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When you plan to roll out an Enterprise Social Network to your company you need to make sure you have two things in mind, goals and purpose. Timely: Now we have a goal that is Specific, Measurable and realistic… how long do you want to wait to achieve it? Follow us for the latest news, development updates, features, events, tips, tutorials, philosophy, and trade secrets. Used by more than 5,000 companies worldwide, MangoApps uniquely combines Enterprise Social Networking, Project Collaboration Software and Social Intranet Pages into one breakthrough product.
We've spent the past 5 years building and refining private, secure enterprise social networks for companies. MangoApps was selected by Gartner Research as a 2012 Cool Vendor for Social Software and Collaboration, and ranked #163 on the Inc500 2012 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. Would you take your car to the mechanic before checking it had fuel in its tank and air in its tyres? As well as the obvious 'basic needs' for water, food and shelter, humans have a set of basic needs which are not so obvious, but just as essential to emotional wellbeing. That's why we at Uncommon Knowledge & Hypnosis Downloads talk a lot about the Primal Human Needs. When these needs go unmet for too long, we can suffer anxiety, depression, addiction, or some other emotional problem.
To make matters worse, many people aren't always aware they have these needs or how they affect their well being, so here's our 'troubleshooting checklist' of the 9 Primal Human Needs. Too much isolation can drastically affect our mental condition, emotional state, and behaviour.
Resolve to talk twice as much about the person you are talking to compared to how much you talk about you. If shyness is getting in the way of getting your attention needs met, try the Overcome Shyness download or the Conversation Starter download. If you are lacking energy and vitality, for one month follow a paleolithic-style diet to see if you are one of the many people for whom anti-nutrients in grains are a problem. After checking with your doctor, do one 20-minute session of really hard work per week, whether that's weights-based or cardio. When you decide what to do (climb a mountain, start your own business, write a book, etc.), then strive towards it. This basic need gives us a reason for being, over and above our own personal needs, that has been shown to benefit the immune system, mental health, and happiness. Go to your local volunteer centre, if you have one, and look at the things you can get involved in. Find something that you think is wrong in your local community and start talking to people about how you could fix it! Take a step back and think about the sort of things you used to enjoy before you got too busy to bother.
Make a weekly date with your significant other (if you have one) where conversation topics such as work, money, or the kids are off-limits. From survivors of torture to survivors of layoffs, those who are able to maintain a sense of control somewhere in their life fare the best, so having a variety of interests and activities is important. If everyone around you is losing their heads, and you are too, one way to get back control is to relax and get some perspective.
If some things are out of your control and it is causing you stress, try focusing on what is within your control, such as your health and fitness. Bear in mind that although you may think you have no worthwhile attributes, this has never happened in the history of humanity. When our environment feels insecure, unpredictable, or even dangerous, then - not surprisingly - our mental health can suffer. If it's a particular person, decide whether it is worth feeling this way every day with them around or whether you might be better off cutting ties. If you have been traumatized, see a good practitioner trained in the Rewind Technique, a quick and comfortable detraumatization method. Read about how our Managing Director Roger Elliott meets his Primal Human Needs and how he helps his staff meet theirs. Founding their psychology training company Uncommon Knowledge in 1998, Mark and Roger started Hypnosis Downloads in 2004. Developing a common understanding among the key stakeholders of the purpose and goals of the project and the means and methods of accomplishing those goals is called the alignment processDeveloping a common understanding among the key stakeholders of the purpose and goals of the project and the means and methods of accomplishing those goals..
A number of companies specialize in designing and facilitating alignment sessions for large complex projects. Developing a common understanding can be as easy as an informal discussion that lasts a few hours, or it can be a lengthy, complex process. It is difficult to execute a successful project without first defining what makes a successful project. After the team develops a common understanding of project success, a discussion of barriers to achieving that success enables team members to express skepticism. The project purpose is sometimes reflected in a written charter, vision, or mission statement. A purpose statement—also called a charter, vision, or mission—provides a project with an anchor or organizational focus. Developing a common understanding of the project’s purpose involves engaging stakeholders in dialogue that can be complex and in-depth. A discussion of the roles of each entity and each project leader can be as simple as each person describing their role and others on the project team asking questions for clarification and resolving differences in understanding.
One process for developing role clarification on projects with a more complex profile requires project team members, client representatives, and the project’s leadership to use a flip chart to record the project roles. This and similar role clarification processes help each project team member develop a more complete understanding of how the project will function, how each team member understands their role, and what aspects of the role are most important. Defining how the work of the project will be accomplished is another area of common understanding that is developed during the alignment session.

On more complex projects, the team may discuss the use of project management software tools, such as Microsoft Project, to develop a common understanding of how these tools will be used. The purpose of the alignment process is to develop a common understanding of the purpose, agree on the means and methods, and establish trust.
The components of the alignment process are discussions of the purpose, goals, participant roles, methods of tracking progress and costs, methods of managing change, and building trust. The effects of a lack of trust are delays caused by fact checking or missing information that was not shared because the person’s discretion was not trusted to handle sensitive information.
The initial meeting that is designed to build understanding and consensus around the goals and objectives of the project is the __________ meeting.
I'm excited to have you join me on my journey of saving money, living the good life while balancing family, relationships and homemaking!
Better communication is too vague to be a goal, that is a byproduct of achieving your goals.
You also need to have a realistic timeline associated with your Enterprise Social Network goals or the goals will never get met. Think of it as your traditional Intranet + Social Networking + Team Collaboration in one seamlessly integrated solution. These fundamental needs (an understanding from Human Givens psychology) are, all too often in modern western culture, not treated with the attention they deserve. And because this develops over time, it can be easily overlooked, leaving us confused about why we've got this problem.
Knowing them and ensuring you meet them healthily, at least most of the time, will transform your life. We work through lunch, sleep too little, eat junk on the run, skip the gym, and prop up our flagging bodies with 'energy drinks'.
If a person is deprived of the satisfaction that comes from achieving goals or fulfilling a purpose, the imagination can start to create problems of its own.
This enables your imagination and expectation to adopt the attitude of hope rather than avoidance or fear. Anything that takes the focus off the self will achieve this, whether it's religion, clubs, or charity work.
If you haven't done formal learning for a while, it's scary, but everyone else will be in the same boat! Try the downloads in the self esteem section to see if something there can help you be more realistic about your value. This need is affected by financial security, health, physical safety, and how well we're fulfilling our other basic needs. If not, can you enhance your personal skills of strength and physical ability to make you feel safer? Well, fortunately you can meet your Primal Human Needs by introducing only a few basic changes in your life. But if your need for status is met by your job and your volunteer work in the community, then if you do lose your job, you won't feel quite so crushed.
But if your need for giving and receiving attention and intimacy only comes from your romantic partner, then a break-up will leave you feeling much more wounded. People may disagree with the direction being developed, but they have the same basic understanding as those who agree.
The methods and processes employed to develop a common understanding are directly related to the complexity of the project. The first part of this discussion is easy: the project must be completed on time, within budget, and to all specifications. These statements are developed as part of the team development process that occurs during the project initiation phase and results in a common understanding of the purpose of the project.
Sometimes called an anchoring statement, these statements can become a basis for testing key decisions. Goals break down the emotional concepts needed in the development of a purpose statement and translate them into actions or behaviors, something we can measure.
Project goals established during the alignment process are broad in nature and cross the entire project. The types of goals and the processes used to develop the project goals will vary depending on the complexity level of the project, the knowledge and skills of the project leadership team, and the boldness of the project plan. Because projects by definition are unique, the roles of each of the key stakeholders and project leaders are defined at the beginning of the project. On less complex projects, this is typically a short process with very little conflict in understanding and easy resolution. Each team divides the flip chart in two parts and writes the major roles of the client on one half and the roles of the leadership team on the other half. This understanding aids in the development or refinement of work processes and approval processes. An understanding of the project management methods that will be used on the project and the output that stakeholders can expect is developed.
The team discusses key work processes, often using flowcharts, to diagram the work process as a team. Team member’s trust in the project leadership and the creation of a positive project environment fosters commitment to the goals of the project and increases team performance. The kickoff meeting is one opportunity to begin establishing trust among the project team members.
What needs to be accomplished, and what are two examples of things that could go wrong if the alignment meeting does not meet its objectives? Goals” in his blog post, and brings an interesting point that you can take as many steps as you want without a destination and never arrive anywhere. We all want World Peace and to cure cancer, but those can sometimes go on the same scale as making your company social, doubling profitability and killing internal email, right? Having a goal to make a dollar is realistic but not challenging  You need to find a goal that not only allows you to change the current situation in your organization, but it does need to be a challenge too.

But neglecting proper nutrition, sleep, rest, and exercise long-term leads to psychological problems and stress-induced illness. For some, feeling recognized for being a good grandmother, parent, son, or daughter might be enough. Project managers usually conduct a start-up meeting that is sometimes called a kickoff meeting. To create a relaxed atmosphere and facilitate an open discussion, the alignment meetings and activities were held on a horse ranch in Argentina.
For a project plan to be effective, there must be a critical mass or sufficient commitment among the critical stakeholders.
The more complex projects will require more intense discussions around those issues that score high on the complexity profile.
A discussion by the team of the potential barriers to project success places these concerns out in the open where team members can discuss and develop plans to address the barriers.
A purpose statement derived from a common understanding among key stakeholders can be highly motivating and connects people’s personal investment to a project purpose that has value.
A purpose statement can be a powerful tool for focusing the project on actions and decisions that can have a positive impact on project success. These types of conversations can be very difficult and will need an environment where people feel safe to express their views without fear of recrimination. Ideally, everyone on the project should be able to contribute to the achievement of each goal.
On more complex projects, this process is more difficult with more opportunities for conflict in understanding.
The role clarification process also enables the team to develop role boundary spanning processes. Another topic of discussion is the determination of what policies are needed for smooth execution of the project. The trust level determines the amount of information that is shared and the quality of that information. When trust is not present, time and energy is invested in checking information or finding information. I know it is not!” Acting as if will be challenging at first because the intellect will constantly try to point out that you have not yet achieved your goal, however over time it will become easier and easier. When you act as if, your subconscious mind accepts your new thoughts, feelings, and actions as the normal state of mind for you.
Much disruptive, problematic behaviour may be a misapplied attempt to meet this need for recognition. The agenda and duration of the start-up meeting depends on the complexity level of the project.
Therefore, disagreement is not fatal to the project execution, but a unified team with a common understanding is much more powerful and increases the likelihood of success. During this discussion, reflection on the organization’s mission, goals, and related issues such as safety and public perception of the project emerge. Without this discussion, the perception of these barriers becomes powerful and can have an effect on project performance.
For example, a purpose statement that says that the project will design and build an airplane that will have the best fuel efficiency in the industry will influence designs on engine types, flight characteristics, and weight. The greater the degree of challenge and the greater the distance from where you are to where you want to be, the bolder the plan and the higher the internal complexity score. Yet even with written explanations of the roles defined in documents, how these translate into the decision-making processes of the project is often open to interpretation. Often one of the companies associated with the project will have policies that can be used on the project. When a person’s trust in another person on the project is low, he or she will doubt information received from that person and might not act on it without checking it with another source, thereby delaying the action.
Without a sense of progress and achievement, we can come to feel worthless, like there's no reason for our existence. Projects with a limited scope and short duration may engage in a session start-up meeting over lunch. If disagreement does exist, an open and forthright discussion will enable the project leadership to address the disagreement in developing the project plan. When engineers are deciding between different types of materials, the purpose statement provides the criteria for making these decisions. Travel policies, human resources policies, and authorization procedures for spending money are examples of policies that provide continuity for the project.
Similarly, a team member might not share information that is necessary to the other person’s function if they do not trust the person to use it appropriately and respect the sensitivity of that information.
One project that built a new pharmaceutical plant in Puerto Rico invited team members to spend the weekend spelunking in the lime caves of Puerto Rico. Can they be more social, learn and share business critical information about colleagues in other departments, offices, countries or in the cubicle next door? A medium-complexity project will require a four-hour meeting or more while a high-complexity project cannot achieve alignment in a single meeting. If the disagreement stays hidden and is not openly discussed, problems will emerge later in the project. Another project chartered a boat for an evening cruise off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. These informal social events allow team members to build a relationship that will carry over to the project work.

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