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By using our decluttering services you can make the most of your space whether it is possessions or paperwork that is your bug bear. Whether you need just a little assistance or you have a bigger project we can show you how to get organised for life and make the most of your space and resources. Your surplus belongings can be sold or passed on to someone; donated to charity or recycled.
It isn’t just the practical aspect of decluttering though , we look to the future too.
The office is often seems to be a spot of contention in the house because of the important role it can play. A home office tends to collect things: awards, collectibles, books, souvenir mugs, and a host of other items find a home on and around your desk. If you put stuff away in the desk, avoid the inclination to want to clean the desk drawers.
When you think you have everything in the proper location, do another quick pass and straighten things up. To start your decluttering process go through the house first and make a list of everything that you are tolerating. So, if you really want to get the ball rolling, try to handle as many things on the following list in the next 22 days as possible.
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Clients,  of all ages and from all walks of life, come to us because they need help on how to get organised.
We are members of APDO UK – The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers.

Using our commercial experience we can also review and declutter your business procedures and processes so that you make the best use of that precious resource – time. Your concierge will help you find processes, habits and storage that work for you, so that once you’ve got things straight, you can keep them that way. Louise helped me declutter and organise my house and her skills in this are second to none.  She has inspired me and given me confidence to keep up a more organised lifestyle. With so many people working at home at least part of the time, the office becomes the keeper of all that’s important – and everything is important. In your 15-minute declutter sweep, ignore the computer: it’s really only taking up space and there is not much you can do to make it uncluttered other than dealing with the cords (and that’s a 15-minute or more project on its own!). In addition, you likely have equipment such as a computer, printer, scanner, docking stations and external hard drives.
One very important preparation is decluttering your life and environment where you feel your energy drop.
Enjoy letting go and giving things to someone who might need them, feel the pressure going away, notice how you’re breathing lighter, feel the joy of creating space for new exciting things to happen in the upcoming year!
So contact us when you want help to weed your wardrobe, sort out your shelves, organise your office, clear out your cupboards, put your paperwork in order, lick your loft into shape,  glam up your garage or reorganise your rooms. And with our concierge connections to trusted vetted trademen we can help you source any tradesmen you require to make the most of your living space. For example, books go on the bookshelf (surprise!), knick knacks go on shelves and charging cords go in a drawer. You cannot file paperwork in 15 minutes so it needs to be collected into a central location for dealing with later.
It’s important to note that you should not plan to dust or clean anything at this time: that’s handled during your routine cleaning tasks.

When the list is done identify what can be done quickly and make a separate list with the bigger projects that might even need help from a professional like finding a system for your work flow or deciding on a new filing system on your computer etc. After our hubsters got on board and said they would reward us with a cruise of our choice, we started taking it very seriously, thus Pinterest365 emerged. Recently our services have been discussed on ITV’s  Loose Women programme with Denise Welch.
The things you will list might add up to quite a heavy load and look like too much for the 22 remaining days in 2012. It’s not the number of things that makes you rich, but the number of things that empower you and fuel up you energy. If possible schedule a decluttering weekend for the things that you think you can do in that time. Take the test: If you walk through your house and look at the things and objects on every shelf, desk, stacker or storage area, what happens with your energy? If they hold clothes or stuff that belongs elsewhere in the house, have a basket or box handy and toss them in. That’s the only critical measurement you need in order to decide if your home and working space need decluttering.

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