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Far from “swallowing up” the historic Palestinian city of Nazareth next door, as officials had intended, Upper Nazareth became over time a magnet for wealthier Nazarenes who could no longer find a place to build a home in their own city. The exodus of Jews and influx of Palestinians have led the government to secretly designate Upper Nazareth as a “mixed city”, much to the embarrassment of Gapso. But Gapso is not alone in his trenchant opposition to making even the most cursory nod towards multiculturalism. In other words, the rabbinate has been quietly terrorizing Israeli hotel owners into ignoring Christmas by threatening to use its powers to put them out of business. Few mayors or rabbis find themselves in the uncomfortable position of needing to go public with their views on the dangers of Christmas decorations. Apart from Upper Nazareth, the only other “mixed” place where Palestinian Christians are to be found in significant numbers is Haifa, Israel’s third largest city.
After the letter was publicized on Facebook, Haifa’s mayor, Yona Yahav, moved into damage limitation mode, overruling the city’s rabbinical council on 23 December and insisting that parties would be allowed to go ahead. But what is clear is that there is plenty of religious intolerance verging on hatred being quietly exercised against non-Jews, mostly behind the scenes so as not to disturb Israel’s “Jewish and democratic” image or outrage the millions of Christian tourists and pilgrims who visit Israel each year. Our family does not celebrate Christmas–nor Chanukah, Kwanza nor any other kind of December holiday.
In my last entry, I explained how we are like seeds in the fields of culture and it becomes very difficult to objectively be critical of that which is literally a part of us. I believe we all know this and acknowledge it -we even make movies about this phenomenon, I am thinking “Jingle All They Way” among others.
Most theological scholars would even agree that December 25 is not the birth date of Jesus. When I used to be a pastor many moons ago, I despised Christmas (which may explain, in part, why I was such a shitty pastor) much more than I do now –presently, I essentially just forget about it altogether.
I am very proud to proclaim we have raised four very strong, independent, passionate and free thinking children who all have a very different take on Christmas today. Celebrating Jesus being born in the winter in a barn on December 25 takes care of the pagan solstice (and corresponding deities) celebration Caesar Whoever was trying to rid his culture of as he adapted Christianity.
As I read your blog today I just wondered whether your parents celebrated Christmas when you were young. Simply put, I’ve never understood or felt compelled to observe an event I do not culturally identify with. To speak to your third point, Christmas also creates an expectation for children that they will receive a gift, that they are entitled to gifts.
Jimmy, I agree with you that Christmas has gotten totally out of control in this country, and has become commercialized and trivial on many levels. While most of the world seems to be addressing holiday greeting cards and planning holiday menus, the bereaved are struggling with other concerns: HOW LONG DOES GRIEF LAST? If you are facing Christmas alone for the first time, I encourage you to reach out to someone you trust and share your feelings with them.
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About me This is about me ( a Filipina mom) and my journey to a "new normal" after the death of Luijoe , my beautiful 6 year old son. Members of Congress send millions of dollars worth of mail to constituents every year but there are official rules that govern what can and cannot be said in those mailings.
Who is this Franking Committee and where do they have the Power to outlaw Christmas wishes. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Going along with the Grumpy Cat Craze, here’s our contribution to the Christmas madness. Who is Searchify?We're an online marketing agency, specialised in PPC advertising, SEO, and web analytics services. We offer out-of-the-box and custom search marketing solutions, for any kind of business and budget.
In these days of excess entertainment and consumption, it is easy to get caught up in the so-called "holiday season", rarely stopping to consider its significance. Before any discussion on the origin of holidays such as Christmas and Easter, it is important to define a term called bid'ah. To believe that Jesus (peace be upon him) came with the truth, and to then add or delete from his message is to mix truth with falsehood.
While holidays like Christmas, New Year?s Day, and Valentine?s Day have names which indicate either the holiday?s origin or its significance, Easter stands out.
As noted above, many holidays celebrated today represent a synthesis between Christian doctrine and pagan ritual. So who else celebrated the 25th of December as the birth day of their gods before it was agreed upon as the birth day of Jesus (pbuh)? The Egyptians celebrated this day as the birth day of their great saviour Horus, the Egyptian god of light and the son of the "virgin mother" and "queen of the heavens" Isis. The Greeks celebrated the 25th of December as the birthday of Hercules, the son of the supreme god of the Greeks, Zeus, through the mortal woman Alcmene. Adonis, revered as a "dying-and-rising god" among the Greeks, miraculously was also born on the 25th of December. The Scandinavians celebrated the 25th of December as the birthday of their god Freyr, the son of their supreme god of the heavens, Odin. The Romans observed this day as the birthday of the god of the sun, Natalis Solis Invicti ("Birthday of Sol the invincible"). In Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Gibbon says: "The Roman Christians, ignorant of his (Christ's) birth, fixed the solemn festival to the 25th of December, the Brumalia, or Winter Solstice, when the Pagans annually celebrated the birth of Sol " vol. Christmas is not the only Christian festival which was borrowed from ancient paganism and foisted upon the religion of Jesus (pbuh). The pagan roots of holidays celebrated in the name of Christianity testify to its having been altered. Most importantly, however, we should study our deen and we should surround ourselves with those who do.
I believe it goes back to St Boniface (in the 8th century) who substituted the small fir tree, with its evergreen pins symbolising eternal life, for the traditional pagan oak. The mayor is a stalwart ally of far-right politician Avigdor Lieberman and regularly expresses virulently anti-Arab views, including recently calling Nazarenes “Israel-hating residents whose place is in Gaza” and their city “a nest of terror in the heart of the Galilee”. A recent letter from Haifa’s rabbinate came to light in which the city’s hotels and events halls were reminded that they must not host New Year’s parties at the end of this month (the Jewish New Year happens at a different time of year). No lights, no tree, no manger scene, no Santa, no presents, and, above all, no stress –and I love it. For many, there is no cultural practice more ingrained into our personal and collective psyche than Christmas –to question it is ludicrous and so iconoclastic as to be completely off the critical thinking table.
Like the insane person who never learns from her mistake, we continue to engage in creating spoiled, entitled and materialistic children, instructing them to write letters explaining everything they want to a fictional figure.
Thus far I have Jesus duct tape, a Jesus action figure, Jesus T-shirts, socks, etc… I do this as a reminder how our culture has taken that which is to be sacred, revered and honored and morphed these entities into unholy and profane trivial commodities. Agree with me or not, I have arrived at these conclusions through analysis and reasoned observation.
So essentially, Jesus was just another form of the same Buddha, Mohammed, enlightened deity-on-earth, a new evolution of a collectively repeated symbol of what we can achieve in our lives when we surrender our ego and remember that the divine is pure flowing of energy, no restrictions. My family of origin celebrated Christmas to the fullest -presents, trees, lights, fake Santa on the lawn, the whole nine yards. There are rarely any holidays I do celebrate and I received quite a few of the same odd looks or misconceptions from people.

You’ve covered many of the reasons that I share about Christmas, but I also think of holidays like Thanksgiving or the 4th of July which have little relevance in our daily lives.
When I was about 2, my family and I visited my grandmother and I asked her what she had for me. My mother has always told us that life is what you make it, and if this is how you experience Christmas, then this is how you’re making it.
When my 5 year old daughter asked me about Santa, I felt guilty and pressured into lying to her about it and it doesn’t feel right. Late December is one of the only times a year that people in my family are not working, and it is a chance for all of us to spend time together.
Kudos to you and your family for your ability to take it for what it is worth and not get all caught up in the bullshit of it all.
Although pretty packages and twinkling lights are the window dressing for this exciting festivity, it is the warmth and love of family and friends that make the holiday season so memorable.
Devote a place and time before Christmas Day in which you can openly honor your loved one and acknowledge your feelings. Be careful of “shoulds” it is better to do what feels best for you and your family, not what you or others think you should do. Do the Christmas preparations that you enjoy and look for alternatives for those you don’t. If you decide to decorate your home, let children, other family members or friends help you. Christmas shopping can be upsetting and it may help you to shop early, to shop by telephone and catalogue, or to take along an understanding friend. Members are barred, for example, from saying anything that might be construed as advocating their re-election. I don't believe that congress should be given free and unlimited postage privileges to pat themselves on the ass at our expense period.
I do not want some secular egalitarian bureaucrat dictating and enforcing their own form of atheism at the taxpayer's expense.
And proud!As a certified Google Partner, we comply with all of Google's criteria regarding training, service, and performance.
A bid'ah is any invention, creation or addition of any religious matter, which was not found in the original teachings. He inquired about that and was informed: This is one of two days that we used to celebrate in Jaahiliyyah (pre-Islaamic ignorance) and we continue to do so. The basis for most of these "holy" days revolve around natural phenomena such as the autumnal equinox, vernal equinox, summer solstice, and winter solstice.
As this time had already been one of celebrating the sun?s resurrection and return to prominence, celebrating the resurrection of the son of God required no great change in understanding. It is known by many that the symbol of the cross was utilized by many civilizations prior to the emergence of Christianity.
Well, there are the people of India who rejoice, decorate their houses with garlands, and give presents to their friends on this day.
Osiris, god of the dead and the underworld in Egypt, the son of "the holy virgin", again was believed to have been born on the 25th of December. Bacchus, the god of wine and revelry among the Romans (known among the Greeks as Dionysus) was also born on this day. His worshipers held him a yearly festival representing his death and resurrection, in midsummer. Common practices involving festivals of light, wearing animal masks and skins in hopes of augmenting the coming year's supply.
Christianity, as it exists today, does not represent the message of Jesus, the son of Mary (may peace be upon both of them). So, we must provide alternative activities for our children; camping trips, sporting events, halaqaat, field trips, etc. Even so, few people today would be aware of any such symbolism.  It seems that the issue is really the observance of the holiday itself, and it’s hard to imagine that the tourist trade in Israel will not suffer if its hotels refuse to acknowledge the very occurrence of Christmas and New Year!
Although neither Gapso nor the government has published census figures to clarify the city’s current demographic balance, most estimates suggest that at least a fifth of Upper Nazareth’s residents are Palestinian. Yet when we culturally mandate compulsory gift giving, it sucks the spirit and heart right out of the practice; frenzied, tit-for-tat gift exchanges zap any genuine life right out of the otherwise healthy custom. Christmas, as we practice it today, trivializes the holiness and reverence of a religion’s most sacred event.
Patriotism has been ironic with my generation and we use the 4th as an excuse to be arrogant, drunk, and blow shit up. My family makes Christmas a time to slow down and think about how much you love those closest to you.
My sister thought i was crazy when i explained how Santa and the elves is just a story that people tell their children to make Christmas interesting but that it is mostly made up by corporations that want to profit from it. On Christmas Day, intentionally set your focus on family and friends who not only share in your loss, but who bring precious gifts of love and support to aid in your healing journey. Be honest with each other about your feelings; sit down and decide what you all want to do for the holiday season. Some people prefer to follow family traditions, while others decide to change them A?a‚¬a€? it may help to do things just a little differently.
It is not essential to send cards, especially to those people you will see over the holidays.
This 180­degree turn also put them on a different life course which includes blogging, social media engagement and citizen advocacy.
However, under closer scrutiny from the Judeo-Christian and Islamic perspectives, these days are anything but holy.
I have heard with my own ears, Christian learned men and leaders acknowledging the true origins of Easter and Christmas, but putting it off as "all in good fun." So, I ask, would Jesus (peace be upon him) approve of mixing his teachings with those of the pagans? It turns out that Easter is a corruption of Austre, the name of the ancient pagan Scandanavian goddess of life and fertility. With regards to the spring season and the vernal equinox, pagans, especially the pagans of cold, northern Europe, celebrated the renewal of life, as was demonstrated by the budding of the leaves, blooming of the flowers, return of the birds, and the re-emergence of many mammals previously in hibernation. These things have carried over from pagan traditions via a synthesis with Christian doctrine.
Thus, the pagan holidays of fertility and life were replaced with the Christian concept of the resurrection of Jesus (peace be upon him). In fact, the Easter celebrations were so similar to earlier celebrations - particularly those which recognized the resurrection of the Babylonian Adonis, the Greek Apollo, and the Roman Attis - that a bitter controversy arose with pagans claiming that the Christian Easter celebration was a spurious imitation of the ancient traditions.
The ancient Egyptian symbol of the ankh, then, deserves mentioning for its connection to fertility.
The ceremonies of his birthday are recorde d to have taken place in the same cave in Bethlehem which is claimed to have been the birth place of Jesus (pbuh).
John, the Holy communion, the Annunciation of the virgin, the assumption of the virgin, and many others have their roots in ancient pagan worship. So, that said, I encourage you to hear my 5 reasons for not celebrating Christmas with an open mind.
Myth plays an important part in the process of understanding ourselves and the human condition…but call it for what it is, MYTH. Then, why is it when someone asks me about Christmas and I explain these things, I am then insulted for my calculated decision? Though, like most traditions in life, the rubber meets the road when you have kids of your own. In both situations, my parents corrected our behaviors, but the point it that the commercialization of Christmas and gift-giving produces, primarily for children (and eventually adults), an undue expectation of deservedness that I can not stand.
Each of my family members spend time thinking of something thoughtful that we really enjoy giving to each other. When I celebrate Christmas with my family we do not feel obligated to give gifts to each other. He didn’t like to see the Christmas tree but I placed it anyway because I had two girls looking forward to Christmas day which has always been a joyful day to celebrate.

Holidays often magnify feelings of loss; allow yourself to experience the sadness that comes. They call their un­workshops Prep to Prime or P2P, for short, to emphasize the breadth of their parenting experience. Celebrations such as Easter, Christmas, All Saint's Day, and Halloween all find their roots in pagan traditions, alien to the prophets (may peace and blessings be upon all of the prophets). Allaah has substituted for you two better days: the day of al-Fitr and the day of al-Adhhaa.
These celebrations often utilized symbols of fertility and life such as the egg, the baby chick, and the rabbit. In particular, the worship of the sun god has been incorporated into the once monotheistic Christian teachings. Vernal equinox bonfires, originally prohibited by the Church, found their way as Easter fires into the official liturgy of Rome by the ninth century. The ankh is a symbol which resembles the Christian cross, except that it has a loop at the top. It is well known th at the first Christian churches held their festival in May, April, or January.
In the Eastern Church, January 6, a day also associated with the winter solstice, was in itially preferred. The pagan god Buddha is believed to have been born on this day when the "Holy Ghost" descended on his virgin mother Maya.
Yet, since I get the question all the time by perplexed and surprised people as to why we do not acknowledge this holiday, I will now put my sentiments in written form and when asked the question in the future, I can simply point to my blog.
Again, I am not out to change anyone’s mind, rather, at the very least, promote understanding that there are legitimate and beneficial reasons for not observing the holiday –and perhaps some take it easy on those of us who choose the Christmas avoidance route and understand we are not awful people, ie. But, hey, this comes from a guy who believes a part of his soul dies every time he waits in line at a Wal-Mart.
Can anyone explain why we take a perfectly healthy tree, cut it down and bring it into our house?  I didn’t think so.
I realized at that time my decision to not celebrate Christmas had to do with more than just myself. And then Thanksgiving where we attempt to be civil for an afternoon of indulgence, only to wait in lines later that evening to hoard possessions at midnight from major retail outlets.
I am thankful I opened my heart to my children and allowed them to help me embrace Christmas that year. Proof of this lies in the lack of historical evidence that the prophets ever celebrated their birthdays, decorated eggs, placed ornaments on trees, or dressed up in costumes.
The vernal equinox represents a time in which the hours of daylight equal the hours of night.
Fertility symbols associated with spring, such as the egg and the incredibly prolific rabbit, survived as well.
Some sources indicate that this symbol derives its shape from ancient Egyptian studies of human anatomy. In course of time, however, the West added the Eastern date as the Feast of the Epiphany, and the East added the Western date of Christmas". The great saviour and god of the Persians, Mithras, is also believed to have been born on the 25th of December long before the coming of Jesus (pbuh).
Remember, these are the same Romans who would later preside over the council of Nicea (325 AD.) which lead to the official Christian recognition of the "Trinity" as the "true" nature of God, and the "fact" that Jesus (pbuh) was born on the 25th of December too. We, as Muslims, must be aware of the pieces that make up the puzzle that is Christianity, first to protect ourselves and our families, then to warn others and to call them to the right way. If we have non-Muslim family members that celebrate these days of bid'aa and shirk, then we should avoid their homes at these times. I love meaningful and relevant gift giving, yet it means so much more when it comes at unexpected times, motivated by none other than love. I, essentially, stuck to my guns even when my small children looked me in the eye and begged me for a tree. We leave what everyone else does or makes Christmas behind and make it a special time of year that reminds us to appreciate and love each other because we often forget to throughout the rest of the year.
In doing so, we renewed our strength and spirit together and we found the courage we needed to go on and enjoy life. Through an examination of these holiday myths as religious innovation, or bid'ah, this article is a small attempt at warning people of the dangerous implications and subtle attitudinal changes that come with such celebrations. The days following the vernal equinox mark an increase in the number of hours of daylight over the night.
The loop, it is said, represents the gravid (pregnant) uterus, while the arms of the cross represent the Fallopian tubes. I realize not every activity in life will feed the soul, though it is important to avoid activities that will drain it. I realize culture is so ingrained in us that it is often difficult to be critical of it, yet if one can stand back and objectively observe this practice, just for a moment, it is just wrong; I, for one, do not want to perpetuate this practice.
I choose not to partake in the, what I respectfully believe to be, irrational, materialistic, unspiritual endeavor and I get questioned? On her birthday and for Christmas we try and do things like get a big pizza and share it with the homeless people that are walking around Redlands. This time, then became viewed as the time of sol invictus or the unconquerable sun, demonstrating its supremacy by conquering the night. The practice of Christmas teaches children that, above all, we are soulless consumers first and foremost. I told our children from the moment they could understand my words that Santa is a lie…that simple. Our culture has done a really good job of creating this illusion –to the point that the free thinking ones, not taken in by the smoke and mirrors of the holiday, get criticized for their sane and logical conclusions. But the thing is, that I really MISS Christmas, at least the way it used to be when I was a kid. People can go to jail for lying yet we encourage it toward our most vulnerable and gullible of society…and for what reason? Again, I am not out to change anyone’s mind, even if I could, but please do not disparage those of us who do not see this holiday as you might see it. Christmas masquerades as spiritual, holy, and special…when, in reality, it is a capital venture to get us to buy shit. And that was the year he learned that life can become good and whole and complete once again. In support of this theory of the derivation of the ankh, the fertility dolls of many African peoples, in particular the Ashanti, are shaped like the ankh.
I am all down for lies that might protect someone from hurt, yet we perpetually, albeit innocently and with good intentions, lie with the outcome of creating false expectations as we set children up for disappointment at some level. So instead of making Christmas into this evil holiday for your children, you could have used it as an opportunity to teach them that everyone makes their own choices, and you choose to celebrate this holiday in a positive, loving way. I am good with Thanksgiving and the 4th because (arguably) they do not portray anything other than what they are.
Why should me and my family stop celebrating Christmas since it has never been about the commercial or religious aspects to us? When I was visiting the in-laws in Texas a few years ago I promised to make a meal for about 10 family members. The other ingredients prices escape me now but it was a shock when getting to the checkout. Is Steve Brosnan an Actor Three (3 Mobile) threaten debt collectors three years after cancelled contract.

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