her exactly as she is.
By focusing on the execution of the organization’s standardized sales process, Managers are able to deliver objective coaching, taking subjectivity and personalities out of the mix. By driving specific activities required to successfully execute the sales process, coaches are able to tailor and evolve their plan for each individual member of their team based on their specific skills, abilities and current results. As the Manager, set expectations, define clearly and specific objectives, including financial goals, client acquisition, renewal and penetration targets, specific time allocation to to key success activities. By focusing on the process and the requirements to execute, the coaching is objective, without any subjective or personal issues interfering.
To facilitate this, Managers will break down the overall plan to a series of short 6 to 8 week action plans designed to facilitate adoption, bite size versus big and daunting, relevant now versus distant change. Called a brilliant sales tactician Tibor shows organizations and sales professionals how to leverage their sales process to shorten sales cycles, increase close ratios, and create double digit growth through execution and using the right combination strategy, tools, metrics, tactical execution of the sales process.

I wanted to share my own personal development activities so that you can get to know me better.
I also read blogs specific to my professional interests of the autism spectrum, attention deficit disorder, and mental health. This lesson has been driven home to me again and again as an ACOA and during my marriage to someone with a serious drug abuse problem. This has inspired me to really get my routine going, as I think it would be much easier for me to adapt to my new life. Routines are essential so we can do something every day which contributes to more learning and clarity. The Execution Based Coaching is a metrics driven model allowing for near term skills improvement and long term development. Once the front line rep understands and accepts the role definition, related activities and metrics, the Manager needs to assess the ability of each direct report to deliver against goals.
This make for greater acceptance by front line rep, and ensures adoption and success for implementing a set of specific steps. To read more, visit our part 1 blog discussing more successful tips for a productive morning. Stay tuned for our Part 2 blog discussing more tips for having a productive morning.Request For A Free 10 Day Trial We would love to hear from you!
I’ve also just made the decision to stop work at 9PM (unless I have a writing or editing deadline which is pressing). This will allow the Manager to develop near term and long term training and development plans for each front line rep based on their ability to execute the sales process defined for the role. It also allows reps to celebrate success along the way, and encourages them to be want to be coached. Also, visit our website to learn more about TSTN’s subscription packages, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.Request For A Free 10 Day Trial We would love to hear from you! And so on, until he’d run a 5K, then a 10K, then a half marathon, and then a marathon! This drives mutual accountability as Coaching is seen as a positive regular practice as it is ongoing rather than event based. If you want to succeed, but can’t get started, pick just one of the following personal development activities.
With three fully equipped state-of-the-art soundstages and the latest in camera robotics and virtual set technology, this 100% digital facility is designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of production needs.

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