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Part of Project Organize My Life is about planning for unseen events or emergency situations. Here, we’ll look at a few organizing calendars available this year, including two that I have had fun creating. Recent winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, the Day Ja View Calendar?, solves the problem of having to write recurring appointments over and over again. This is a weekly desk planning calendar which shows a full week across two pages.  There are four sections, marked by different colours on each day which you can use to organize tasks by time of day, or with a separate colour per person.
Based on the Wheel of Life, a commonly used coaching tool, this calendar reminds us of what is important in life through its words and imagery.  My intent is that this calendar inspire viewers to choose what they want to have more of in their lives, and to give those areas greater attention.
This calendar is also a collaboration with Yuriko Zakimi, and is available at Indigo for $16.95. There is so much in our lives that we don’t have the privilege of controlling or changing. Isn’t organizing life some huge monstrous job that our parents should have done for us before we went to college? In looking over these four areas of life and looking ahead in 2015, I made four decisions- one for each area of life development. Right now, I am reading one chapter a day in Proverbs as part of the 2015 Bible Reading challenge.
Social organization doesn’t necessarily mean you are the party planner for the next neighborhood get-together. Scheduling regular opportunities for social interaction is the key for growing relationships.
Am I using my social time effectively to communicate and love others God places in my path? Keeping schedules and having routines is what helps me pull these four areas of life together and manage them.
While this is a long post on how to organize your life, the beginning of a new year is a great time to establish routines.
PS: Bloggers, if you are looking for Whimsical Wednesday, I have decided to discontinue the linkup.

I am ( or so I thought before reading this post) a Very organized person.You showed me that I need to keep that skill up in All areas of my life! Thank you for this great post and for encouraging us to simplify organization by focusing on these four areas. Join over 25,000 subscribers and enjoy a download of my FREE ebook, Women in the Bible, Beautiful and Brave when you subscribe!
Keep your home clean and clutter free with these fantastic ideas which cover everything from laundry to toys.
No matter whether you have shoes spilling out of the closet, paperwork lying about, laundry piling up or stuff everywhere, with over 100 ideas this is the ultimate list of ways you can organize everyA aspect of your life.
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And while I don’t consider myself the top-notch expert, today I wanted to answer this reader question the best way I know how. I believe it means we purposefully choose what to place in our minds and know the choice will make us stronger mentally.
While I used to keep journals or spreadsheets, my favorite ways to track these two items are using apps.
While I could use lots of work in all four areas, I think I really need to work on being intentional in my relationships this year. With this free valuables printable I will have all the information I need if I ever have to make an insurance claim.
In the last two weeks, I’ve been thinking heavily about how much better I feel when life is organized. Since the beginning of summer, I cut back on the amount of time I was spending on exercise from an average of 4 or 5 times a week for 30-60 minutes, depending on training days, to 2-3 times  a week for 20 minutes.
I use a free running app called RL Free and simply enter my times and mileage for each run throughout the year.
The awesome thing about participating in this study is that it provides organization for three of the four life areas- mental, spiritual and the next one- social.

These people are in your home, your office, your neighborhood, your grocery store, your church- essentially, your community. I would love to hear how you have approached these four life areas and what you’re doing to organize your life this year! I currently work full time but suffer tremendously because of debilitating back issues…non treatable. But when I think about my overall life organizational plan, I realize sometimes I can make better choices that would prevent the crazy overwhelmed feeling that I don’t like so much. Whether via social media, in direct conversation, or handwriting letters, social growth can happen in all different kinds of ways. Because we have such a large family, I won’t explain all the activities and how we choose our social interactions. I plan to read at least 36 books this year and I want to purposely choose to read some of those 36 books outside of my typical Christian nonfiction genre choice. I can just tell you that I’m a better wife, mother, blogger, author, whatever, when I run regularly. God and I enjoy an ongoing conversation throughout the day and I have a prayer journal that I write in almost every day. At that point, I will evaluate my work schedule and family life to determine the next Bible study participation. But I found that sometimes I overbooked myself because I wasn’t taking BOTH calendars into consideration. So with the beginning of the new year, I’m back in half marathon training mode and excited about it! Simply logging the food will help me make better choices, even if I’m not concerned about counting calories or losing weight.

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