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Do you need patience when you have a pain disorder?  Well, is chocolate yummy?  Patience is needed to keep on working to lessen your pain, it’s helpful to feel patience towards your body, towards your energy and drive, for hope, and much more. I was writing an article about patience recently, and went searching online for a photo to accompany it.  When I came across several really great pictures, I wanted to share them all with you.  Enjoy!
A while ago I blogged about extending grace and kindness to other writers when you’re at a writers conference here. I speak to myself first when I urge that patience is needed as we accept the fact that change is here stay for the foreseeable future.
We may wait a few months, or half a lifetime, or we may still be waiting when we’re called Home, but we may then find that our work and our waiting have brought joy to the streets of Heaven. When he caught up with his old group, he asked about the friends he had made, with whom he shared a last name at the front of the alphabet, and with whom he’d made that first fateful jump.
I think the only, the ONLY safe comparison we should allow ourselves is to see the difference between where we were, in our early days of trust, and where God has us now.
On Sunday, our pastor was preaching to our graduating seniors about patience and how hard it is to learn in our current culture. It seems that writing and getting published has something to teach us, and that is patience. Now that I think about it, maybe that is the most important thing I’ve learned (or am learning) so far on this writing journey.
In all seriousness, this character trait is one I’m definitely learning on this writing journey.
At the same conference, Janet Grant took time to talk to me after a lunch where I seriously flubbed the 30 seconds I had to pitch my book.
Angela, did you have expectations when you first arrived at Mount Hermon that you would have such great camaraderie and top it off with an offer of representation from Janet?
What an encouraging thought—we can connect with each other in person when a rapport is begun in places like this blog.
Sometimes it seems as if we are so excited that moment we hit send and really on the other side of send is a pile of work editors and agents(for those unagented) have to do in order to reach our project. I also sometimes struggle to be patient with myself as I learn new craft techniques, but over time I’m getting better at this as well. Above all, have a few close critique friends who will encourage you and remind you that timing is everything to God and the publishing industry is no different. Michelle, thanks for understanding the piles of work agents and editors work under each day. I accept that sometimes there are things in life that just take longer than originally planned. Every day I grow more patient with myself but also with others both with strangers and family and friends.
Be sure to take breaks throughout the day if you are having to endure a stressful work day. This article was posted in Book Of Shadows, Wicca Spells and tagged Book of Shadows, Wicca Spells. Immediatement, le parti socialiste appelait le parti communiste a des discussions pour une union a gauche. Le 23 janvier dernier, ne voyait rien venir, je profitais des voeux de la section pour rappeler l’urgence d’ouvrir des discussions et je nous donnais jusqu’au 1er fevrier pour trouver un accord sur un programme et une juste representation des partis. Le 30 janvier, une rencontre entre responsables federaux ne debouchait sur rien, si ce n’est la vague promesse d’offrir 5 postes eligibles alors que le ps, pesant 38 % du cumul des voix ps+pc, pourrait legitimement revendiquer 14 places.
La patience a ses limites et tout militant normalement constitue pourrait legitimement considerer qu’on “le promene”. Dans ces conditions, j’ai decide de me mettre en situation de constituer une liste autonome. Today I want to extend the conversation to the many opportunities to exercise patience and grace at each stage of the publishing process.

Writers, agents, editors, publishing executives, and marketing, PR, and sales professionals in CBA—we all do what we do to honor God.
He spoke about the little seeds our children plant in plastic cups at school and how excited they are to water them and watch them grow in the classroom, but as soon as those little plants come home and are put on the kitchen windowsill, how quickly our children forget to water them. The entire process requires patience from the moment we first begin to create, to being published. And waiting on God’s time is hard, but I do know that HE knows the plans He has made for me.
You’re good to remind yourself that this stage with them is precious and your priority. And your kids will remember the time you spent not working and nursing them, trust me My kids are 10 and 17 and they both still want me to read to them, watch I Love Lucy with them, and put cloths on their foreheads when they’re sick! No less than 3 people introduced themselves to me at Mount Hermon because they recognized me from the comments on this blog.
She asked me some questions and gave me the chance to start over and now she’s my agent! Angela, I’m blessed to have met you in person, and to continue this journey alongside you. I can speak for all of us Books & Such agents that we grieve over delayed responses, as unavoidable as they are. Maybe you find yourself close to losing your patience at work or maybe even struggling with patience towards a friend or relationship. Sometimes just walking away from the scene for a few minutes and saying affirmations about patience can really help you. C’est ce que nous nous sommes tous dit le jour de l’annulation des elections par le tribunal administratif, le 23 octobre 2014. And the excitement of finishing what you thought was a polished manuscript, only to receive discouraging feedback pointing to serious craft flaws? That way the rejection can be filtered as constructive criticism my clients can use to improve their work. But as with anything else, trends reach their peak and begin to decline as readers look for something new and different.
Reminding myself that he wants his message to reach readers and that he is in control encourages patience until the industry settles into a new stability.
Being in the A-B last name group, had he not broken his leg, he would have been there, and killed as well.
God’s plan and His timing are perfect for many reasons, most of which we may never see. After the initial excitement, they seem to lose patience to wait for the fruit to come and soon the plants shrivel up and die. You can’t imagine the joy I had when I learned I was teaching his granddaughter in Sunday school!
The difference between linear and cyclical time is astounding and affects just about every aspect of life.
I’ve had sick kids at home with me for two weeks straight, so productivity naturally has fallen by the wayside. I know it takes patience, but who could feel good about achieving a book contract more quickly while sacrificing these formative years with the children God entrusted to you. I’m sure Beverly Lewis had no idea she was starting a major trend when she sat down to write her first Amish story. That’s another circumstance requiring patience by all that I should have included in the list. Your willing patience to take the time needed to grow spiritually and in your craft is valuable time spent.
Listening to extremely fast or music that might have angry words in them could not only make you impatient but also depressed so be sure to only listen to calming music.

Whenever you find yourself getting impatient then now all you need to do is just say the chant or either one of the affirmations and you will be amazed as to how much it starts to help you throughout the day and evening. Rejections are particularly frustrating when the editor comments that they contracted a similar book and therefore must pass on yours. Publishers bought up contracts for historical romance series until their slots are filled through next year. Publishing was stable for years, which makes the state of flux during the last six years unsettling for writers and professionals, including agents.
But your Don Burgett story is a perfect illustration for patiently trusting in God’s timing.
The many occasions we have to exercise patience in the writing and publishing journey are opportunities to reflect his character.
I usually make a request for the Lord to answer as quickly as He can – I hate waiting. A paralyzing premise, or a real-life emergency almost always comes up to scrape against that deadline. So my impatience is mainly with myself, in trying to develop the discipline to write more often.
When discouragement rises, we can compare ourselves to when we first began and be encouraged that we are not the same … we have grown.
Please note that this chant usually will just last for about 24 hours but if you do some ritual and also say positive affirmations about patience throughout the day then you will find that it will last longer. Reassessing our strategy for our clients’ projects and careers is a frequent topic of discussion in our Books & Such staff meetings.
One thing I do know is, the twists and turns of my plot are different than what I had originally planned.
Any mega-published author will confirm that craft is a life-long learning process, and the percentage of writers whose first book is published by a traditional publisher is very low. I received a rejection on a client’s proposal because the acquisitions editor determined the book was too niche. Not only patience with yourself, but with others, with the process, and with God’s plan. True, it did have a primary niche audience, but the niche involved thousands of people across the country, a secondary audience, and my client had a national speaking platform. Don’t attempt to write for the current popular genre if it isn’t the right fit for you and the audience you’ve been accumulating. My main concern is, regardless, if I am blessed to have my story published, that the basic truths of it, whatever they may be, are biblical. When I talk to new writers, I try to encourage them to enjoy the journey and resist the urge to set a self-imposed deadline.
By the time you get your book written, the trend will have changed again, and you will have confused your followers.
That fosters patience, and it’s the most direct path of endurance to reach your publishing goal. The one thing that continues to help me, in my restlessness, is the thought that it will be better to have walked out my faith longer, than to end up publishing a book that is not pleasing to the Lord. Despite the mistakes I continue to make along the way, my best conclusion, thus far, is to trust that I am growing, as long as I am abiding- and consequently, that my story will be more meaningful, in the end, the more fully it reflects that growth. Of course, I’m praying that the people who critique my book, and anyone who chooses to publish it, will do so prayerfully.

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