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Annex C:The use of ISO safety signs for products ISO formatted signs have been in use internationally for many years. ISO 3864-1 defines a safety sign as a sign that gives general safety messages, obtained by a combination of a color and geometric shape and which, by the addition of a graphical symbol, conveys a particular safety message.
ISO 3864-2 is applicable to all products in all industries that may pose a safety question, however, ISO 3864-2 does not apply to the safety labeling of chemicals or the transport of dangerous chemicals.
ISO recommends that, to increase the understanding of the safety labels and its components, product manufacturers should incorporate hazardous warnings into their collateral materials such as: operator manuals, safety manuals, maintenance manuals. Safety symbols should be simple, distinct and logical, in order to be understood easily and interpred unambiguously. Products or machinery typically require more than one safety label to communicate both hazard identification and hazard avoidance information. It is well recognized that in many instances, well designed and properly placed safety labels can increase operator and maintenance personnel awareness of the inherent hazards involved when working with machinery. The surface to which the label(s) will be applied is clean and free of dirt, dust, grease and moisture.
Adhesive: Aggressive solvent based acrylic adhesive with excellent adhesion properties on a broad base of application substrates such as Stainless Steel, Acrylic, Glass, Coated Metals and Plastics.
Packaging: All machinery safety decals are available in convenient packages of 5 or bulk packages of 50.
Some of the biggest disappointments in the experience of those who have been blessed by God with discernment and vision and charged with carrying out a divine mission come not from God’s enemies but from within the camp of God’s own people.  That is Gideon’s frustration in this sad tale of two TransJordan cities of Gad that refused to step up to the plate and take their stand on the side of righteousness and faith. From the Lord’s perspective, there is no doubt regarding which side deserves support.  It should be based on supporting righteousness rather than trying to look into the future and from an expediency standpoint trying to anticipate the outcome and jumping on the bandwagon of the winner.

If you are on the same team as these weary and starved soldiers, what would prevent you from providing assistance? Adam Clarke: As Gideon was engaged in the common cause of Israel, he had a right to expect succor from the people at large.
James Jordan: Geographical study shows that he went all the way around the camp to the other side, and attacked during the night from the east, the quarter they would least have expected an attack to come from. Brensinger: The numbers seventy and seven frequently signifying completeness suggest that all of the officials have been accounted for. Matthew Henry: not all, perhaps not the elders or princes, but those that had affronted him, and those only. This story must refer to some earlier Midianite raid where members of Gideon’s family had been targeted and killed. The call has gone out from the mouth of the Lord: “Who will stand in the gap,” Ezek 22:30, between the righteous judgment of the Lord and the sinner doomed for hell?
Who will stand in the gap and tell those there is only two sides, good and evil, and each must decide which side they will be on, Exo 32:26  “Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the LORD’S side? The plea went forth from the throne of God for someone to go and tell the nation that judgment was coming. Are we going to sit on the sidelines and expect to be rewarded as part of the winning team or are we going to step out in faith and have the courage to take a stand for the Lord and His kingdom of righteousness? Brunette woman in hipster outfit sitting on steps and taking selfie on phone on the street.
Part of our prohibition safety sign range, to stop people sitting on surfaces, which could otherwise cause accidents leading to injury or damage to equipment.

In some instances, some safety labels can be in conformance with ANSI Z535.4 and not with ISO 3864, in other instances conformance with ISO does not necessarily means conformance with ANSI.
When a product safety label contains a single symbol, the layout of the product safety label should use one of the surround shapes below.
ANSI Z535.4 2002 does not required the use of a yellow equilateral triangle or the mandatory surround shape but, it does recognize it and permits their use. One or more passes over with a rag or roller will ensure that the label is completely glued on the surface and will not fall off.
Labels are screen printed with UV inks and over laminated with Clear Polyester to ensure a high degree of chemical, abrasion and heat resistance. Polyester offers superior chemical, abrasion and temperature resistance to vinyl labels, image is screen printed using UV resistant inks. He slew some of the men of the city that were most insolent and abusive, for terror to the rest, and so he taught the men of Penuel. Who will tell that sinner that Jesus loves them and that one day they must give an account for their sins? 099241 L000) 1 Mil Clear Polyester film coated with a clear pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive (UL® File No.

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