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Record-holding free divers Christina & Eusebio Saenz de Santamaria, aka One ocean One breath, explore oceans and other large bodies of water around the world, diving deep down on only one breath.
The images from this particular trip reveal the unbelievable beauty of the natural underground reservoir. Eusebio: “My eyes are closed, my mind is focused, my thoughts are of my body as I plunge into the depths.
Sharks Bay are privileged at the prospect of assisting in the Freediving World Record which is being attempted by Annelie Pompe from 5th – 15th November 2012.  “One breath, one dive, Freedom” is a quote from Annelie which seems appropriate as she will be using our Freedom boats to access the fixed platform and be using Freedom IV as a base for her team throughout. Annelie will first attempt to reclaim the VWT (Variable Weight Apnea) record which currently stands at 127m.  She is aiming for 130m and if this record goes well and the team have time, she will move on to attempt the NLT (No Limits Apnea) record by sled diving to 161m. Her training is going very well with; she says “an easy dive” today to only 112m!!  It’s been a pleasure to host Annelie and her team and we wish her every success in November.
Welcome to our downloads area - where you will find a beautiful screensaver (at this time for PC only - sorry all other platform users) and some inspirational desktop wallpaper images straight from the book.

ScreensaverPlease click on the 'Download Screensaver' link below to download the beautiful PC Screensaver for free.
Desktop BackgroundsBelow are four thumbnail images from One Breath that you can click on to enlarge and, if you would like, save as your Desktop Background image (instructions below).
Click on the appropriate resolution (either '800x600' or '1024x768') and your image will open in a new browser window. Tutti e due titolari di record di freediving, Eusebio e Christina sono appassionati di immagini e pubblicano delle fotografie subacquee magnifiche! Tramite articoli quotidiani avvolti in uno stile unico in linea con le tendenze urbane e digitali, Darlin ha creato una community esigente nei contenuti proposti. More than simply plunging into vast expanses of water, though, the married couple also manage to capture their daring underwater adventures on camera.
The underwater landscape's cavernous setting is illuminated by an angelic light streaming in from above, making it possible for the duo to take some truly "breathtaking" shots.

My thoughts are focused on the present; my movements, my technique, the increasing pressure on my lungs, the sensations of the water slipping over my body. I am aware of every sound and submerged vibration; the friction against the dive rope, the equlisation of my ears. If you are using a different platform or wish to view the screensaver first, there is a short QuickTime movie for you to view. On one excursion, using their Nikon D7000, some natural light, and a strong set of lungs, the free diving duo took a deep breath and submerged themselves into the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.
It's hard to believe that the two free divers were able to procure the stunning images, let alone dive into the deep abyss without an oxygen tank.

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