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I mean when X started with me it was an accomplishment to just get through the warm-up without running into a wall of doubt and resistance, but over the last 4 weeks anything that could resemble a wall has largely vanished.
X has started to believe in her abilities and capabilities when it comes to physical tasks, but as I came to find out last week at the start of her next training block she still held some preconceived beliefs about what she was physically capable of lifting.
In particular X was concerned about what weight she should use for the new rep and set scheme on a DB Goblet Squat and was unsure about selecting a weight that she had not yet attempted, but was confident it was to heavy for her. This response is was what got me thinking about limitations, those that are real and those that are not. This illustrates a really important hurdle that we have to get over both in the gym and in life if we hope to be successful in either setting. I think what most of us will find is that many of the limitations we have identified are only in existence because we have imposed them on ourselves without reason or evidence to support the limitation other than what someone has told us, what we believe to be expected, or what has been done before. The way to overcome this dilemma is to start testing and pushing the limitations you have imposed upon yourself. Oh and by the way that client I was telling you about earlier with the problem of being unsure about what weight she could handle on a set of DB Goblet Squats, well she destroyed her limitations.

I am telling you these self-imposed limitations are everywhere and unless we start recognizing them and deciding to challenge them we are going to miss out on some of the greatest accomplishments both in life and in the gym.
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Connect with me on Facebook Follow me on TwitterMy Tweets What’s Happening at FTS? When she really has no reason to believe whether she can lift it or not because she has never tried meaning she has never failed at it or succeeded at it. We need to be aware of the limits placed on us including those created by ourselves, others, and situational factors.
None of these reasons though can lend themselves to a logical explanation for any of these limitations. In addition by breaking through long time held belief we can begin to see ourselves in a different way and achieve things we once thought were unobtainable. See the final fifth set of this set and rep scheme was composed of 8 reps using the weight you used on your 4th set.

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Once we have made ourselves aware of all the limitations we believe are on us we can then begin to sort through which of these limitations are real, which are not, and which are self-imposed either logically or illogically. Made workk thus Best article writing software for me reviews uk cheap essay university writers studio bronte When there essay writing service has.
First set of five with 40lbs no problem, second set of five with 50lbs no problem, third set of five with 60lbs no problem, and 4th set of five with 70lbs no problem. This client freaking nailed 8 beautiful DB Goblet Squats to parallel depth using 70lbs, a weight she was certain that was 40lbs to heavy for her to lift.
Each one of these sets was a major PR for my client and it was awesome to see the exhilaration on her face after finishing each set.

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