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An untidy space and neglected appliances can hamper your laundry room’s productivity and create a household hazard. In addition to its main function, the typical laundry area also serves as a catchall, which means that it can quickly succumb to disorganization.
In fact, continuing to ignore dirt and disorder in the laundry room can lead to some real safety hazards.
Cast your gaze over all the non-essentials that have gradually accumulated in your laundry area, choking the available space. After you’ve removed the obvious excesses, move on to cull your stash of cleaning supplies. Organize what remains on shelving or in cabinets, being careful not to store reactive chemicals, such as ammonia and bleach, adjacent to each other.
Today’s appliances are so user-friendly that homeowners often forget that washers and dryers, like any other heavy-duty machines, need at least occasional, if not regular, maintenance.
Your efforts at upkeep will be rewarded by tip-top performance, longer product lifespans, and even peace of mind. First, carefully inspect the washing machine hoses — both the hot and cold inlet hoses and the drain hose — for signs of wear. Cleaning the dryer’s lint trap regularly is essential to keep the appliance operating efficiently and safely. It may also be wise to equip the drain hose with a strainer to keep debris from clogging the outflow. When it comes to the dryer, you already know the lint trap needs to be cleaned after each use. Next, clean the exhaust by first disconnecting the hose from behind the appliance, then vacuuming out the buildup. If your exhaust hose is made of either flexible plastic or foil, don’t hesitate to replace it with rigid or flexible metal ducting.
Believe it or not, the washing machine needs to be washed — not weekly, but every so often, particularly if you own pets. Also, be aware that residue from detergent and fabric softeners can accumulate over time to the point where it causes performance issues — and a foul odor. Finally, check the filters that sit where the hot and cold water inlet hoses meet the washing machine. You should notice a performance improvement, but that won’t be the only payoff — with this little bit of regular maintenance, you can also expect your washer and dryer to last longer and cost less to run.
Now, with your laundry area decluttered and reorganized, and your washer and dryer cleaned up and humming along, resolve to show this undervalued space more respect in the future. Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of Zillow.
Bob Vila is the home improvement expert widely known as host of TV’s This Old House, Bob Vila's Home Again, and Bob Vila. Could we change our attitude, we should not only see life differently, but life itself would come to be different. Not many things in life rival the butterfly feeling of falling in love, but making a new girlfriend comes close. There's the best friend from childhood (Nikki), high school (Ann), and the college best friend who becomes more like the sister you never had (Rachel). I have found though that as I age, I am less likely to enter into these Beaches-esque friendships that came so naturally in my youth.
Itinerary for your ideal weekend? Saturday I make biscuits and gravy after sleeping in (thanks Gabe!), we do some farm chores with the boys in the day, and let the animals graze while we all play outside.
With the unprecedented social media blitz raining down on Planned Parenthood as we enter the latest way-too-long election cycle, I figured it was time to pipe up. What we do stand to lose is universal access to Planned Parenthood, that often vilified baby-hating abortion factory. While I have never had an abortion, I have certainly taken advantage of Planned Parenthood. When I lived in Chicago, Planned Parenthood provided yearly pap exams and discounted birth control. So thank you, Planned Parenthood, for all that you provided me in the years when I would have had to go without ever seeing a doctor. That being said, homemade tacos, even with my beloved America's Test Kitchen recipe, just didn't cut it.
Drink pairing: Gabe will go classic with a Negro Modelo, while I tend to hit up a nice farm Saison. Once the beef is cooked through, remove the lid and cook for another hour or so until the liquid has cooked down.
I want to get back to the land, without leaving the best of modern conveniences and culture behind. If you have more than a few years of experience, you might find that creating a concise, one-to-two page resume is more difficult than you would expect.
Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. For busy college students, ideal dorm room ideas deliver the most functional or decorative impact with the least investment of time.
In her book, Speed Decorating, interior decorator Jill Vegas offers tips and tricks for anyone interested in putting together a beautiful space—quickly. Liberate your dorm room from attention-stealing disorder by placing your possessions out of sight and into trunks or storage boxes. Inspired by Kondo's method, we've created a seven-day challenge that will help bring order to your home for good. When you've gone through everything — and discarded quite a bit — it's time to properly fold what you're keeping.
It's Hump Day, so this should be a simple day — unless you happen to have shelves bulging with old DVDs, electronic equipment, and games.
Just as with your desk and bookshelves, rid the surfaces and cabinets in your dining and living rooms of the items you likely will never use again.

Much as you did in your bathroom, take a good look at what's in your kitchen and decide what you use vs. This disarray, coupled with benign neglect, not only hampers the space’s functionality, but also carries both aesthetic and practical consequences.
Here are some guidelines to help you ward off danger and ensure that your laundry appliances and the space itself are operating at peak performance. Also, be aware that flammable liquids must never be kept near a gas-fired appliance, be it a water heater, boiler or furnace.
According to the National Fire Protection Association, one out of every 22 house fires starts in the laundry room. Meanwhile, the component most likely in need of attention is the gasket around the washer door. To do a thorough job, consider purchasing a dryer vent cleaning kit — ideally one with a rotary brush that extends up to 12 feet.
Because they’re smooth on the inside, metal ducts resist the clogs that create so many problems, including fires. Wait for the interior drum to be completely dry, then vacuum using the brush attachment before wiping down the walls. To combat this problem, periodically run the empty washer with a cup of white vinegar or liquid chlorine bleach instead of detergent. After all, you spend plenty of time here, and you deserve a clean, safe, efficient work environment. If this is your first time signing up, you will soon receive an email asking you to confirm your choice to subscribe.
Whether it's that first time your swings synch up at recess, or when you get invited to spend the night, or later, when you catch someone rolling her eyes at the exact same time in a company meeting.
Partly because priorities shift -- there isn't as much time to contemplate the inner workings of the universe and your latest crush with a new friend when you're married with a full-time job and a few kids -- but that's not the only reason. Mussels and frites at Bistro Vendome, big fat bottle of red, Gabe telling me stupid jokes about the uptight group of businessmen at the neighboring table. I'm going to assume that all the animals are cared for, the boys are with Gabe, and the house is clean. For dinner we make pizza together and then watch a "classic" movie from my youth all piled on the couch under one blanket. It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me that the hashtag #istandwithplannedparenthood would be one that I support. I am a mother of two wonderful boys who were planned (kind of, they showed up more on their schedule than mine, but you get the gist) and wanted. Sure, a standard pelvic exam won't rile voters the same way that an inflammatory video does, but it's just as big a part of the story. Thank you for enabling me to take control of my body and make well-informed reproductive choices.
When Gabe and I lived in Los Angeles we had the best taco joint in our adjoining strip mall, and the Tacos de los Gringos had us pegged.
That McCormick-style seasoning mix and some browned ground beef never tasted like the real thing. I want to teach our kids about caring for nature, animals, and where their food comes from.
When you could go on at length about your experiences at various schools and other institutions, what do you include, and what do you omit? Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Low fuss is always a plus, but for college students in particular, the concept of fast-pace design holds special appeal. POPSUGAR editors and readers alike can't get enough of organisational strategies, and the one tactic that pops up over and over again is that of Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo recommends taking everything from your dresser and closet and making one big pile to go through all at once.
The KonMari method dictates folding shirts and pants into small squares and then storing them vertically in a drawer or shelf.
Does the area look like a general repository for whatever is in your hands when you arrive home, including old mail, shoes, pet accoutrements, and bags? Make a space by your front door where you can store daily essentials like a wallet, a transportation pass, and shoes — and that's it. Sure, you can hold on to essentials like deeds, warranties, and birth certificates, but get rid of out-of-date bills and random papers.
Consider only keeping the books that make you happy, and entertain the idea of actually recycling or donating the rest.
That definitely includes out-of-date technology (goodbye, VHS player!) and the random cords found around every home. Be relentless when it comes to paring down your vanity and storage to only the makeup, shampoo, conditioner, and other items you actually use regularly. Consider how you actually live, and not the special, sometime-in-the-future circumstance that exists only in your imagination.
Minimize the danger by retaining only what you use, and getting rid of any products that have passed their expiration date. To form a proper seal, the rubber needs to be intact and flexible, so look for cracks or tears. This is all followed by an involuntary smile, a roller coaster flip-flop in your stomach, and the question with endless possibilities, "Could she be the one?
Kristin went first and gave what I am sure was a lovely, evocative answer involving the dominant characteristics that come into play when she selects the perfect wine to match her mood and meal. Bonnie Raitt's is the standard, but Delta Spirit just covered it at a concert this summer with Julie Davis from The Wheel and KILLED IT.
Which I only ever listened to because I saw an article that country radio was boycotting it because they thought it was a devil lesbian song, so of course I checked it out. On Sunday we can go for a hike, then the boys have dinner with their granny and grandpa while Gabe and I catch a movie and have dinner out.

But for anyone who found their way to this blog via our Pare Down Facebook page, or a recipe on Pinterest, and who now wants nothing to do with Pare Down, I invite you to give this a read. My husband and I welcomed them into a home that was well stocked with clothes, diapers, a grip of baby gear, and hugs and kisses to spare.
I don't have the ability (or desire) to change an anti-abortionist's stance on the issue any more than they could change mine.
I am so grateful for the care, and happy to report that my planned journey to parenthood has been a success. I tried a few recipes, then did what any self-respecting cook does and morphed them all to make my own. Add in some homemade refried beans (try these) and easy-as-pie homemade corn tortillas (whoops, not this time), and your tacos will blow your mind.
I want our boys' ability to navigate a touch screen to be balanced by their ability to navigate the land. While undergraduates want to live in fun and functional surroundings, their favorite dorm room ideas are usually those requiring the least time to implement. It's commonly called the KonMari method, and in a nutshell, it involves significantly paring down your belongings until you're left with only the items that spark joy or see regular use. Plus, she advocates getting rid of many household items, so make sure to consider donating anything in good or reusable condition.
That way, you can see every single possession — and nothing gets squished at the bottom of a pile. Odds are, you'll never again read most of your books, and right now, they're only taking up space and collecting dust. Get familiar with beauty expiration dates and chuck anything you really shouldn't be using anymore. If you aren't a pro already, familiarise yourself with how to fold a fitted sheet properly. If you are holding on to old serveware or silverware for sentimental reasons, thank the pieces for all they've done — and give yourself permission to give them away. Depending on the age of your appliance, you may be able to find a suitable replacement at your local hardware store or home center. Rinse them in cold water, put them back in place, reconnect the lines, and restore the water supply. My new best friend?" And unlike spouses, with best friends it's okay to go ahead and have more than one at the same time. When you're young, there isn't so much backstory to get caught up on before you hit BFF status; there aren't so many potential pitfalls in terms of likes, beliefs, and common ground. Then I pour a giant glass of wine, grab my Kindle, and lock myself in my room for 4 solid hours and read a book without interruption or falling asleep.
Because come on, no matter how old you get, truth or dare is the foundation of any true friendship. I loved setting up the nursery, and then adapting it to welcome a second son, almost as much as I loved the babies themselves. My parents read this blog.) Even better, when I was living in Los Angeles and among that city's throng of nearly homeless acting hopefuls, my healthcare at Planned Parenthood was free. My own husband grew up being taught that the only service PP provided was that of abortion.
Finally, Kondo suggests that aspiring organisers tackle their home in one whirlwind day, but we believe that true, lasting change takes a bit longer — perhaps, one full week.
But if you're saving a certain piece of clothing for an indeterminate occasion, say goodbye.
You'll be surprised at all the room you've suddenly freed up and how easy it is to locate and grab the items used daily.
Tidy your fridge and cabinets, and organise what's left so that you can easily find what gets used often. The remaining 9 answers ranged from coffee to strawberry lemonade to -- no kidding -- water. I am grateful that I never had to face the choice of what to do in the case of an unwanted or unsafe pregnancy. For five years, while I was fresh out of college and struggling with an acting career, Planned Parenthood was my main source of health care.
Kristin's coworkers will never be invited to our supper club.) Gin and lemonade in the summer, vanilla vodka and ginger ale in the winter. But if I had, I would again feel grateful to live in a country where this very painful, very personal decision would have been both safe and legal. People can protest all they want, it's their American right, but like it or leave it abortion is here to stay. At a time when I couldn't afford a latte, I could still see a doctor for any number of lady problems, and good ol' generic people problems, without having to cough up a dime.
Let it be known: For many of the nation's poor, and for those not-so-poor who may not have great reproductive coverage through their standard insurance, Planned Parenthood is a gateway to receiving quality, affordable healthcare. Because let's be straight on this one topic, when abortions were illegal they still happened. Granted I had to get buzzed in through a bullet-proof glass entryway to get there, but once inside it was just your average doctors office with crappy old magazines and daytime TV in the lobby. Rich women traveled to obtain them safely, and poor women resorted to more dangerous measures, but abortions were still being performed.
By threatening to steal their funding and forcing a number of their doors to close, we are denying many of this nation's men and women their right to receive basic exams, prescriptions, and yearly checkups.
There is a great short documentary from 1992 called When Abortion Was Illegal that is currently streaming on YouTube.
Let those women tell you themselves how illegal abortion affected their lives, because unlike me they lived through it.

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