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We are big fans of *David Allen's methodology for Getting Things Done®, a system to help you get stuff out of your head and on to lists so that you can focus on the business at hand. It allows you to keep your lists of hundreds of things to do (getting that stuff out of your psychic RAM) in ACT!. What you would like to accomplish today is a broader concept that what you would like to do now.
This is always a good grounding question to ask whenever you need to clear away any confusion. To Do lists tend not to make the distinction, which can mean the difference between the item being perceived as actionable or not actionable. We need to be able to shift our focus between the forest and the trees at will by referencing them differently.

This is why I’m so pedantic about making the distinction between checking email and processing it.
With that outcome focus in mind, it’s no longer a treadmill activity, but a series of next actions leading to a very specific endpoint.
I’m in the middle of writing a long post (not this one) that seems to be taking forever to write, since the information in it is pretty dense. The next action on every project, no matter how large or abstract, needs to be reduced to a physical task that you can visualize yourself doing, otherwise it never gets translated from an idea into the physical universe. You must be an Administrator in your database and not logged into a remote (synchronizing) database. This is why having a project list that’s separate from a next actions list makes it easier to jump start your way toward an outcome.

Recently I wrote about processing an inbox to zero base, and a commenter suggested that spending too much time processing email would lead to distraction.
Several times I’ve had to visualize the finished post to recover the motivation to finish it. Checking email is looking through an inbox for potentially important messages, which can be done indefinitely. Processing email means systematically scanning each message to either act on, delete, delegate or defer any actions implicit in it, spending a maximum to two minutes per email.

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