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Meditation Teacher Training - Now Online: In response to global demand for The Mindfulness Center Meditation Teacher Training and other mind-body educational programs featuring Dr. The Mindfulness Center online Meditation Teacher Training is a 160-hour immersion program that informs the participant through both informational content and experiential practices using podcasts of guided meditations, journaling, scripting and recording your own meditations, along with a library of content rich in information on the science, practice and application of mindfulness in health care and education. Learning materials provide an overview of the role of mindfulness in education, health care and other community building roles, drawing on both the modern scientific evidence-basis and ancient wisdom. Schedule: The beta testing training begins by January 1, 2016, and requires 160 hours to complete.
Sahaja Yoga Meditation online course will take you on a journey in which you will learn the first steps towards the purest form of meditation, Sahaja Yoga Meditation.
Whether one is looking for peace of mind, a stress-free life or physical well-being, Sahaja Yoga Meditation offers it all. We know how important meditation is to holistic health, but we also know how difficult stillness can (sometimes) be. This meditation is great for actively helping your contact your inner guidance, wisdom, or compassion. Metta is a practice of loving-kindness that can be directed to whomever you wish to send that energy. Kabat-Zinn has a calming, relaxed voice with which he presents a basic mindfulness meditation practice. Register with MeetMindful for free today—the fastest growing dating site for conscious singles. In this article of our online meditation course we’ll be looking at how to do Chakra Dhyana Meditation technique. 1 : Sit comfortably with good posture, making sure your spine is in proper alignment and that your body is relaxed. 3: Spend a few minutes doing basic breathing meditation in order to get yourself to relax and to develop focus. This certification program is appropriate for educators, health care providers, social workers, mental health professionals and adults working with adolescents and interested in incorporating mindfulness meditation into a professional setting. Experiential practice cultivates a deeper self-practice, and builds the foundation for teaching group and one-on-one sessions. If it is up and running before then, you will be the first to know and to have access to the training. If you are focused solely on completing the Meditation Teacher Training, you may complete the program more quickly. We are starting a new Washington DC meetup that combines several spiritual disciplines such as Meditation, Yoga, TUMMO Reiki, Chi Gong(Qigong) and Tai Chi with all other fun outdoor activities like Hiking, Cycling, Canoeing, Wine Tasting, Camping, Golf and Tennis.

Because what you could find is something which can give your life a new dimension, a new meaning.
Today, meditators from across the globe, whether young or old, have found an effective way of bettering their lives using Sahaja Yoga Meditation.
My butt may be on a cushion in a quiet room, but in bringing attention to my mind I notice circling tigers, screeching macaws, and the buzz of a million noisy bugs.
He leads you through a visualization where you bring up a challenging experience and then welcome a strong, compassionate being at the door who helps you bring that strength and compassion into the challenge. By repeating four basic phrases over and over, you attempt to contact your heart and your desire for peace, happiness, and safety.
The guide brings us through a visualization during which we encounter people with whom we have different relationships: an openly loving one, neutral one, and one with someone with whom we have some challenge or conflict. The meditation gives wisdom about the value of meditation and the purpose of using meditation to bring you back into contact with your direct experience.
They’re great to cycle through, doing one a day or to practice individually over and over.
I live on a half acre in the woods with my husband, two kids, two dogs, five chickens and a guinea pig named Rosie.
Be sure to read the instructions carefully before continuing.  We welcome you to our wonderful community. During the Chakra Dhyana meditation technique you will touch the tips of your index fingers to your thumbs in this fashion. Visualise the chakra as orange, Say “Om Swadhisthana” then recite “VUNG” before imagining the chakra turning gold. From authors to spiritual gurus, I've been blessed to have many truly inspirational figures in my life. If you are interested in becoming a certified meditation teacher, join us as we beta-test our new virtual training. If you have other demands and priorities in your life right now, you can spread out the training and the experience over several months or even up to a year (18 months for those who enroll in the beta testing before November 6, 2015).
All the images, music and sounds of nature are so chosen to help guide you and to give you a feeling of peace. Its surprising simplicity combined with immediate and tangible results has proven that Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a wholesome and enriching experience. Imagine a delightful concoction which gives each person the flavor he or she desires and needs at any time of day. The breath is an invaluable anchor into the moment, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little company to help you along in your practice.

The following meditations are cheese-free (I find a lot of the guided meditations online are pretty cheesy and new-agey). Kornfield is a down-to-earth guide and gentle teacher and his simple but wise support is a really nice experience.
During the first 3 chakras touch the tips of the thumb, then the middle of the thumb for the 5th and 6th chakra, then the base of the thumb for the 7th and 8th. Finally imagine the chakra turning gold and say the words “Kundalini arohanum” a few times.
Recite the sound YUNG, imagine the chakra turning gold and say “Kundalini arohanum” a few times. Training progresses through several stages, and as you progress, additional materials are provided. We recommend planning to complete the program within 4 months of beginning it, but again, the exact timing is up to you. With Sahaja Yoga Meditation, one finds this ever flowing source of delight that revitalizes and brings joy to every moment of one's life.
With guided meditation, there is a quiet, soothing voice offering wisdom and direction on the path. There is plenty of silence with occasional reminders to step away from our thinking mind into our Being. Once you register, beginning soon, but January 1 at the latest, you will have access to all of the training materials for a period of 18 months (this is 6 months more than regular enrollment, available only to beta testers.) After your 18 months has expired, if you would like further access to the training materials, you may contact Roxanne Lerner, the Training Registrar, to discuss your interests.
What could be more fun and more spiritual than doing meditation before or after a day of exciting activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Hiking, Wine Tasting, Cycling, Camping, Canoeing, and Golfing?
Our group is aiming for fun, spiritual experiences for people around the Washington DC area. In each ZenAdventures, we combine warm and sunny weather, friendly and spiritual people, gentle and graceful movements, beautiful scenery and fun outdoor activities are all into one.
Please join us in these exciting ZenAdventures and experience the fusion of what the bests of East and West have to offer. If you are strong in one of these areas, and willing to step up to the plate, please email me for the job.

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