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October 9, 2011 By Claire Leave a Comment Last week we featured a Winning Workspaces article on our Facebook page that shared tips for organizing your desk and office space.
Two of the most common questions that potential and existing clients ask me are: ‘How do I organize my desk at work?’ and ‘How do I keep my desk organized?’. Whether you are putting together your home office, your desk at work, or a small desk sitting in your bedroom, making your desk a happy and organized place is important. I personally feel that making an investment in a good laptop or desktop is a worthwhile move. I know this sounds kind of silly, but taking notes with one type of pen that you really really like can make all of your notes feel way more organized. I happen to hate paper and try to avoid it at all costs (I scan everything through the Genius Scan app!) but in case the occasional paper does come across my desk, I put it right in an organizer so it doesn’t just sprawl across my desk. While things you want to keep track of should go in a notebook or task management program, there are some things you just need to look at today (i.e.
Paperclips, staples, rubberbands, and other small accessories can make a big mess of things. A cute letter opener from Jonathan Adler, a frame with your puppy or family, and anything else that gives your desk a little personality and makes you smile is a necessary addition. Ever notice that no matter how many little things are scattered around they somehow look better on a tray?
When you are setting a timeline or goals for your tasks its wise to choose realistic guidelines.
We really loved what this piece had to say and felt it was only fair to follow up with our perspective on office organization, so read on for a few WOW-approved tips and tricks. At the Well-Organized Woman, we believe that an organized work space encourages a productive work day, so my answer to these queries is almost always the same — take the time to establish and stick to organizational routines and layouts for yourself and your space.
When you arrive to the office the next day, you can sit right down and start the day’s tasks.
Some productivity experts suggest waiting at least an hour after waking up to check emails. Everything returns to its place when you are done using it or at the end of the day when completing your office re-set. Henry Gantt was a mechanical engineer from John Hopkins University and an early associate of Frederick Taylor.

She launched The Prepary in 2012 to share job search advice in a reliable, relatable, and straightforward way through her site and through one on one job search consulting services. We all have extremely busy lives and it seems like there is always something going on, with very little down time! You can choose what form to do this in whether it be in your Outlook calendar, your mobile calendar , or maybe its just the calendar hanging up in your cubicle right in front of you! When your workday is about to be over take a few minutes and write down some things that you want to get accomplished for the following day.
Even the best worker at times can get caught up in the craziness and become disorganized, it happens! Organization comes right behind purging and it allows you to start your year off with a clean slate for your home and your mind. Spending a few extra minutes to organize your tasks and your desk before your day begins and as your day ends ensures that your time out of the office is spent on your personal life — the good stuff! In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Because of this it can seem like we are always trying to stay on top of our "To Do Lists" and make sure we get everything done!
The advantage of using your online or mobile calendars and planners is that you can set up reminders, which we all need! Allocate enough time per goal so that you know you will be able to finish them and do them well. When you come in the next morning you will have an outline of exactly you need to get done and you can just get right into it!
In 2011 let’s try and use organization as a tool to make our lives more productive, and easier to get around our homes. If you have flexibility give yourself some extra time to complete a task so that you can devote some extra time to it to make it excellent.
Having a clean, organized work area is an important part of being productive, it just helps. If you organize only for it to look pretty, or because it’s what everyone else is doing, you will not keep it throughout the year. A mini re-set in your day can help you get your efforts back on track.Lastly, if these tips and tricks have your head spinning, start small and slow by adding one or two new behaviors every few days.

So take a few minutes today and clean your desk, file all those loose papers and organize everything else. Consider having vertical shelving or ceiling mounted shelving installed to take advantage of hidden storage areas. Use clear bins to label contents, and bring excess storage from inside the house into the garage.
This area is the point of entry and it gets most of the kid’s shoes, backpacks, and the adults work bags and gym bags. For larger laundry rooms consider open shelving adjacent to the washer and dryer or cabinets. If the answer is a long time, and it’s not because you love to cook, look at your organization. Drawers with utensils and gadgets should be purged, and use drawer organizers to separate large and small items. In this new year take the time and clean out old magazines, organize bookshelves, and tidy up entertainment centers with baskets, bins or drawers. Make your bathrooms an enjoyable space by adding usable storage around your sink and counter areas.
Most kids will not realize many of their items are missing that are under the bed, or lost way back in a closet.
Choose furniture pieces, or have millwork built to house supplies, and recreation equipment.
For hobby and craft rooms, use drawer storage with rolling casters, and utilize wall space for display. The more creativity you have with your storage, the more enjoyable the space will be to use.Organizing your home in 2011 can be simple with some advanced planning and time preparation. Remember, it didn’t take one week for your home to become cluttered; therefore one week may not be enough time to tackle the entire house.
Organize your home, organize your life, and enjoy your home for what is was intended for… to enjoy life!Freshome readers what are you doing this year to organize your home?

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