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Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, and a time for families and friends to gather together to exchange gifts, eat, drink and be extremely merry. The build up to Christmas can be a truly magical time of year and whilst all of this is lovely- it can all be too much, especially for families on a budget. The biggest temptation is to splash out on lavish gifts that we probably can’t afford and probably shouldn’t buy, especially if we are buying for children, its very easy to get carried away!
When I have visions of a family sitting down to their Christmas dinner, I tend to envisage a huge table filled with a banquet of meats, potatoes and vegetables with glasses of wines and spirits flowing freely amongst the gleeful guests! It can seem like the last thing you want to do, but imagine how much easier this Christmas would be if you were really organized and ready for it?
My name is Nicola and i have interests in technology, health & fitness, interior design and family matters.
I am Leigh (pronounced Ley) Langston, the artist behind the #FeedArt Network, formerly known as the Dangerous Lee Network. My mission is to help independent artists and creative entrepreneurs grow their audience and sell their works online. I am also the author and publisher of the Amazon best-selling safe sex erotica anthology, "Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down" and an eBook on the effects and affects of colorism, The Half Series: When Black People Look White. But most of all, I love to see how some parents make a happy Christmas even if they don’t have a lot of money. You can think how bad that would be not to have heating at Christmas – but this dad turned it into a wonderful adventure for his children.
Alfie Kohn has a light-hearted easy to read approach and at the same time he challenges many of our well-intended ideas about praising children. This exquisitebook is a great accompaniment to the Indigo Ocean Relaxation CD for children. These relaxation audios for children are presented in a story style that is appealing to children as the strong story element engages their imagination and gently teaches them skills to focus on breathing and to quiet the mind. Nancy Kline hasn't written this as a Parenting book - but it's probably one of the most powerful books that any parent (or professional working with parents and children) could ever read. This is one to buy TODAY - it can potentially transform your parenting and also give new insights to those who are already familiar with Siegel's work. Eldridge maintains that boys need a battle to fight, an adventure to go on, & a beauty to win.
The tree, the presents, the year we went Christmas caroling around the block and had snowballs thrown at us by the guy I had maintained a four year crush on  (I started in Kindgergarten). Every year my mother let us paint the big Living room picture window with Christmas scenes out of poster paint, and each year we would try to outdo each other on last year’s images. So when a dear, sweet Christian friend began to reminisce about the times that she had with her family, I knew you wanted to hear about it.
I have invited Diana not just to share here for our HomeSpun Christmas celebration, and make you think of fondness to memories you had as a child, but have also asked her to be a regular contributor to our wonderful community and post here at least once a month. Raising 7 children with very little money to spend on toys and crafts, we often turned to what the Lord provided in nature and with things that people would give us. Along about Nov 1, we would gather our supplies around our huge home made Walton type table and dig in. When the tree was all up, decorated and lighted, the children took turns sleeping under the tree at night. While everyone was sleeping on Dec 31, hubby and I would fill the pinata with goodies we had gathered earlier in the year and then we would seal it shut. I love this story and brings much more to how Christmas should be about family, celebrating the whole season of giving and being thankful. I enjoy these memories very much mom, I say hello to the readers, this is my mother’s middle child. Thank you for coming on by and commenting, I will make sure to draw your mom’s attention to it! I am the youngest girl of the 7 children and it was such a joy to come home and read these wonderful memories! I’m glad to visit you today from the Facebook Comment Chain at the Ultimate Blog Challenge group! Over the years of blogging I have shared post after post on how to have a Thrifty Christmas. Visit my thrifty Christmas tips page where you will find all my thrifty Christmas tips in one place.
Subscribe to my weekly newsletter and get your FREE copy of Christmas On A Zero Budget: The Printable Plan. Every Christmas it’s the same story for many families; not enough money to go around, overspending and an aftermath of too much debt, stress and depression.

It is ironic that the season of good cheer should leave such disastrous effects in its wake. Get a Pre-NUP (Pre-Christmas No Unnecessary Presents) agreement with your family and friends.
The fairytale image of Christmas can soon diminish in a puff of smoke when the harsh realities of life swiftly bring us crashing back down to earth. Instead you should research the things you intend to buy beforehand to enable you to get the best price available whilst remaining sensible.
Also keep a look out for things like voucher codes to save you money off of all your online purchases, where possible. Purchase items like wrapping paper, Christmas decorations, Christmas cards and even a new Christmas tree in the January sales. And I do hope there are some kind families who will also think about making a Happy Christmas for children whose mummies and daddies are worried that Santa might not get there. I knew you would be just as enthralled as I was, hearing someone else’s sweet memories and ideas as they raised seven children on a small budget. What wisdom we gain by listening to other amazing people share the things that they did to make holidays, and every day, special with what they had on hand at the moment. She is someone I would love to not only sit with and hear her wisdom and beauty pouring out, but someone I think you will learn from and come to love as well. Be sure to comment and tell her what you enjoyed about it, or share your own favorite childhood memory for her entertainment. It seems that when you have a big family, people love to donate to the cause and that’s a Blessing.
Well, you get the idea but then, from God’s supply store, we found weeds, grasses, leaves, flowers, gourds, pebbles, shells, seeds and all sorts of wonderful goodies that we could dry and use in our fall and Christmas decorations. We often find scratched or faded glass balls at yard sales that were either free or nearly so. If you want to see what your child can think up, just give them trays of goodies and tell them to make something they love to hang on the tree. They had their bed roll, usually about 3 kids at a time and it was their job to fill the water container for the tree every night and morning. I would blow up a balloon (I was the one with the most hot air, HA HA) while the old kids would make up the flour paste and the little kids would tear up the newspaper into strips for the paper-mache. All the next day, the kids had to see their pinata hanging there just waiting until evening so they could break it open. The Christmas tree had to come down before the breaking of the pinata for it’s own protection. It was totally unrelated but I got a feeling of Christmas’ past reading this and remembered how my Aunt in her fun way would remind us every year why we were there.
I do remember that when my sister and I were real young, our mother would have us do many different holiday homemade crafts. What great ideas and memories she shares for so many of us that have young families and want to “de-commercialize”!
If you add up the tips shared in each and every post I have shared 100’s of ways to save money on Christmas. Sell your surplus stuff online, have a garage sale, make things to sell at the weekend markets, increase your saving, earn more through working longer hours or additional part time work. Use the internet and ‘shopbot’ websites to find the cheapest price for the items on your shopping list. If you have children (and even if you don’t) many of us want Christmas to be a special time of year.
What this does mean is that you can eagerly look forward to having an amazing day with your family and friends without breaking the bank, and here is how! You can create a fantastic pile of gifts for the children to open on Christmas morning and some have memorable experiences without spending a fortune. Voucher codes are fabulous even if you just save on the delivery costs, it makes it all worthwhile! A massive family Christmas dinner is truly lovely – however it can also be expensive.
You’ll find all sorts of items reduced throughout January so you can save yourself a small fortune buying these items then.
The elves are busy with crochet puppets, scarves and hats.  Children love making gifts for family members, so everybody has a present under the tree. Some used glitter and glue while the older ones really loved the look of stringing beads, on a straight pin and ending it with a sequin before shoving it into the styrofoam balls. The strips were dipped into the paste and applied with great care (ya right) to the balloon.

When the painting was finished and dry, their dad would cut a hole in the top and hang it from the rope tied to the rafter in the dining room. Theses little projects ranged from garlands made from construction paper, 6 inch Christmas wreath decorations made from shredded wheat, food coloring and more to all kinds of ornaments we made with frozen fruit juice concentrate lids and shortbread ornaments. Today I thought I would share  the top thrifty Christmas posts with you, and when you add the tips in all of them together you get 100 thrifty Christmas tips in 7 areas of the Christmas budget plus one for those with a zero budget. If you still don’t have enough, spread the cost over January as well by using a small bank overdraft as a last resort. If you share Christmas with a large family group, have a ‘Secret Santa’ party so you each only have to buy one gift.
For many people this can be extremely expensive – luxurious presents, fridges bulging with food, Christmas parties and so much more. If you have a group of grown up friends, why not suggest doing a secret Santa present swap so you have less presents to buy. The put on 2 or 3 layers and then it had to dry until the next evening and then more layers were applied and let dry.
Our house wasn’t finished on the inside so there were lots of places to tie it up to. He blindfold each child, one at a time, starting with the youngest that was able to swing the bat and of course, he let the pinata down so they could reach it and then raised it up the bigger the child got. In this little corner of the internet, I blog about homeschooling and homemaking with a happy heart.Won't you join me? Asking your friends and family to help with the meal by bringing the starters, dessert or wine can really help to reduce the expense. It can seem like a chore to shop for Christmas items when the festive season is literally just over and done with but it really can make your next Christmas so much easier to arrange and far less expensive for you (and your family budget).
This stuff was fun to work with, looking like onion skin but in a very long skein that was soaked in water, spread out and wrapped carefully around the balls then allowed to dry. Everyone got a few whacks and it was great fun but the real treat came with the actual breaking and the goodies went everywhere. These memories are just a small privilege of being a child in a family which had two loving parents. We’ve been rebuilding when lo and behold we get the Christmas tree out to find we have NO decorations.
Avoid impulse buying by keeping to your list or waiting until the next day before you buy something you have spotted. I’m pretty sure that your guests will be relieved that you have advised them what to bring along rather than having to worry or second guess what you might need. Of course now you have all of these items, your Christmas budget will not be quite so restricted as it has been in previous years, so it really is a win-win situation!
Do you find yourself wondering how to save money for Christmas when you have no extra money?There is a lot of wisdom in scaling back to only the necessities, giving gifts that don’t cost anything, and focusing on important elements of Christmas like family, serving others, and Jesus Christ. Leaving you all to have a lovely, busy, family filled Christmas meal without having to worry too much about the cost. Love, because of a wonderful time with people who loved each other, and found simple joy in all that the Lord offered.
All the things that are mentioned in this article, are very much the things I wished to offer my children. What is great about a lot of these is that you can earn cash back on things you are already purchasing.
You scan through the list of available rebates ranging from $.25 on milk or paper towels to $10 for a TOMS purchase. Some of the offers are for specific stores or websites, but some are available for multiple stores and even brands (like milk).There is a teamwork aspect to Ibotta, as well. The very basis of Swagbucks is that you use their search engine instead of say Google or Yahoo to search online.
You scan through the offers before you shop, selecting the ones you will be purchasing, and then snap a photo of the receipt to redeem the offers. If you ever find yourself tempted to buy something just because there is a rebate, put the money you would have spent on it into your savings account or Christmas fund.

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