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Experts Exchange is an essential resource for technology professionals to solve technical problems, learn new technology skills, and build their network to develop the tech career they want. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. I am not a big fan of energy drinks, as usually there is a lot of artificial flavoring in it. The main ingredients listed above, like Yerba Mate should boost your energy and give you focus and clarity as mentioned on Guayaki’s website.
For me, I found I was more alert, without my heart beating faster (That’s what I get from drinking coffee) I feel the same just a bit more alert. But really, the best recipe for getting enough energy , is not drinking energy drinks, but is getting enough sleep, that’s for sure! With this information I can take a conscious decision for myself, and will take it only when needed, and not multiple times a day.

Doing research about food is always important, I mean, you put that food inside your body, better know what it is exactly! Lonneke Engel is the Founder of Organice Your Life®, a Certified Health Counselor since 2008, and a successful Dutch top model. Lonneke is mostly known for her work for Ralph Lauren.
They also say  it is healthier than other energy-giving ingredients like coffee, tea, kola nut, cocoa and guarana, and in some countries in South America it is a national drink. You know coffee helps, but will also probably keep you awake at night when you actually can go to bed. It was used in weight loss pills to give a feeling of fullness, but has been banned by FDA for that purpose. Top Models, Celebrities, Entertainment Insiders, along with Industry Professionals & Experts want to inspire You by sharing their Personal Experiences, Healthy Recipes, Beauty Tips & Diet Secrets. Diabetic patients should be careful, and only take it when drinking at least 8 ounces of liquid.

Lonneke focuses now for 100 % on her work for Organice Your Life®, and on projects that promote green & healthy living.
It can be added into composite amino acid injection, directly participating the metabolic cycle of organism-Krebs cycle.
It can reduce the metabolic loss of amino acid and can compensate hypohepatia, cure uremia and hypertension, and weaken the damage of anticancer drug to normoblasts.

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