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I once worked in an agency that did good work, had smart people, and yet grew relatively slowly. No previous prearranged media, partner or data commitments…a realtime log of the daily optimizations made & a non-biased media recommendation that clearly maps back to what you need to accomplish in market.
Today, there are direct (digital, mobile, SAAS, subscription, e-commerce, club…) marketers who refuse to improve their marketing success with an insight-driven multi-channel strategy until the perfect attribution model has been developed. If you prefer perfectly attributable though small gains in discrete channels, then you’re an incrementalist. Sometimes, in very big places, incrementalists work in the middle of a pyramid with optimizers at the top. Or did they just swallow a less intelligent idea of what it is a marketer is supposed to do?
Well … enough musing about the incrementalists, much as I would like to convert as many of them as possible to a life of success beyond explanation.
Freedom’s Pusher by Team DIGOon 18 September 2015in Co-Conspirators, culture, DIGO Culture, DIGO Values, Leadership, Love what you do, People, ThinkingWe think we’re free, but we have habits.
Because clients who are really fulfilled-fulfilled as people, professionals and clients too- will become lifelong clients and in turn, recommend us. It’s what comes from investing in people and relationships, valuing them above short-term gain.
We have an obligation to share our point of view, regardless of its popularity, both internally and externally.

While not every project presents an opportunity for greatness, every one is an opportunity to practice your craft. Especially at the beginning of relationships, while you are earning the trust and admiration that will smooth the inevitable bumps down the road. One part social scientist, two parts creative marketer, DiMassimo is a writer, creative director, entrepreneur, experimenter-in-chief, CEO and founder of DIGO. The greatest achievers in life are people who set goals for themselves and then work hard to reach them.  What they get by reaching the goal is not nearly as important as what they become by reaching them. According to CNN health, the average person checks his or her phone 34 times a day.* As young people interested in entrepreneurship, I suspect many of us can easily check our smartphones 34 times in two hours. The universe, the world and society have purpose larger than the one you’ve realized or almost realized yours is.  Sad right?  Ok…. The Easiest, Fastest and Safest Way to Reliably Provide Backup Services for your Business Enterprise. Even though I was on the creative side of the business, I was an avid proponent of growth because I knew how much better and how much more fun a growing agency could be. Is making one dollar of marketing spend return two or three or four times as many customers your objective? I help marketers make more inspiring decisions, so they can help more people form more inspiring habits. Find, ask, challenge, orchestrate, search, revisit…do what it takes to get inspired to do your best.

In the long run, those who work more, who try it more ways, who do something good and then do something better, who crank, will accumulate many years’ more practice more than their less prolific colleagues. More time is wasted not thinking well at the beginning of projects than can ever be made up by speed, efficiency or piling on staff later. If a colleague is not living up to this standard, we all have an obligation not to let it pass. Too late, they find that the open market is not a very friendly place for an incrementalist. If you have an issue with a colleague, deal with it directly, privately and professionally before you escalate.
All life forms survive and live for each other.  How many ways have I said that?  Has it begun to sink in yet?  These are truths. See the factory, meet the workers, go to the research, talk to the sales force, get a demonstration, sample the product, talk to a board member, brainstorm with the client. Time and energy invested in relationships pays us back in better work, business and results.

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