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Sit in a comfortable relaxed position with back straight at 90 degree with the base and keep your eyes closed without pressure on lids.
While continuing to pay attention to breathing, you hear sounds of birds, children, vehicles and such things around.
Being aware of sounds as accepted and paying attention to breathing, think I am nobody, think I am not anywhere and be egoless. Everybody has been a child, and everybody has the same urge to get love; and nobody is born in any other way. If you want to live a more fulfilled life, first you will want to know your potential, who you really are. Osho was always in the center of controversy because of his fleet of Rolls Royce and his views on sex. But while controversy and polarization with were caused by his views, he left us with some interesting forms of meditation.
Just do not get disturbed because of noise, instead accept them as being natural and accept them without resistance. A dynamic Indian mystic, in the 1970s and 1980s he went through a few name changes finally settled on his name.

And remember, you will find many more in the regularly rotated “Meditation of the Week” and “Meditation For Busy People.” 1. To tell the fascinating story of this Yogi it is best to read his “Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic”.
It is still practiced in groups today, I know of a regular group meeting in downtown chicago.
Watching the BreathBreath-watching is a method that can be done anywhere, at any time, even if you have only a few minutes available. You may look like Buddha, you may walk like Buddha, you may talk like Buddha, but you will miss. And his retreat in India is known around the world as a leading gathering point for meditation and spirituality. An active meditation is when people exert themselves and then quickly drop to the floor and lie motionless.
You have to be aware, otherwise you will start counting the exhalation, or you will go over 10. If you enjoy this meditation, continue it. Four Levels of RelaxingThis particular method is useful for those time when you are sick because it helps build a loving connection, to create a rapport between yourself and your bodymind.

Just go to that part of the body, and persuade that part, say to it lovingly ‘Relax!’ You will be surprised that if you approach any part of your body, it listens, it follows you – it is your body! With closed eyes, go inside the body from the toe to the head, searching for any place where there is a tension. And then talk to that part as you talk to a friend; let there be a dialogue between you and your body.
Many people start with the mind and they fail; they fail because they start from a wrong place.
Everything should be done in the right order. If you become capable of relaxing the body voluntarily, then you will be able to help your mind relax voluntarily.
Once you have become confident that the body listens to you, you will have a new trust in yourself.

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