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A customer brought in an iPhone 5s with non functioning home button, neither Touch ID or click were working. You will no doubt have seen the widespread coverage of Error 53 affecting iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple have their own in-house repair service for all their current and supported product ranges.
But lately I’ve had a few customers come back to me having visited the store and the stories are all too eerily similar to be concocted.
A question I get asked fairly often is why am I so expensive when the phone stall in town or Timpsons, (yes the shoe repairers!) can do it cheaper. So all in all a pi** poor job and one that left the owner with more problems than before he’d started.
If your iPhone or iPod suffers an unfortunate liquid accident then the action you take immediately after could affect the outcome and the difference between a working device and one fit for the bin.
It is vital that you get the device opened, cleaned and properly dried as soon as possible. If you have it, silica gel packets or cat litter are the best things you can surround it with in the short term. We can now offer repairs for all issues affecting the iPhone 6 Plus including display damage, faulty dock connector, headphone socket, camera issues etc.
An all too common issue on older iMacs and MacBooks is a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) failure.
There are only two options when this occurs, replace the entire logic board ( very expensive part) or use a process called Reflow which is similar to the process used when the machines were assembled.
For our purposes, the goal of a Reflow is to melt the solder on the affected part using a special infra red oven that has very accurate temperature control and can be programmed with complex warm up, heat and cool down profiles. Reflow cost varies between ?100 and ?150 dependent on the device and complexity of disassembly. This particular iPhone was only a few weeks old and had been stolen by a pickpocket before Christmas. I know we’re all keen to save money wherever we can but please give a thought as to why a particular repair might be so much cheaper than others. If you’re setting up a new business, the most cost-effective way of marketing and promoting your new venture is online.
This was a guest post by Keith Barrett.Keith takes a keen interest in a wide range of business and finance issues. Eniscope is a new revolutionary innovation enabling you to offer an irresistible business proposition that will appeal to your customers both logically, emotionally and financially! Given that 40% savings are achievable it will come as no surprise that you receive very high customer demand!

Whilst it makes a great news story the real facts seem to have been overlooked in the race to grab a headline and garner a few more page impressions. This issue, so far at least, affects only iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This issue has been KNOWN by reputable repairers since very soon after the 6 and 6 Plus launched. I used to always think of these repairs as the gold standard, the level of service I aspired to.
I explain that I use genuine parts which cost more and, I do a proper job, I take my time, and make sure everything is done as per Apple guides.
Leaving it in an airing cupboard or covered in rice is not the best course of action as the liquid remaining inside will continue to cause corrosion and other damage, especially as the battery is still connected. Whilst some may have had a positive outcome from this, the truth is that the rice had nothing to do with it, you may as well have put it in cornflakes!
Saving the expense of an expensive graphics card replacement part, we will remove the graphics chip, clean it of solder, reball, and replacing.
The symptoms vary but include a failure to boot with a grey or black screen, successful boot in Safe Mode only etc.
The chips are attached using a grid of pins called a BGA (Ball Grid Array) that are inaccessible so it’s impossible to identify the exact point of failure using normal techniques. It works by heating up the board so that it’s hot enough for the solder to melt and ‘reflow’.
He wisely locked it remotely and blocked the SIM as soon as he realised it had been stolen and it was later recovered by the police, albeit with a smashed screen.
But if you want it done properly, and don’t want to have to get it done again two weeks down the line, do your research first and spend a little extra! While we’re on the subject of business directories, these are another great way of getting your business noticed by prospective customers. And talking about trials, is it possible to let your customers try out your products and services online?
He likes free business promotional methods, including business directory submissions and making full use of social media. Popped a new button in, click now working, Touch ID won’t function of course but the iPhone is at least still usable. If you changed the home button all would be well until, weeks or months later, the owner updated the iOS software. We all know about Error 53 and if an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus comes in with a Touch ID issue we refuse the repair, explaining why, and send them to Apple to get it repaired. He explains that the screen had been repaired by Timpsons the week before and after that the TouchID home button no longer functioned. I can only assume that they have so many repairs lined up that it shaves a minute or so off each job so they don’t bother. For faulty graphics chips or faulty graphics card memory chips we can supply and fit new chips.
The entire assembly is then subjected to controlled heat in a reflow oven, melting the solder and  permanently connecting the joint. To push your website up the search engine rankings and drive more business your way, you’re going to need some SEO integration.

Today, many business directories operate online for a fraction of the cost of printed directories. Some PPC providers will even give you free trial, so you can see if PPC actually works for your business before you start paying for the service. This is a good way of showing off your expertise in your business sector and will help your website rank higher in search engines also. The Touch ID sensor is uniquely paired and locked to the logic board of the device it was supplied with. But we all known that person, you know, the one who thinks some guy on a stall, offering to fix a broken iPhone Touch ID button for ?30 is trustworthy, and their ?600 iPhone doesn’t deserve a quality repair. When I asked who had worked in this before they said the only work was an Apple store screen repair. When he queried this with them they told him it was not covered by a screen repair and its failure must be a coincidence. Open her up, (not as easy as it should be when they’ve used superglue to fix the glass in!) and disassemble to inspect the wifi antenna. Not only does Google Local display your contact details, your customers will be able to navigate directly to you using Google Maps. So on this occasion, for ?30 the customer gets to keep, and continue to use, their iPhone 5s.
In those cases if you broke your Touch ID home button and took it to a third party repairer, they could replace the button (Touch ID buttons are readily available), but it would restore the basic click functionality only.
Some are happy to pay a little extra for the convenience of a one hour repair but many, understandably, choose to take it to Apple. Hmm something not right there, TouchID buttons aren’t known for spontaneous failures, alarm bells start ringing! Oh and to top it off they’d torn the headphone socket flex, presumably when they prised the screen open with a bread knife or some such! Remove what’s left of the broken glass and find the nastiest, stickiest, black tar like adhesive tape has been used as well as massive blobs of Bostik type glue at each corner for good measure. The Touch ID feature is lost because if you replace any of the Touch ID components the unique pairing is broken and the Touch ID function is disabled, for good security reasons. The wifi antenna has also been torn from the frame, again caused by careless disassembly and the plastic gasket that surrounds the glass is in about 6 pieces. Also four screws AWOL, as well as the metal bracket that is fixed to the rear of the glass and which secures the top of the display in the frame.
I then had to replace the wifi antenna and fit a new screen gasket before I could install the new glass.
Chances are this replacement glass would not have broken had it been original quality and stuck in properly.

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