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This sounds more like the wars the erupt between descriptivists and prescriptivists to me: 4 Copy Editors Killed In Ongoing AP Style, Chicago Manual Gang Violence. Managing expectations is one of the business terms that is effectively a trendy way of saying something in an indirect manner. I thought of the term today when the general manager the team with the longest consecutive streak of losing seasons in professional sports history, the Pittsburgh Pirates, talked about how the trade value for the best relief pitcher isn’t as great now as it would have been during the season. The term is used regularly in the business world, when results might not match expected results. It’s time for my semi-annual reminder that not all Americans celebrate Christian Holidays (Easter Is a Religious Holiday and Not Everyone Celebrates Christmas), and I’ll do it by reminding you that other holidays exist, such as National Fritter Day, which is under attack by grease-hating liberals everywhere! Not surprisingly, not all of the examples in the blog are tasteful, so they might not be appropriate for children or even adults who don’t like off-color humor.
The NFL season opens tomorrow with a special Thursday edition of Sunday night football on NBC. Unfortunately, it’s not always a joy to listen to the announcers because of their tendency to use cliches or make grammatical mistakes.
You’ll be more tipsy than Joe Namath during a Suzi Kolber interview by the middle of the second quarter. According to the Centre Daily Times, thieves stole letters from a volunteer fire department sign, including four exclamation points.

Using overly trendy language can lead to all sorts of problems, such as lengthy conversations and  strained relationships.
The always nuanced and patient Deborah Crombie has created a deeply appealing couple in the now married Detective Superintendent Duncan Kinkaid and Detective Inspector Gemma James, his onetime sergeant. In No Mark Upon Her, Duncan and Gemma are about to trade off domestic leave when Duncan catches one last case. War-haunted Kiernan Connolly, member of a volunteer K9 search and rescue team, is her sometimes lover, and his anguish on finding her body becomes a fulcrum for shifts in the case. Crombie deploys her usual procedural rigor, but in a disconcertingly bifurcated plot that trails back to the predatory misdeeds of a high-ranking police officer.
Still, the great pleasure of this superb series is always its evocation of unique pockets of London life, and this book is no different. The above image of the famous USS Starprise Entership is one of the many entries included in the English Fail Blog.
How will they be expected to properly show the excitement that is Friday night bingo if they have no exclamation marks left?
Face of Jesus Appears in Three-Cheese Pizza), Jesus loves pizza (perfect for Easter dinner). In the character-dense tapestry of Crombie’s 15 books, the personal lives of the two London detectives and their growing family seem to entwine naturally with their investigations.

The solitary and competitive rower Becca Meredith, who is also in the Metropolitan Police, has revived her Olympic hopes only to be tipped from her scull and drowned in the Thames near Henley.
Meanwhile Duncan and his team start to trace the connections with Becca’s past, including her rowing for Oxford Blue and a defunct marriage to another rower, plus troubles in her present job. With our attention divided between past and present crimes, the tension falters, especially as a frightening firebombing is succeeded by a less plausible conflagration.
In this case, it’s the clubby, status-conscious world of Oxford rowing and the cheerful competence of all those volunteers with their eager dogs.
Or, is it a special preview of the upcoming Thursday night football telecasts, which kicks off (nothing begins in football–it always kicks off) on week 10 on the NFL Network (meaning that most people won’t be able to watch)?
This is completely off topic, but if Jesus sightings in food isn’t non-denominational off-topic entertainment for everyone, then what is?!?

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