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We all contain a natural ability to enter the silence, collected energy, and expanded awareness of meditation. This is a non-denominational and non-religious meditation gathering for those who would like to learn and practise basic meditation technique in a group setting. No previous meditation experience is needed, beginners and experienced meditators are welcome. Within just eight weeks of meditation, cognitive function improves, your sense of empathy for others increases, your fear-centre and mind calm down.
Our new location- Yoga in Common, is in King George's Building which stretches between Horne road and Lavender street. You can see how the world can change for the better and know deep down that you are a part of that change. Your life purpose involves sharing your experience, learning and creative gifts to help others.

You have been called to a meaningful life through many life challenges, trauma and struggle. You are interested to learn more about spiritual truths, ancient wisdom traditions and self-realisation. You are ready to take responsibility for your own spiritual growth and personal development. You would like to contribute to and be a part of building a conscious community of like-minded and thoughtful spiritual seekers who want to give back to the world, help and support one another. Each class will include a short meditation, a teaching, and activities to help children increase their positive minds of patience, respect for others, giving, and loving kindness. Parents are welcome to stay with their children or they are invited to attend Prayers for World Peace at the main Center. The teachings utilize traditional Buddhist stories and meditations from the books of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, adapted for kids.

It has been shown to increase IQ, lessen depression, reduce blood pressure, help with managing anxiety, addictions and compulsive behaviour, lower chronic pain, PTSD, insomnia and other symptoms of stress. Time, energy and attention goes into the preparation each week, we appreciate that you honour this by advising us of your attendance in advance.
If you are late you are still welcome to join us but we ask that you be as quiet as possible so as to be mindful of the group already in meditation. Once you are facing it, with the road behind you, take the third staircase from the right between Hiap Hoe Hardware and Chop Hock Hong, up to the third floor.
Donations contribute to the sustainability of the class and ensures that others are also able to benefit from it.

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