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I recommend acting as a second line tank or sniper with it and support a defensive or offensive group of allies depending on the situation.
It also makes a great rammer so use it on anything smaller than you or when you are reloading. Keep in mind, angles will save your life and the E-50 has Tiger II armor with no hull machine gun.
The premium shells on the 105mm gun are useful, you should be willing to take a few of them along with you. So basically, you could just load a ton of premium shells and be heaving out credits to gain easy-mode. But in spite of everything I just said, I have the sneaking suspicion the problem here isn't the way the gun works but rather the sort of enemy you're trying to engage. In September 2012, True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer welcomed fraternal twins Charlie and Poppy into the world.
Is there a world record for longest length of time a kid screamed while “sleep training” is being attempted?
Sleep training is a process that involves teaching a baby how to fall asleep and stay asleep through the entire night, with the amount of training needed varying from child to child.
You may be wondering why Anna Paquin would be sleep training her kids when they’re already three years old, but it’s perfectly normal; while sleep training can be started as early as four months old, it’s supposedly never too late to start. Regardless of the method, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer likely still have a lot of sleepless nights ahead.
Your room is really cute, I just think there is a bit too much furniture and furniture that is not being utilized properly.

For this view, I would remove the small bookshelf since it is not being utilized to it's potential. She put her back on my shoulder and not 5 seconds passed before she took said feather right out! Now, in 2016, Paquin appears to still be facing the trials of motherhood as she attempts a special kind of training. However, as one fan pointed out in the comments on the tweet, there are arguments against the “cry it out” method, since it involves leaving babies in distress. We have over 200,000 members from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all over the world. She also goes to bed when my six year old does - 8 PM, and gets up when he gets up, at 7:40 AM. 220 pen is certainly better than the 200 or so the T-54 will be getting with its regular shells.
Make a point of prioritizing them first, get them out of the way to give yourself more breathing room for dealing with the thicker armor afterward. It's easy to fall into the sniper trap because the gun has amazing accuracy, but remember that your tank also carries an intimidating armor profile with good alpha and a high hitpoint pool. The first is the “cry it out” approach, which involves putting the baby to bed while they’re still awake and allowing them to cry while periodically comforting them; this teaches the child to soothe itself. Going for high tier heavies right at the beginning of a round is what's probably wearing the E50 down and making it vulnerable. While it’s not entirely clear whether she’s sleep training her kids, or even if she’s referring to her children at all, it’s seems like an odd thing to bring up at random.

So if you see anything that doesn't have excessive armor, you can tear it inside-out in no time. Once you get a taste of that gun and armor, it's easy to start trying to solve every problem with more aggression. And the 2.1 second aim time, oh how all the other tier 9 mediums wish they had that on their upgraded guns.
And if the enemy does have armor, you still have three options: 1- aim for weakspots, 2- attack their sides or rear, or 3- load premium shells. Getting surrounded takes away your armor advantage, so keep yourself safe until the enemy team's roster has been thinned out.
The E50 is a strong brawler and fares extremely well in a 1v1 environment once you have established control over the pace of the fight. But the boxy nature of the tank, along with poor mobility and bad turret traverse speed combine to make it a very poor performer as soon as it faces threats from multiple directions. So you need to slow down your aggression at the start of the match, but not be afraid to go balls-to-the-wall aggressive when you know you have an isolated enemy in front of you.

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