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Closeup portrait of a very tired, falling asleep senior mature woman no energy motivation, struggling not to crash and stay awake, keeping her eyes opened, isolated white background. When you’re suffering from a lack of motivation or simply not feeling well, it can seem impossible to start anything productive.
To get through these terrible times, Mike Vardy of Productivityist suggests creating to-do lists based on energy.
The idea is very similar to the goal-based dash approach, which makes you set an achievable goal to help jump-start your productivity. Alternatively, there are days that start perfect, and you feel like you can do anything and everything.
For example, I’d been thinking of building a new personal site for a while, and I noticed it was on my mind more and more often.

Mark Frost is a HackCollege contributor completely obsessed with web design and content strategy. As graduation approaches, you might be one of many soon-to-be college grads having night sweats over what you’ll do after you cross that stage. In the Old West, when sheriffs didn’t have the time and resources to hunt down fugitives, they would place posters around town encouraging individuals to bring them wanted criminals (dead or alive) for a monetary reward, or a bounty.
Sure, you can watch Netflix and browse Reddit, but the thought of getting anything done causes you to lose any energy you may have had. It’s often tasks that require a lot of mental energy that drain motivation, causing you to lose focus. If those are rare or you feel you squander those days doing relatively simple things, spend your time on high-energy tasks.

Whether you’re logging in for the occasional splurge or are chained to the mobile app, there are plenty of ways to enhance your Amazon experience.
You may not know what it takes to prevent slumps of energy, but you may find a simple way out using this technique.
Because I had a plenty of energy and motivation, I was able to complete a mockup that I was proud of in only a few hours.

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